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"A Hard Day's Work"

This fantasy is my favourite because I work on a building site and look at these half naked dudes all day long (in summer anyway) and would love this to have really happened - it's a fantasy unfortunately.

Each evening, at the end of the working day after most everyone has left, I often do a tour of the building to check that everything is properly closed down for the night. The basic structure is now complete, so it is a warren of half-finished room with basic security lighting to make it safe but it is a series of pools of light with dark corners and dim corridors. It is quite strange at the end of the day after all the noise and activity but, in many ways, it is my favourite time as the craziness and endless phone calls stop. Looking at the development of the building makes me understand why I put up with all the pressure. For an Architect, it is an act of creation that is similar to giving brith and, believe me, it can be just as painful sometimes.

So, in this fantasy, I am roaming around the upper levels and inspecting things at higher level with my torch. Faintly I hear muffled sounds like a small animal coming from some distance. I go looking because sometimes a small dog or animal can get trapped in the part finished walls. The sounds start and stop but I can tell that I am getting closer as it is possible to make out distinct noises like someone that is upset.

I walked between half sheet-rocked walls and stacks of metal ducting that reflect my torchlight like a mirror. Large sheets of plastic are drifting in the breeze like thin transparent curtains and in a blurry form I can see a dim light about 10 feet away. I can also hear soft voices and sounds that are all to familiar so I switch off my torch and move closer.My first thought is that one of the foremen has slipped his girlfriend in for some fantasy sex and I have always enjoyed some voyeuristic thrills. I move silently between the sheets of plastic until I am in a shadow of a column and can see the action.

In front of me is the hotest action that I have ever seen outside of a porn flick. One of the foremen that I know well is there. He is about 38 and part Italian. He has a thick dark moustace and wavy shiny hair that matches his olive complexion really well. He has that wide easy smile that lights up his face and I always find time to talk to him, as much for the fact that he wears the tightest jeans that I have ever seen and I often suspect that he doesn't wear anything underneath as I can often see this thick trunk of cock across his front. His name is Brad.

Brad is holding one of his younger field guys by the shoulders. This younger guy is named Matthew and he is as fair as Brad is dark. His hair is long and shines in the dim light from the workers lantern. Matthew is wearing denim overalls that are unbuttoned at the top and hang to his waist. His well developed chest is covered by dark curly blonde hair that runs in a line down into the waistband of the denim. Brad is massaging Matthew's shoulder with one hand while he pinches the young guys nipple with the other. Matthew lets out a deep shuddering groan that makes me go instantly hard while I watch. Matthew is rubbing the massive lump in the front of Brad's jeans and a moist patch is visible in the dim light that proves to me that Brad has no underware and also that he offers great precum when he is excited. The two men are lost in their own world of the feel and taste of each other, and Brad's hips sway back and forth as Matt strokes his hard cock through the cloth.

As I watch, Brad pulls Matt towards him and they exchange a deep moaning kiss. I can see their tongues tasting each others mouth, and Matt is fucking the other guys mouth with his tongue as surely as a man can fuck with his cock.

Brad disengages and kisses Matt's neck and moves further down and takes his erect nipple in his mouth and suckles like a baby. Matt's head is thrown back and he makes no noise but I can hear his breathing is harsh and sexual. Brad rips the front of his shirt open and pulls it off his back and their hairy male chests come together and grind against each other as they kiss hard again. I can see that the texture of their chest hair against each other is a huge arousal and their swollen cocks are grinding against each other as Brad holds Matt's hipsa and fucks him through the denim.

My cock is so rigid that I have to take it out of my trousers and I know my own tendency for precum so i do not want a gob of thick stain to explain when I get home. I massage my knob with the juices that coat my cock and move a step closer so that I do not miss anything.

Brad unclips the side fastenings of the overalls and the slide to Matt's feet. His butt is two perfect orbs of pale flesh that look as firm as any young guy's ass. Brad's jeans join the others on the floor and they kick them both aside but continue to wear their lace-up boots. Brad has a massive amount of body hair and swinging from the thick bush at his groin is this perfect uncut cock with a sheath of skin that is enough for two normal men. His penduluous balls swing back and forth as he moves and they are the size of small plums.

Matt immediately goes to his knees and I can suddenly tell that this is a scene that has been acted out before. He takes Brad's thick cock in one hand and his fingers cannot meet around the shaft that is curved back against his stomach and corded with veins. Matt slips the skin back and an engorged purple head blast into the light. For a while Matt just moves the skin back and forth and admires this great sight.

I am so horny that the juice flows from me and I have to control my own manipualtions and I drop my trousers so that I can fondle my balls.

Matt pokes his tongue out and lightly runs the tip up the length of Brad's shaft. Brad throws his head back and lets out a short shuddering "F-U-U-U-C-K!" His right hand is squeezing the large nuts and milking them like a farmer services his cows. He places the big head between his lips and spends a moment getting use to the size before he slides his head forward and takes about half the length in his throat.

It is obvious that it is difficult for him, but Brad is impatient now and grabs the back of Matt's head and pushes his hips forward. Matt gags at first but has his nose buried in the thick bush of curly hair and now has one hand on each of Brad's buttocks. After a moment he settles and Brad sets up a slow hip thrusting motion that slides his cock until it only the knob is in the young guys mouth and then he pushes forward until the whole length is buried out of sight.

