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"The Long Arm of the Law"

Bob and I have been exchanging Hot, HOT, H-O-T e-mails for many months and it was obvious that we were very sexually compatible and the remote j/o sessions were good but not enough so we organized to meet mid-way and make use of a secluded cabin that he had in the woods outside Chicago.

After we met in the airport lobby, and exchanged a chaste handshake like any other two men - well a handshake that lingered a little too long, slightly moist from nerves and anticipation and my finger snaked across Bob's soft palm as we disengaged the shake.

We went out to his car in the parking lot. We were incredibly formal as I put my duffle in the trunk and people swarmed around us seeking their cars. The drive out of the airport seemed interminable and we used the time getting out of the city to fill in the gaps of our knowledge of each other. At one stage, just before the turnpike, I rested my arm across the back of Bob's seat and stroked the tip of my index finger up and down the nape of his neck. At one point I ran it down the side and past his ear lobe until Bob's shudders made me pause so that he could concentrate on driving.

Once we were into the countryside the traffic thinned and the road was much straighter. I had less worries about his concentration. I could see the firm rounded lump of cock meat in the front of Bob's jeans. I rested one hand in his crotch and turned sideways in my seat. My hand moved gently to trace the tube of cock that I could see snaking across his left thigh and my own cock reciprocated with the knowledge of what our weekend together would be like. I could see a spot of moisture on his dark denim and knew that Bob lubricated as I did when he was excited. The slight smell of cum that I knew so well came to me over the breeze of the fan. My hand caressed his cheek gently and I could feel a slight stubble that acknowleged so much that this was a man - a real man - that I would spend my weekend with. He turned his head slightly and kissed my palm and with his tongue licked gently across the ball of my thumb, just as he would later lick across the base of my balls.

Still facing him sideways, I opened the front of my jeans - I was wearing no underwear as I knew it would be superfluous on this trip. My cock sprang out as if on a spring. The swollen head purple and slick as pre-cum coated my slit and head. Without taking his eyes off the road Bob reached across and gripped the shaft tightly almost painfully. Bob could feel the heat of my flesh and the throbbing of the veins running down each side of my cock. He flicked up a bead of precum that oozed out at his touch and brought his finger to his lips to taste me.

"U-m-m nice juice" as his eyes locked and held mine.

Bob's fist resumed his firm yet gentle stroking of my shaft. I slipped my jeans all the way off - the road was nearly empty this far out - and I turned fully in the seat so that my legs came up in an arch to the side of the driver's seat. The cold metal of the door trim radiated through the thin cloth of my T shirt which had ridden up to the point where Bob coulkd view my hairy chest with small pink erect nipples. My cock was standing erect between my thighs and my balls hung free against my anus. Bob was moving his hands in long sweeping strokes down one thigh and up the other. I moaned loudly at the total sensation of your hand and the feel of the cool air against my heated skin. With a swift motion he turned swiftly into an empty rest area which wass surrounded by tall pine trees. He stopped the car in the farthest corner and immediately swiveled in his seat to bury his face between my legs. His hot wet tongue ran the length of my cock and swiftly he drew the entire length down his throat. His incredible hands were squeezing my ball sack - hard and hurtful and Oh so exciting. For a moment he stopped his sucking to spit on his other hand and then, as he resumed his sucking, he put first one, then two fingers into my tight ass hole. His mouth on my cock, one hand massaging my throbbing balls and the other hand pistoning in and out of my fuck hole. I was crazed with lust.

I pushed Bob against his seat back - I had the need for the feel of him in return. The seat's reclined and we push them back. I undressed him quickly. No time to pause with the urgency that our months of writing to each other has generated. His cock slides into view with all the magnificence that I knew from his description and the photos that we e-mailed. I quickly got him naked and swing my leg over until I straddled his hips. I take both our cocks in a double fist. Our joint precum has them as slick and lubricated as we need. I pump both tubes at the same time while he massaged each of my balls separately. My thighs are wide apart and I am vertical above his prone hairy body. Bob reached up and pinched my nipples which stick out from cold and excitement. Bob's hand run down and across my hairy chest and stomach. Quickly he reaches behind me and grips a buttock in each hand. I can feel the cold air blow against my not horny rectum. Bob is squeezing and kneading them while my hot ass muscle still twitches from his fingering a few moments ago.

Our cocks slide back and forth across each other in my lubricated grip. The soft skin on the underside of his head rubs against the same skin on mine. I pump my hips and he reaches behind my and pushes his fingers inside me once again. Both our cocks erupt at the same time with our combined juices shooting up your chest and a drop landing on his mouth. He lick the thick juice into his mouth and the shuddering subsides as the last drops squeeze out slowly. I lay down on top of Bob, his finger still in my ass and I kiss him deeply while he feels my ass muscle twitch and contract around his fingers. Our cum soaked cocks slips around in our juices on your stomach as we kiss and relax into the gentle feeling of good sex when suddenly the moment is broken by loud rapping on the glass.

