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"A Great Summer Experience"

Well, guys......thought you might like to know how I got the e-mail tag of "imacummer". Maybe this will enlighten you a little and give you some insight into the kind of person I am and what I enjoy and like. This really happened! It is not fiction. Believe me. I would love for it to happen again....maybe with you? Last summer was a hot summer. In more ways than one. My good buddy in Austin, his name is Dakoda, and I went camping to Pedernales Falls State Park in the Texas Hill country between Austin and Johnson City on the Pedernales River. We are especially fond of this park because it is so isolated in its campsites. We stayed 4 days and three nights.

We had set up our camp at one of the really isolated campsites...complete with tent, mesh hammock, water, and electric. We could have stayed for a week or more if it hadn't been so hot. We did all the "camping" things...we had hiked, gone bike riding, we swam in the r! iver (naked most of the time), we had the campfire at night and talked late into the night so we could watch the moon rise. And we did the usual horsing around in the tent at night and in the early morning...sucking and fucking take on a whole new meaning in a tent with the moon shining in.

On the day we were to leave, we decided that we would stay one more night. We tossed a coin to see who would go up to the camp Hqs. to make the arrangements. Dakota, (my hunky 27 yo buddy) won. I was given the task. We had been riding our bikes that morning, so I hopped on my bike and headed up to the Hqs. to take care of the task. I had on my spandex bike shorts and a helment...that was all.

I love the feel of spandex. You can see and feel everything when wearing it. It feels great.

I made the arrangements and visited for a few minutes and then headed back down to the camp. When I got there, Dakota had re-adjusted the mesh hammock into a little more i! solated spot at the campsite and was laying in it on his belly, totally naked, with his cock and balls hanging through the mesh below. It was quite a sight.

I let him know that I was back and told him he looked hot (and I'm not talking about the weather). He just ignored me...I assumed he was asleept....taking a nap in the nude in the hot, noonday sun. I pulled up a lawn chair and just watched him and enjoyed the view for a few minutes.

Finally, I couldn't take it any longer. I was still in my spandex bike shorts, but already you could clearly see the outline of my rising cock leaning heavy and large, slightly to the right. I went over to the hammock and layed down on the nice, soft, green grass and slid under it, my feet and legs at his head and my face staring into that beautiful cock and balls hanging thru the mesh hammock. A sort of motified "69" position, if you will.

He was still asleep, or so he would have me believe. But, we had kept each other up a lot last night, so I guessed he was really tired.

I just layed there for a while, taking in the sight of the cock, the balls, his hair, his belly thru the mesh. I was getting harder and harder and I hadn't even touched him yet. He was still limp....just hanging there swaying in the breeze. I began to just slightly blow on his crouch. He responded a little, but not much. Finally, I gave in and started to play with his tool with my fingers and tongue. Gently and softly at first, but then began to suck his cock with the egerness and desire that I had been holding back.

Now he was responding. The balls pulled up a little, I could tell they were full of his jism, and his cock was getting harder by the minute. I reached my arms around the hammock and placed my hand on his bubble butt and pulled the hammock down to my head so I could take in his entire cock. He was really getting hard now. I alternated my hands from his butt to his cock and balls. I played, I sucked, I licked, and then I sucked some more. His cock head was getting so big..... and I loved to run my tongue around the rim of the head and go in and out of his piss slit. He was really enjoying this, but had yet to make a sound. He wanted me to think he was still asleep.

All of a sudden I felt a hand on the spandex around my hard cock, fighting to get free of those great shorts. Dakoda had lowered both of his hands on side of the hammock and was beginning to fondle my cock through the shorts. I loved the feel of that. He ran his hand up and down my shaft and my cock head and squeezed my balls. I was on fire.

I kept sucking and playing with his cock and balls. The more I sucked and pulled on his cock, the tighter he squeezed my cock through the shorts. Finally, seemed like forever,.....he began to unroll my sorts....slowly down to my cock and balls. Finally, released from the confines of the spandex, my hard big dick, flopped on to my belly as he rolled down the shorts and finally slipped them off of my body. He continued playing with me. He pumped my cock, fondled my balls, and even made the long reach to pinch my hard as pencil erasers....... Oh, I was hot. So was he.

Now he was moaning with the movement of my mouth and tongue. Suddenly I felt something wet and warm on my cock and balls and running down my thighs and between my legs.

I thought, "my God, I've cum and didn't even feel it".

But when I looked up, I saw that Dakota had taken the suntan oil from the side of the hammock and had poured some on my ragin cock. Now his hand slipped all over my belly, my cock, my balls. I didn't know how much I could take. He went up and around the head, now hot and pink and then back down again, squeezing my balls at the same time. He obviously was enjoying what he was doing as well, because now his cock was getting thicker and was throbbing in my mouth. I knew it wouldn't be long before he came, so I took him in as deep as I could. I reached down to my own cock and got some of the oil and placed it on his balls as I was sucking is cock. That was all it took. Suddenly I felt this violent thrust deep into my throat....I gagged. He was shooting his load. Again and again, he came. I couldn't take it all and it ran out the side of my mouth, and down my cheek and neck....thick, white, gobs of his cum. But, I kept sucking as best I could. He was pumping my face like there was no tomorrow. I sucked out every last drop of his cum....or as much as I could a beginner.

Between his climax, the hot sun, the smell of the oil, and his hand continueing to pump my cock, I couldn't take any more either. Before I knew what was happening, I was exploding into the air with moans so loud they must have heard me at the next campsite. I must have shot a good three feet. Not once, but about four times. I don't think I had ever cum that much. My sweet, hot, jism was all over his hand, my cock, my balls, my belly, the grass below....everywhere. And he kept pumping. Squeezing out every last drop.

Dakota finally said, "Gosh Pops, you're a real cummer". And that stuck. Thus the "imacummer" name tag.

The two of us just lay there for a minute or two, just enjoying each other. But that's not the end of the story.

Suddenly, we heard a sound over to the back and side of our camp. We had been so engrossed in what we were doing, that we hadn't seen that we had company....watching.

We both looked up, startled,...... and over by our tent was this young hunk (17 years old, we found out later), with just hiking boots and levi cutoffs on....or should I say almost on. He had been watching and had gotten so aroused by what Dakota and I were into, that he had unbottoned his shorts and was pumping his own cock like crazy. He had decided to enjoy himself while Dakota and I got our rocks off.

There was this great sight of this hung stud, almost naked pumping his own cock and really enjoying it, pretending that he was a part of us. Dakota invited him to move closer to the hammock, which he did, without stopping any of his jacking off. When he got to the hammock, with me still under it, Dakota reached out to place a firm hand around his cock and help him out some. With the other hand, he reached up and twisted the studs hard tits. It just took a few pumps and before we knew what happened, he had exploded....shooting his wad all over Dakota's ass and it dripped down on me below. He shot a really good load and grunted and moaned the entire time. His balls were full and we could tell he was enjoying his climax. When he finally stopped, he slowly stepped back, buttoned up his 501's and started to leave as quietly as he had arrived.

When he got to our tent, he turned around, thanked us for the show, and said that he was going swimming down by the big rock in the river if we wanted to join him. Then he left.

Dakota and I got ourselves cleaned up, put on our swimming shorts, and headed for the river. When we got there, there was the hunk, but he was swimming naked and his 501's were on the rock....We entered the water, took off our shorts and added them to his, and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon with our new found naked friend. What we did that afternoon is a story for another time. But I will say this: having sex, sucking and fucking underwater is a real turn-on, guy.


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