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"Shopping the Pickle Parks"

Living in a small West Texas town can be slow sexually, but things do happen even out here. I-10 has fairly heavy truck traffic, not like I-35 or even I-20 but pretty heavy. Many of my regulars are truckers who travel long distances and don't get home often.

Some are on dedicated routes, meaning they travel the same route regularly and other go different places each trip with repeat visit that are erratic. I met a new trucker last night at the pickle park west of town. He had a bit too much belly and not much body hair, but was strong, firm bodied, masculine, and a big thick cock and balls. He tells me he's 42 and has not cum twice in a row in many years. I sucked him cock thru his jockeys first and then sucked his nipples. Pulled his jockeys down and sucked his balls. He had obviously just showered and smelled of nice soap but had no taste of it.

I rimmed him, then used my tongue and he moaned. So I took the head of his cock into my mouth, ran my tongue around it and slowly began to take the cock into my mouth. It kept growing and by the time I had reached bottom it was way back in my throat. It was somewhere between 8.5 and 9" when he reached his biggest size and it was unusually thick. Not a record but it would have looked good in a porn flic....

As I took his cock into my throat, I worked a finger into his asshole, which was tight as hell. He kept saying not to do that because it hurt, but he continued to moan and his cock was hard as a rock. Finally I had worked my thumb into his ass, after using one finger and then two. While sucking his cock gently, I pulled my thumb out and got a condom and rolled it down my cock and lubed my cock and his ass. I was still sucking his cock as this went on.

Then I came off his cock and with his legs already raised to give me access to his ass, I straigntened up and gently ent entered. It wasn't easy, because he was unbelievably tight. He may have been telling the truth about being a virgin anally, but if he tells anyone that now he'll be lying.

He didn't cum while I was fucking him, but his cock had spasms and when
I pulled out I took his cock deep into my mouth and he shot immediately. Of course I still had on a rubber full of cum. He took a little bit to get his breath back and said he hadn't intended to cum that soon and could always controll when he shot, but I got him quick.

So we sat and talked, I gave him my phone number, and his cock never quite went down. I was about to dress and leave but decided to say goodbye to his beautiful cock. It got full size immediately and he told me I couldn't leave him like that. So I didn't.

It took quite a bit longer this time but he gave me a second load and went to sleep with a smile on his face. I dressed, got out, locked and shut the door of his Peterbil t! and came home to bed. I think he'll call when he comes thru next but he doesn't drive thru here regularly, says about once a month....hope he hits here when I'm available. I need another regular even if he's not often.


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