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"Helping the Neighbors"

Matthew had been my neighbour since both out kids were small and the two families had become very close without living in each other's yards every minute. When Matthew had first moved in 10 years ago, I had experienced continuous fantasies as I watched him working in his garden. He had that olive Italian skin that always looked tanned - even in winter - a hairy chest that coated his well formed chest with black curly hair where the dark pink nipples occupied their own small island of space in the pelt. I imagined the taste of those nipples with the added tactile delight of the thick hair brushing my face as I sucked him. That hair ran in a thick beeline down past his navel to disappear into the waistband of the cycle shorts that he preferred while working outside and that fabric did nothing to conceal the tube of cock that lay across his lower belly.

But that was years ago and we had matured into a compatible pair of buddies that barbqued together and went to the boy's soccer games and cleared the snow in winter. I can't say that I ever stopped wondering what it would be like to have sex with him but no vibes had ever come across that fence so the friendship was "nearly" as good.

Now that we were both in our mid-40s he had long ago abandoned the cycle shorts and the black chest hair was equally as thick but the years had dusted the rug with gray. We both did a lot of exercise and were as slim and tight as we had ever been. One of the things that we had in common was an interest in carpentry and the years had seen us do several large projects together in each other's homes. It was my favourite time as the wives would inevitably take the kids out to avoid the noise and language as hammers and saws flew.

This project was mine and Matthew was pleased to help. We had decided to build out my basement and had been at it - on and off - all winter. This weekend we had to turn the water pipes off to do some work in the ceiling so the girls had taken the kids skiing for the weekend.

It was hot in the basement near the furnace so we worked without our shirts on. As always I envied Matthew's thick chest hair as mine was no where near as bushy. Mattew's one short coming was the poor maintenance that he did on his tools and equipment. I criticized him once again for the shitty ricketty old ladder that he had for us to work with. He laughed it off as always.

Matthew climbed that ladder to work between the floor framing and it creaked alarmingly. He said "Mark, you are going to have to hold me of this damn thing will give way." I walked to the base of the ladder which was definitely swaying.

Matthew said "Just hold my legs against the ladder which will stabilize it against the wall."

I gripped his equally hairy calves and looked up to where he was working. The cycle shorts of long ago had been replaced by loose fitting gym shorts and as I looked up I realized that he didn't have any underwear on. I could see his thick cock hanging down one leg of the shorts while his bulbuous sack of balls hung down the other. It was a shock to see them so close above me. I had admired them on the occasional sneak look in the gym showers but never so close. I tried to imagine the taste of that cock and was struck silent as I watched it move as he worked. I moved my hands above his knees and stepped up closer. My hands were now on his muscular thighs and I fantasize about sliding them higher into the shorts and over those wonderful male organs. I was mesmerized and not paying attention when suddenly the whole ladder started to creak and shake. The next thing I knew we were both falling those few feet amongst the remanents of the ladder.

We had landed against the pile of paint sheets that he stored there and when I caught my breath and opened my eyes Matthew was laying on top of me. His face no more than 6" from mine and he was laughing at the same time as winded. He said "If you worked for me you would be fired." I didn't answer as I was far too conscious of his body against mine and his breath on my face - but even more I was now aware of the raging hardon in my shorts from my staring at his cock a few moments ago. It was between us and against his own cock so he could not fail to feel it there.

He made no move to get up and just stared into my eyes. Mine deep green from my Irish heritage - his so dark from his Italian blood. He moved each of his hands onto the floor each side of me and said in a deep and quiet voice "I've been meaning to tell you how much I like you in your new goatee beard" He had never even mentioned it even though I had started it a month ago.

I still never answered and he never tried to stand up. He just continued to look into my eyes and time seemed suspended. I knew each of us were waiting for some sort of sign or movement to break the spell but neither seemed to want to.

I lifted my head slightly and put my lips lightly against his. Our bodies still locked length to length - my cock even harder. I felt his cock move against my stomach and knew that he was reacting as well.

Suddenly the soft kiss took on a passion and an urgency that came from both of us. I felt his mouth open and welcome my tongue into him. He lifted his hands from the floor and held my face while he kissed me back as only a man can kiss - with hardness and force and intense almost animal-like fire. Our bodies moved against each other on the paint sheets and the feel of his hair against my nipples made my shudder. I slid my hands down his muscular back and gripped his buns and squeezed them hard. That caused him to push his crotch forward and grind it against my cock.

I gripped the elastic waist band of his shorts and pulled them down as far as I could. He leaned backward to help and was kneeling astride me as I pulled them down far enough to free his cock.

