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"My Singapore Success!"

I have been festering in Singapore for 4 weeks now. There is zero BI scene here and even with this great big Hotel room, and all the freedom under the hot asian sun (my family arrive in January) all I have been able to do is dream about it - until last Friday.

MAC gave me a recommendation for a Classifieds Site (bless you MAC). I decided - with little confidence - to look at what was there. I didn't want to meet any Asian guys - its not a racist thing I just happen to prefer western men. There was one ad that had only been posted a few days earlier. A 30 year old Irish guy passing through on business wanted to make some buddies for drinks and nights out. I have always found Irish guys to be very sexy and the accent can kill you just to listen to it - so I shot off a brief reply.

I was surprised to get answer within an hour and we exchanged 4 e-mails that afternoon and were getting to know each other better with each one. The fit seemed to be good and the chemistry real so we said that we would meet the next morning for lunch - not guarantees and no expectations.

We met on the agreed corner and as I approached I was really pleased at the great looking guy with strawberry blonde hair, bluest eyes and slim athletes body (I found out that he was a marathon runner). We introduced ourselves and decided to go and sit in the sun and have lunch and some beers - maybe go to Sentosa (sad old tourist spot) for the afternoon. We settled into a long discussion on all the usual topics.

He wasn't married but we had the Catholic Conflict thing in common and were slowly feeling each other out about where this was going. Suddenly - after many many beers I realized that the sun was fading and I was very drunk. I said that it looked as if Sentosa was off the agenda - did he want to just have dinner together instead. He said yes but that he needed to take a break from drinking as he was pretty pissed as well. I said Why not come back to my place and we can have some coffee and watch TV until later and he was pleased to do that.

We caught a cab back there and were riding up the tower in the elevator. I said to him "Now is about the time when I should try to kiss you"

"Absolutely" he replied. I wrapped my arms around him and was swept up into this passionate kiss that I believed not even the elevators arrival could break. We quickly got down the corridor to my room and never got past the entry hall as I pushed him hard against the wall and out hands and mouths were all over each other. I could feel his rock hard cock pushing at his jeans and quickly got his jeans down so that I could pull it out of his shorts. Man, it was rigid and dripping and shoving its way forward from this thick bush of golden pubes. He had a flat ribbed muscular stomach and buns of steel that I squeezed as I sucked his cock like a man dying of thirst.

Both our clothes ended in a pool right there in the corridor and we anjourned into the bedroom where I pushed him back onto the bed and straddled him so that I could feel both our hard cocks rubbing against each other. I rolled forward so that I could feel that Irish tongue pushing into my mouth again and run my hands across the surprisingly thick thatch of blonde hair that cloaked his firm - but small - pecs. God, he was a georgeous creature and the taste of beer on his tongue blended nicely with the heat of his mouth.

I slid down his body to once again suck his cock and felt him turn me so that we were head to toe as we sucked each other in a m otion that got more frenzied by the minute.

He turned me as I came close to coming and lay me against the stack of pillows. He said "I want you to watch me cum". He stood astride me on the mattress. I stroked my own cock as I watched him with half closed eyes gripping his heavy ball sack with one hand while the other stroked the length of his tool. His hips swayed to a secret rhythm and I matched his fist speed as I imagined the thoughts running through the lovely guy's head.

Suddenly he shot a great arching thick load of come that landed in the middle of my chest and preceded my own launch by less than a second. As he milked himself clean I scooped the mixed brew of both out juices on my finger and beaconed him down. I pushed my tongue out and laid the thick juice on the tip and he leaned forward and our mouths closed and he and I enjoyed the taste of each other mixed with ourselves.

But gentlemen the story does not end there. After laying together for a while we showered which was a delight unto itself and then went down to dinner which was filled with laughter and a new intimacy. I asked if he would stay for the night and he said that he wouldn't have it any other way. We returned to my room and some more beers. We stripped down to our shorts and put the soccer game on the TV. My God, I will never enjoy soccer more deeply than I did that game. Laying their with his golden head cradled in my arm, his ahnds gently exploring my cock that had grown from the leg of my shorts and my hand inside the open front of his shirt caressing his hard nipples and chest hair.

Needless to say, we made it to hald time before the urgency had returned and we returned to that dishevelled bed.

The love making - and that is what it was - was different this time and had achieved something that I haven't experienced many times in my life. We moved and explored and tasted and shared everything that two men could. Slowly he moved and lifted my legs apart and positioned himself between my parted thighs. He asked "Have you ever been fucked?"

"Not for many years" was my truthful reply.

He said "I want to fuck you"

I amazed myself by saying "I want you to fuck me!!"

He lubricated me and slowly entered me as he pushed my legs back against my chest. In all truth it is not particularly my thing but for once I was with someone where his pleasure and his excitement made mine all the more powerful. He pulled himself clear before he shot and I felt his hot juices squirt across my lower belly as he fell forward onto me. We lay like that wrapped in each other's arms. We had each cum 3 times and I think that finally the power had subsided.

We slept together and felt the strength of each arms around each other. We breakfasted together and talked about our day - and our night - together, and the pleasure that both of us felt made it all the more special.

This may not be one of my more elaborate stories but then this one is true. Life has blessed me with some very special people in my years and he certainly ranks highest among some pretty great men. Singapore will seem very empty with his departure.


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