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"Sex in the Sun"

The sun was so hot that the sand beneath my feet felt like I was walking on hot coals and the wind that was blowing across the beach scorched, rather than cooled me. I lay on my towel under the sparse shade of the palm tree and felt a trickle of sweat run down between my shoulder blades and into the waistband of by black Speedo swimmers. I hadn't felt this relaxed in months and my wife's nagging for this holiday was slowly starting to show fruit.

The Hotel was right on the sand and Tunisia was so perfect as to be like a dream world. The rest had stimulated our sex lives immeasurably and the union of the two of us was as perfect after all these years as it had been when we first met in College.

Laying nude on lounges on our private terrace each night - chilled wine and the scent of the bouganvillea had lead to some wild love making and I felt my cock stir at the thought of it. She had gone off shopping with another woman that she had met in the Hotel, and wouldn't be back until dinner. My half-hard cock was going to do me no good and the rubbing of my loose skin against the slick fabric of my swimmers was making it grow even more.

I needed some distraction and decided that it would feel cooler out on the water. There had been a throng of local boys plaguing me as I had settled down on the sand. They had wanted me to hire their boats to sail around the small islands dotting the broad expanse of blue flat ocean stretching before me. At that time all that I wanted was peace and quiet with my book and I had waved them away without hardly looking at them.

I had heard their noise over the next hour and had idly watched them laughing and shoving each other down at the water's edge. I decided that a couple of hours away from the heat of the sand were just what I needed so I walked down to the surf line. The heat seemed to have driven them all indoors and the traditional siesta had emptied the beach while the heat of the sun burnt away all shadows and sapped everyone's strength.

I walked into the water until it reached my crotch. My cock had slackened but my balls hung heavily in the soft cloth and when the cold water reached that hot sack I felt a tremor as they quickly contracted and the remainder of my erection quickly disappeared. My skin felt as if it sizzled as I lowered myself into the water which was so clear that you could see some distance as if it were glass. I swam out to the nearest of the boats with strong hard strokes which felt great after the idleness of the beach. The boat was low and sleek and all white and I had chosen this one for it elegant shape and speedy look. I approached the low side of the boat and pulled myself up on the side until my bent arms rested along the gunwale.

To my shock a young Tunisian man lay full length and totally nude along the deck of the boat - hidden from sight by the low sides. I had vaguely noticed him earlier because he was slightly older than the others - about 19 I estimated. His body was long and sleek like the boat but tanned a deep mahogany brown with no white panel across his groin to show that he was shy about removing his shorts. His hair was a massed crown of black curls that hung longish on the deck behind his head that was pillowed on his bent arm. This exposed his massively hairy armpit which was but a touch by comparison which his chest which sported a broad mat of tight curly hairs now damp from the perspiration. My eyes traveled lower across his flat stomach where the individual muscles were ridges of strength and masculinity. A line of thick black hair left the crest of his chest and shot like a black arrow to the bush from which sprang the largest uncut cock that I had ever personally seen.

They had always been my favourite from the porn movies that I had watched with my wife, where I convinced myself that it was envy rather than desire that made me stare at the cock close-ups. This thick tube of cock hung to one side thereby exposing one perfect and massive testicle that had been pushed up by his clasped thighs. The head of his cock peeked cheekily through a small opening in the end of his foreskin and the pinkness of the underskin contrasted with the dark brown of his tanned cock.

I felt my own cock stir in my swimmers under the water and I felt guilty that the sight of this perfect young male body had returned me to an instant state of arousal that I had felt earlier on the beach thinking about my wife. My stare traveled back up his body to his face where, to my deepening embarrassment, I locked eye contact with two of the deepest brown eyes that I had ever seen. They were so dark as to be nearly black and were framed by thick dark lashes that a woman would have envied. His cheeks and chin, I now noticed, were covered by a slight beard stubble that was parted to reveal white perfect teeth in a smile that made my cock twitch and swell.

"You want to hire the boat, Sir?" he asked in a deeply accented English that was both mellow and seductive.

"Yeah, sure" I answered lamely while I tried to sort out all these conflicting thoughts in my mind - to say nothing of the unexpected reaction in my swimmers.