To my horror a State Trooper is standing beside the car looking at us through the closed window. "Get out of the car, both of you!".

We hurridly disengage and open the door and scramble out of the car and stand beside each other feeling totally vulnerable in our nakedness. The cop is so young that I feel even more guilty that he would have caught two guys in the act like this. He looks about 25 with pale skin that shows that he is blonde under his cap where his close shorn crop of hair is hidden. The uniform - as always - is tremendously sexual for me and the dark cloth contrasts incredibly with his fair colouring. The trousers always look a size too tight on these guys and never do anything to reduce the crotch lump that they sport. But, on this occasion, I do not dare to drop my eyes from his own while he looks at us standing beside the car.

"Turn around and put your hands on the roof of the vehicle."

We complied and I darted a look at Bob who doesn't seem as scared as I feel in the pit of my stomach. I had the wild thought "Why is this guy worried about us - we have no where to hide anything.

I feel his hand - wrapped in a thin black leather glove - snake up the inside of my left thigh. As it reaches my balls it briefly cups them in a tight sensual grip and then the hand continues down the right thigh. I sense that he stands up close behind me. Suddenly I feel his lips against my ear while his hands grip my buttocks and part them. I feel the swollen head of a cock against my ring - he was leaning against me.

"Surprise, Surprise, Mark" he whispers in a deep throaty voice. I hear Bob laughing and realize that this has been a set-up. I try to be angry but the feel of this young cock pushing against me robs me of all other thoughts.

I swing around and say "You bastards, I was scared rigid!"

"So I see" says Bob looking down at my cock poking out and ready for action "Meet Matthew who is a special friend and also happens to be a State Trooper".

Matthew is smiling with a big toothed grin and his hands on each hip. I stare at the glorious cock freed from the tight dark cloth of his uniform.

"I think that we should adjourn to the woods gentlemen." With three cocks swinging and a new excitement I followed the two guys into the treeline. Watching these two great butts moving in front of me - one naked and one clad in dark fabric which does nothing to hide the firmness of the buns - I hurried to catch up.

They obviously knew this place and I was to find out later that they had enjoyed each other here once before after Bob had been pulled over for speeding. He obviously didn't cop a fine.

A short walk into the trees we came across a clearing beside a stream. With Bob on one side and me on the other, Matthew had hands all over his uniform and chest and pointing cock. We removed the heavy belt but he retained his night stick. His clothing was quickly removed and thrown to the side. Bob was chewing the younger guys nipples and rubbing his body against his swollen member. Matthew hands me the night stick and Bob says "Use it Mark, it's his special thing". Matthew leans toward Bob and I can see his tight wrinkled ass muscle which is already lubricated and twitching. I wonder how it could already be greased and wonder if he had been pleasuring himself while waiting for us.

I placed the rounded end of the black stick - not as thick as my cock but about 12" long with a handle at the top - against his ass. I push gently thinking that I would need to be easy with this young guy but he immediately pushed back against me and at least 9" of the stick slid straight in. I was shocked but very aroused. I tested the tightness by sliding the stick back and forth until the entire length - up to the handle was deep inside hip. He was moaning and couldn't stand upright but it was clearly a major turn-on for him.

I started working the stick in and out, removing about half of it slowly and then sliding it back in. I remember thinking that my own cock, thick as it is, could never satisfy this guy and I ran my free hand across his muscled back while I fucked him deeply. As he is bent foward Bob lifts his swollen cock to Matthew's mouth and Matthew swallows it deeply. I start pumping my cock as I watch this scene - a young blond stud with this black stump pooking out of his ass and twitching and his muscles contracted aros the shaft.

Bob's thick cock pumping in and out of his greedy mouth and Bob hips pistoning back and forth and his thickness filled Matthew's throat. I needed to be a part of this hot action so I lay on the ground between Matthew's broadly spread legs. By lifting myself up I was able to keep up the fucking action with the stick while I took Matthew's dripping cock between my lips. I heard Matthew moan deeply around the fullness of Bob's cock, so I fucked and I sucked. His balls were hitting my chin as he moved his hips and Bob was making noises that I knew meant that he was close. I relinquished my mouth hold on Matthew's cock and started pumping my own rock hard cock. I left the stick which was now swinging to its own rhythm as Matthew's orgasm was close. Matthew's long trunk of cock gushed thick cream on my face and my own load sputed onto my belly. With my head turned toward Bob I could see the energy of his shooting and juice dripped from Matthew's lips as his throat overflowed. Spunk coated our bodies and the grass as each of us dumped huge quantities of cum in very direction.

Slowly the passion of it subsided and the three of us lay side-by-side on the grass and held the slowly softening cock of the guy beside. My heart thundered in my chest and my breathing was sharp as Matthew pumped the last few drops from my aching cock.

"So" I asked "Will Matthew be joining us at the cabin?"

"Just try to keep me away" he replied. But the cabin is another story.


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