I marvel that Matthew is capable of taking such a thickness without choking and, again, I am sure that this has happened many times before.

Suddenly Brad pushes the young guy off and Matt strains forward trying to get his mouth back on the massive tool as is he is hungry for food. Brad lifts the young guy to his feet and kisses him lightly and spends a few moments stroking Matt's white cut cock with a pink head that has a well defined ridge.

Brad lays Matt back against a pile of packing material that protected equipment during delivery. He lifts Matt's legs high against his chest and Matt holds them behind his knees. His fuckhole is lifted high as a result and I can see the puckered skin and his balls and cock between his legs. Leaning forward Brad slides one finger into Matt's ass and twists and turns it until Matt settles into the sensation. He then places two fingers and then three. Matt is moaning and bouncing on the soft packing material as he enjoys the finger fuck.

Brad reaches over into his tool box and takes out a tube of something. He squirts it onto his hand and rubs his cock generously while Matt pumps his own cock and watches Brad coat his cock to a glistening shine. With the bit left on his hand, Brad goes back to finger-fucking his friend who twists and bounces all the more. When he is ready Brad holds the young guy's legs at the back of the calves and places the head of his cock against the puckered man cunt. Suddenly he thrusts until his whole thick cock is buried in the young guy.

Matt moans like an animal, and I nearly blow my load before I whip my hand away. My own cock is rigid and swinging from side-to-side. I can see Brad's butt moving slowly back and forth and there is slight sucking noise as he pumps in a smooth motion. I imagine the taste and feel of it and resume my own manual attention. My eyes are partly closed as I surrender to the need to cum when suddenly I realize that the two guys have stopped moving.

Brad's voice comes to me as he says "You had better bring that cock over here, Mark, before you spill cum all over my blueprints on the floor."

I realize that they have known that I was there all along, so I step forward with my wet cock thrusting before me.

"We knew," said Brad "that you came up here on your own each evening so we put on this show for you. We had both been able to read your stares during the day so we thought that this might bring you out finally."

I was dumbstruck as I had thought that I was always so subtle. Subtlty was obviously no longer necessary. The two field guys quickly removed the rest of my clothes while their hands explored my body and their tongues made sure that my cock stayed hard.

The three of us stood there writhing against each other and the feel of cock, butt, hair, and hard nipples rubbing against me was a sensation that I could not imagine. It was a blur of mouthes and kisses, and kneeling and sucking, and being sucked. Most of the time I didn't know whose cock I was holding or tasting, and in the dim light I didn't care. I was so wrapped up in the total sensation of it all that it was a jolt suddenly to find greasy fingers thrust into my own asshole and pushing deep against my virgin muscle. The pain was awesome and I felt as if I was being split open. Another slippery finger went in and I felt myself open further. I couldn't move at first and then the initial shock passed and I relaxed around the digits.

Matthew said "Thank fucking Christ I thought you were going to break my fingers."

He was pressed against my back and kissing my neck while he moved his greased fingers in and out of my butt. His other hand was around my waist and lathering thick cream onto my cock until I thought that I would cum.

Suddenly the hands stopped and Brad bent in front of me holding his ankles. "Fuck me, Mark, fuck me hard!"

Matthew had his own cock pressed against my back and I could feel the heat of his tool against my skin. This was too much and I gripped my cock and placed it against Brad's ass as I had seen him do to Matt. I had to bend a little as Brad was shorter than me and in that moment, before I could think about it. Matt pushed a few inches of his cock into me. I paused at first but the feeling was more than anything I had ever imagined. I pushed my own cock into Brad who showed no pain at all. His was obviously a well fucked ass because my own cock is a good 7" and thick. Matt slid the rest of the way into me and the three of us were linked as only three men can be.

I held Brad's hips in each hand and we set up a motion where as I slid back Matt slid forward and then we reversed. The feeling of fucking and being fucked at the same time was incomparible. I reached around Brad until I could grip his slippery cock and the motion speeded up and I felt filled to capacity by Matt's cock. Our motion was enough to move Brad's hips back and forth and his cock was slding through my hand and his copious loose skin moved back and forth.

Suddenly the thrusting became more urgent and we could all feel it from the tightening of the ass muscles around our greasy cocks. Matt pushed hard against me, and I felt his juice explode within me. That rushing of cum caused me to blast inside Brad, and his own cum gushed on the floor and coated my hand.

After a few more motions we slowed and Brad stood up and leaned against my chest. The three of us stood with own arms wrapped around each other, caressing the sweaty chest hair and feeling our cocks clowly soften inside that fucked over hole. I could feel Matt's excess cum running down the inside of my thighs as the overflow oozed out of my ass. Our breathing slowed and we gently withdrew and acressed each other's half hard cocks and milked the last few drops out.

Brad chuckled and said "I trust that you're not going to complain about the stains on the floor tomorrow when you inspect."

I replied "I believe that it is going to be necessary for you both to be here again tomorrow at the same time as there are a couple of others things that I'd like to check out before I can approve for this work to be finished."

And THAT my friends is my favourite fantasy. The guys are real - the action is all in my head but it has given me a good glob of pre-cum to wash out of my shorts. I hope that you enjoyed it.


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