I lifted myself so that I could suck his cock and taste the precum that I could see dripping from his slit. I mopved him back to where I had been laying and pushed his legs apart after I had removed his shorts. He moaned and moved his hips as I swallowed his cock deep into my throat and gripped his balls and milked them as if they were filled with the thickest milk. He suddenly clenched his buttocks and pulled my mouth off him. I knew that he had nearly blown and I tried to get back onto his cock to feel the thrust and shot of him but he stopped me. He leaned forward and pulled my own shorts off but had to work hard to get the solid rigidity of my cock out. I lay him back once they were off and moved up across his chest. He tilted his head forward and I slid my cock into his mouth. I had my hands behind his head and helped him in a rhythmic motion that slid my cock back and forth. The sudden tightness of his throat followed by the almost release from his lips. I moaned loadly and my body trembled as I put my head back and stared at the ceiling.

His hands had come around my butt and I felt him pull my buttocks apart and a tentative finger explored my tight virgin muscle. It felt so good that bit by bit my ass muscles relaxed and I felt that finger begin its entry into that unexplored space. I was pushing my ass back against that finger and then forward into his mouth. At one minute fucking his face, the next being fucked by his finger. I could feel his chest hair brushing my balls which hung between my outstretched legs. It was too much and I felt this explosion build in me as I dropped the load of my life into Matthew's throat. I choked a little but never stopped sucking. After a while it subsided and I slid down him to kiss him again and taste my cum on his tongue. His own cock still demanded attention and after kidding for a few minutes I turned him over.

I lifted his hip so that his face was buried in the cloth. His legs way apart showed his long dangly balls to perfection and I admited and licked them and drew one gently into my mouth. His moans were stifled by the cloth as I sucked gently on each ball in turn. I gripped his hard curved cock and slid my hand back and forth along it slick length which must have been 8" or more. I gripped each buttock with a hand and parted them slowly. I looked at the tight pink curled muscle and wanted to give him the same pleasure that he had me. I ran my tongue up along his crack and across that hot tight muscle. He shot forward like he had received a shock but quickly pushed his butt back against my face and tongue.

Bit by bit he relaxed into the sensation and I worked my tongue inside the opening to his hole, still miling his cock which was now well lubricated by his own precum. The noises that he was making told me how much it turned him on. He was virtually thrashing around and it was hard to keep my tongue in position.

I had to taste his cum but knew that he wanted the ass action to continue. Suddenly he jumped up and went across to the cupboard under the bar. There was a locked drawer there and my wife and I kept a vibrator there for some fun sessions after the kids were in bed. I carried it back to Matthew who was still propped in the same position. "Tell me if you like this, buddy". I pushed it gently against his ass ring that was relaxed from my tongue and was surprised at how easily it slipped in. A loud guttrul noise ripped from his throat. It was in about 2" and I started slowly moving it back and forth. His hips were moving in unison with my hand and it had moved in around 6" when I stopped. I started to get hard again as I looked at my buddy kneeling with his face buried in rags and his butt in the air with a thick pink vibrator pushed up into the air. My cock hardened even more.

I lay on my back and slid between his widely parted legs. Once again I felt the fullnes of his cock filling my throat as I reached up and started pushing the vibrator in and out of his butt again. "Yes" he said "Oh, yes". His hips started pounding back and forth and his cock buried in my throat more that I even though it could until his pubic hair was wrapped around my nose. The vibrator was now full length in his ass and I gripped the end and matched his hip motion. A sudden rush a heat filled my throat as he blew his load and I couldn't move the vibrator as his ass muscle clenched around it. He kept pumping and cum flooded me until it ran down my cheeks as I could swallow no more.

Soon he was still and we moved to lay against each other and kissed. More gently now but still exciting. I could feel his sticky hot cock against my stomach and my newly hard cock. "You ready again" he said.

"Looks like it I answered".

"Since I'm so relaxed how about we dispense with the plastic". He jumped up suddenly and straddled my waist. He quickly lowered himself until his ass gripped the full length of my cock. I reached up his hairy body and pinched his nipples "Oh, man, I like that". He had his head thrown back and his hands ran over his own body. His half hard cock hung from his bush of matted pubic hair sticky with both out juices. But all I could do was delight in the tight slipping motion of his ass as he pumped up and down on my tool. His ass muscles clenched and relaxed and I was lost in the feeling of being one with him. He piched his own nipples when I was not squeezing them. I blew a second time - not as hugely as the first but still a solid rush of cum that made his motions even more rapid.

As I started to soften he sat on me as if reluctant to let me leave his butt. He leaned forward, still tightly gripped on my cock, and kissed me deeply.

"Looks like our projects are going to be a bit more energetic in future Mark. We lay together for an hour and talked and explored each other before showering and returning to work. We didn't want to wives criticizing us and wondering how we had acheived so little over the weekend - and in all truth - we have achieved a lot - even if it took 10 years!


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