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"Me and Tim at the Truck Stop"

Following is not a bi-experience but my first experience in the public eye:

A friend and I had reservations for the prime timers gathering in Oklahoma City last year. He had been telling me about a couple of areas about 40 miles into oklahoma on I-35 where truckers usually pulled in at night for their required rest period. Truck drivers are his specialty and some of his stories about what he would find there were really hot.

We were not do at the motel till 3 the next day but between us decided it would make for a very interesting trip if we left that night instead and spent from 10 PM to whenever on cruising those three areas. when we got there I could see why he was so enthusiastic

It was possible to park parellel to the curb areas and pretty well create a private little spt to carry on with anything you might like to do. It waas almost ll by the time we got there but there were only a few trucks parked and they seemed to be in areas which were normally left for truckers who were not looking for any excitement.

As a result we relaxed in the car and I actually took bit of a nap. When I woke, my buddy was gone and I could see nothing of him. I wasn't particularly concerned as I had been out with him other nights and it was typical of him to find a trucker somewhere nearby who wanted to get a blow job. I forgot to mention that my buddy is very particular about the men he takes on. He turns down all with facial hair and prefers that they be uncut and chubby

We had parked off the road up against a wooded area and I was just looking around when a pick up pulled up to the curb about 20 feet from the car. In a few minutes the driver got out and walked around finally settling against the curb side of his pick up. As I watched he dropped his pants and underwear and I watched him take a piss and then start playing wiht his cock until it stood out firm and long. He had a mustache so I knew my buddy would not be interested and I decided to see if I could make him.

I got out of the car and strolled over, and when he made no move to cover up I knew I had a trick. Without a word I walked over and gave his cock a couple of strokes and then dropped to my knees and went to work.

As I mentioned, he was quite long, I would guess maybe even 8 inches but it was also very slender. This is my ideal I love to be able to deep throat a long cock but find that if it is too thick that it gives me problems and makes it hard for my to swallow while the head is in my throat.

I played around with his balls with my tongue and his ass with my fingrs and decided I was going to really take my time with this jock. He held my head in his hands as though he was afraid I was going to leave (fat chance) Every time I sensed he was close I would pull back and ease off. I was deeply engrossed in this effort when a semi pulled up and parked behind the pickup. Somehow we were situated so his lights accented what i was doing. After a fraction of a minutes concern I said to myself 'fuck it' and kept up the action.

The headlights went off but suddenly the parking lights came on and did almost as good a job of highlighting the area as his headlights. Frankly this got me even more excited and I did things for the guy I was eating to make him react with even more excitement. I had worked 2 fingers into his ass by then and increased it to 3 and he was moaning for more. I could feel the cum building up in his balls and then begin to rise upo his cock against my tongue. I quickly pulled back so only the head was in my mouth and he started shooting a humongous load of cum on my tongue. I puled back to get a shot on my face and then went back to sucking him to drain him dry.

He was almost in agony begging me to get off his cock. I wanted to give the other driver a good show and persisted until his cock was soft and shrunken to only a couple of inches.

I got up, Gave him a kiss before he could stop me and then walked over to the Semi. I could tell the driver was jacking his cock and got up on the running board and told him to leave it be and I would take care of him too.

He opened the door, we got into the sleeping compartment and hestripped naked. He was a young guy of maybe 30 or 35 his cock was small in comparison to my previous trick but it was thicker and glistened with his accumulated pre cum. He surprised me by telling me to strip as well but I jumped at the chance.

It was not long before we were in each others arms sucking face and ears and noses and tits and I got hard as a rock. We maneuvered into a 69 and he took me in his mouth as well. Before long we had rolled into a position with him on bottom and me on top hi cock in my mouth and my legs straddling his shoulders. I could feel him licking my balls and was have a fantastic time. Then came the real surprise. His tongue worked its way through my balls and accross that tender strip between cock and ass hole and suddenly he was forcing his tongue deep in my ass hole.

I am ashamed to say this excited me so that I shot my load on his chest Truthfully I would normally lose interest at that point but he continued working his tongue in and damned if I did not begin to get hard again.

I really went to work on his cock then and in minutes he was screaming with delight as I sucked every drop of cum from his balls.

We snuggled against each other and kissed and let our hand roam all over for probably another 10 minutes or so and then I decided I had better get back to the car.

Ever since that night I look for opportunites to have an audience when I am having fun!


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