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"My First 3-Some With A
Married Bi Couple-Awesome!"

After fantasizing for many years about meeting a mature, sexy bicouple...I decided to visit a local swinger's club for the first time last weekend! I was very nervous at first...but after a few cocktails...began to enjoy the scenery! I never have seen so many sexy people in one room before!

There were many women dressed in very sexy, see-thru longerie..unreal! There were two women slow-dancing together...with their hands on each other's ass...french kissing!

As I glanced around the room, I noticed a Very attractive couple in their forties...she was wearing a very short, tightleather mini and tube-top which enclosed a beautiful pair of breasts with very large nipples... and he was wearing a casual sportjacket/tight starched jeans. Our eyes met....and they both smiled at me. Embarrased..I smiled back and then turned-around to order another cocktail. A few minutes later, I glanced their way again....and wow!! They were kissing....and her legs were "spread-open" nicely in my direction.


Being somewhat shy..I turned back around and started to talk to the bartender. A few minutes later...I smelled a wonderful fragrance...and felt a warm breath in my ear..."Would you care to dance?"she whispered in my ear.

I said "Is it ok with your husband?"

She smiled and said, "it was Both our ideas."

As we began to slow dance...she pressed her beautiful breasts against my chest...then whispered in my ear..."We were wondering if you would be interested in both of Us...and were hoping that you might be BiSexual?"

My knees felt very shaky as we continued to slow-dance. I told her I was Very BiSexual and had only been with one younger guy many years ago...and that I had been fantasizing about meeting a bisexual couple for many years!

She told me they were in Austin for the weekend on Business and they were from N.California....and that they have been fantasizing about meeting a biguy for many years also! Then she kissed me on the lips...and said " she wanted to see her husband and me kiss and 69 together...and asked if I would join them back at their hotel room for a hot 3-some together!"

I followed them back to their hotel room, where a bottle of champagne was chillin on ice! Darlene asked politely if i would like to shower/freshen up before having a drink together. Although, i had just showered a few hours ago, I said that I would like that. They had a large suite with 2-bathrooms/2bedrooms. I undressed in the guest bedroom....and heard them taking a shower and laughing 2gether. I took a nice hot shower..
toweled-off...slipped on a guest-robe...and waited for them to join me in the living room..while listening to some music.

Darlene & Brett soon joined me...only wearing loosely tied robes. They sat right across from me...and Brett began to open the champagne. As Brett motioned to pull the champagne cap off...his robe opened...and my eyes immediately were attracted to his SMOOTH CHEST, COCK, BALLS, ASS...

Darlene leaned over exposing her beautiful breasts to she held-up Brett's semi-hard cock...she smiled and asked "if I would like to 69 with Brett after she got his cock really hard?"
I said yes! Brett's cock/balls/ass were killer! He had to be 8" when erect! She opened Brett's robe completely...slipped off her robe...and began sucking Brett's cock until it was rock hard. I opened my robe...and began stroking my hard 6"...being the exhibitionist I am...I spread my legs and laid-back so they both could see my balls/ass good!

When Brett's cock was rock-hard...she took him by the hand to the bedroom and invited me to follow. I noticed her lying down on a chaze-lounge...when suddenly I felt Brett's hand massaging my ass- cheeks/asscrack..I turned and Brett and I were standing face-to-face...cock-to-cock...he gently pressed his mouth on mine...and forced my lips open with his tongue...we began to kiss...his mouth was so hot/wet....I glanced at Darlene..who was stroking her erect nipples and moaning...Brett's lips were so soft...and it was the first time I ever kissed another guy with a stubble goatee...what a turn-on!

As we french-kissed...we rubbed our cocks together...and began to stroke each other's cock. Darlene asked if we could 69 for her, as this was her biggest fantasy. Brett and I assumed the 69 position...and his
pleasant cock/ass musk really turned me on! I felt him licking my balls...then his hot moist mouth covered my erect 6"....

I began by smelling <I have a strong scent-fetish> and rimming his ass with my Darlene started to moan lounder while stroking her clit.

We agreed to stop 69ing when either felt like he was going to a few minutes later we stopped sucking ...although...I really wanted to cum badly! Darlene joined us...and laid on her back on the bed....Brett and I started kissing her and each other....Brett licked one nipple...I licked/sucked the other nipple...and we both played with her pussy.

Darlene asked me to "Fuck-Her-Blind"..and let her husband do "clean-up!" I rolled Darlene's legs over my shoulders and entered her beautifully shaved pussy. As I was pumping Darlene's pussy...Brett was rimming and fingering my ass from behind. Darlene said it was safe to cum in her....which I did shortly thereafter. Then....Brett licked her pussy clean! I got hard again just watching!

Darlene & Brett asked if I would like to smell/rim their ass more... since I had told them " I had a very strong scent-fetish!". They took turns "Grazing" over my was so wonderful! They let me smell/rim them both....and then Darlene/Brett BOTH sucked my cock...and SHARED MY 2nd CUMLOAD 2GETHER! We then had a few glasses of champagne... I dressed and bid farewell to this very classy, mature couple! It was just my luck...I finally met a sexy bicouple...and they were not from Austin!


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