I reached for my hand and I placed a foot against the side of the boat as he pulled me forward and over the side. His strength surprised me and I vaulted the low side of the boat faster than I expected and feel against his naked front. He steadied me with his hand on my arm and it felt as if I'd received an electronic shock. My first thought was to wonder whether he had seen - or felt - the raging hard-on that I was sporting but he showed no sign of it.

He bent rapidly, to my disappointment and pulled on a pair of cut off chino shorts which were worn and baggy - giving no hint of the treasure that I had seen earlier. As he expertly raised the small sail and moved the boat out into the channel, I settled myself on a padded bench at the back of the boat and tuned myself so that my hard cock was away from his viewing angle. He moved around efficiently and I watched his smooth oiled muscles move as he bent and stretched. His body was magnificent and animal like in its sensuality. I tried to empty my mind and enjoy the cooling breeze that blew across me as the boat swept in curves around the small islands.

After about fifteen minutes he anchored in a small inlet and turned to me "I apologise, Sir, but I must piss - do you mind!"

"No" I said "we're both men - no problem."

He walked to the side of the boat and pulled up the leg of his shorts and once again that loaf of skin emerged as he balanced against the side of the boat about 3 feet from me. He pulled back his skin and the perfect rounded head of his cock slid into view. There was a sharp ridge of skin at the edge with bunched brown skin framing as a collar at his fist. His strong yellow stream shot over the side and into the azure water in the shaded space. I stared at the urine and imagined its warmth and smell. He finished and shook his cock a few times and I watched small droplets curve in the air and fall in the sunlight. He rolled his skin back and forth a few times langorously and I marveled at the loose skin that was so different to the tight skin on my own cut cock.

"It is great to be a man, hey Sir?"

I answered "Yeah" in a guttural raspy voice that I didn't recognize as I tried to be nonchalant about the sight of this man's cock hanging from his shorts.

"This is a great place to swim if you are hot." he advised.

"That's a great idea I need to cool off" and I stood and dove over the side in what I hoped was a smooth and impressive dive. The water did nothing to slow down the raging hard-on that I now had and as I surfaced I looked back toward to boat but he was no where to be seen. I swam to the boat and looked over the side but he was gone.

As I turned in the water, with my back to the side of the boat, he surfaced immediately in front of me - water streaming from his curls and air bursting from his mouth. He held the side on the boat with one hand about a foot to my right. "It is great - No!"

I grinned and agreed. He reached out with one hand and grabbed the waistband of my swimmers and said "You said we were both men - so there is no need for these I think."

As I looked down through the clear water I could see that he had shed his own shots and I could see the length of his cock either floating or rigid under the water. He peeled my swimmers down while having to pull them over my swollen cock at the front but nothing phased him. He threw the sodden trunks back into the boat and said "Better - No!"

"Better -Yes!" I answered and laughed and the thought of all this.

He moved until he had one hand under each of my armpits and he held the side of the boat behind me. "I don't want you to be tired treading water, Sir."

I hung over his strong brown arms with his face no more than a foot from mine. I had never been this close to another man and I was incredibly conscious of my erection and his own daunting organ floating somewhere in front of me. We stared into each other's eyes. His smile was gentle and faintly mocking as if he could sense my uncertainty. I moved my head forward and our mouths locked into a rough and manly kiss. I could feel his beard stubble rubbing my face and his thick tongue pushed into my mouth and parted my teeth. Out bodies drew together and I could now feel his own hard cock pressed against my lower belly. His nipples were hard from the cold and I felt the sharp little points against my skin. Suddenly I wanted to suckle those man tits and I ran my hands up and over his chest hair.

My back was pressed against the rough timber of the boat and his legs had swung up and around my waist. His cock pushed up vertically between us and I gripped him tightly around his heavily muscled shoulders. Our chests were hard against each other and his hair caressed me as his tongue pushed so far in my mouth that I felt as if I would choke. He let go of the boat with his left hand and reached behind him until he gripped my cock and positioned it between his buttocks until I felt this gentle engagement as his ass muscle wrap around the end of my cock. The rocking of the boat in the slight surf caused us to move up and down and my cock gradually entered his tight butt until it was fully engaged and deep inside his gut. By levering myself up and down on his arms by cock slipped back and forth easily slipping to the point where it nearly slipped out of his ass but his clever muscle would grip the head and I would slip back easily into a hard thrusting fuck. His head moved and he licked his lips as my thick tube pushed and pumped. His eyes half closed and he murmured soft things in his own language, stopping occasionally to kiss me deeply. My hand was between us and rolling his loose skin back and forth. I could see the pink head of his cock emerge and then disappear into the brown folds of his foreskin. The thickness of his shaft was such that my fingers would not meet around the diameter but I could feel the throbbing veins beneath the soft skin of my palm.

His balls were pressed against the skin of my belly and their size made me regret that I was not able to take them in my hand, in my mouth - to suck each one individually. Suddenly I felt the muscles of his ass gripping me tighter and his cock seemed to swell even more. Looking between us I saw a pale milky cloud ballooning out in the water and knew that his cock was shooting a hot load that I would never taste. His clenching muscles caused my own cock to erupt and this made his insides even more slick as I gushed and filled him till I thought that it would never end.

Slowly his legs came down from around my waist and I felt my cock slip gently from his butt. He rubbed his hand across my chest with the milky water and kissed me gently. Our bodies drifted against each other and our softening cock hung suspended in the water against each other. We returned to the boat to dry off in the sun. His skin was still drawn back from his half hard cock and I finally had the chance to draw it into my mouth and taste the last residue of his cum. I sucked out the last few drops while I cradled his balls with my hand. His own hand went around behind me and explored my virgin muscle where to my surprise I instantly parted my thighs so that he could push a finger - then two inside me. His own mouth went to my cock which was soft but the moist suction of his lips was still incredibly exciting.

His cock, amazingly, swelled in my mouth, but the blessing of the young is to have incredible recuperative powers. My lust to have this man fuck me was a shock for me who had never experimented before - except maybe in my fantasies. His hand moved to the small cupboard under the bench without his mouth releasing my cock. He brought out a tub of some thick cream that looked like suntan cream and instantly flipped me over until I was kneeling in front of him. He greased up two fingers with a mound of the stuff and while holding my buttock with one hand forced those two fingers deep inside me. I felt as if it were tearing me in two but he held me tight and with extra cream massaged my hanging balls and cock with his free hand. After a few minutes I started to grow accustomed to his fingers rubbing my muscle and relaxed into the rhythmic fucking motion as I knew that it was the start of things to come.

I felt it as he kneeled up behind me and removed his hand from my cock - the other two fingers not faltering in their in-and-out motion. Suddenly they were removed and replaced by the greased head of his massive organ. The pain was far less than I had expected as he slid it in until just the muscle was open. Still I gasped and bore down in a tightening that caused him to stop. By holding on to my hips and setting up a rocking motion, he slowly slid inside me inch-by-inch as I could take it. After those few moments I realized that I was pushing back against him trying to force more into me and he started pounding into me now that he knew that I was ready. I could hear his stomsch slapping my butt as he rammed his slick cock harder and faster all the time. I felt as if his girth was lodged somewhere in my throat or that my chest was filled with cock. My hands braced apart on the deck and my knees rubbing on the timber as the impact of his thrusts pushed me back and forth. I could not describe the sensation of this rock hard tool parting my ass and pumping and sliding until my mouth opened in drooling passion. My cock started cumming without any attention other than the impact of his cock in my ass and between my outstretched arms I could see my juice spilling on the deck.

His own ejaculation shot into me with the force of a bullet and its warmth and creaminess lathered the inside of my stomach. Exhausted we fell on the deck with his cock still buried deep within me and I kept my ass clenched tightly to keep it there as long as possible. He wrapped his arms around me and I felt his lips on my hot shoulder.

When I returned to the Hotel after dark - following another long sex session on the boat - my wife said "How did you fill your day?"

"I had the ride of my life on one of those small boats." Man, that was the complete truth!


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