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Thought you all might like a true story from my past: Surprise

When my wife and I were both 21 and in college we did a little swinging with friends now and again. Well, one night she really surprised me.

We had a good single friend Bob who we invited on occasion for a threesome because he was built, hung and a lot of fun to be with. One evening when I got back from studying I heard pleasurable sounds coming from the bedroom and when I went to look and to no one's surprise my wife Jane was getting nailed from the back (her favorite position) by Bob. I watched and my dick was rock hard in no time so I stripped and presented my cock to my wife. She paid some attention to me but was preoccupied by Bob slamming into her from the back so I took matters into my own hands and jerked off in front of her face. In no time I was ready to blast my load and this time I didn't bother to wait and my cock exploded over her head spraying cum onto her back and then her face and lips. Well, I had mine and they were still pretty busy so I got up and left the bedroom to clean up and get something to eat.

After another 15 or so minutes they both came out as well, Jane chiding me for what I'd done and Bob laughing about it. They went and took a shower and came backed dressed. I had finished eating and we cleaned up the table and decided to play cards. Jane quickly bored of that activity and dropped to her knees in front of Bob and pulled out his huge cock (about 8" long with a big head, thick and cut). This time she was more accommodating for me as well and soon she was alternating between us. I suggested we go to the bedroom and we did, stripping down as we went.

Once there we both concentrated on her for a while (something she really likes all the time) with him sucking one breast, I the other and both our hands stroking her hot pussy and ass. Bob then moved down to eat her out as I continued to suck on her breasts. This went on for a few minutes and then to my total shock Bob sucked my cock into his mouth and started to stroke me. I immediately went soft and jumped out of bed. I was in total shock! Bob, the most masculine man I knew--the guy who spent half his life in the gym and the other half chasing women--tried to suck my dick! Don't get me wrong, I'm bi now and I was bi then. Jane knew because I had told her about some male-to-male activities I had participated in as a teenager before we were married. She also knew that I wanted to pursue some of my bi fantasies. But Bob! She told Bob!

Well, we all were out of the mood by then and went out to the living room and talked about it. Bob told me his story and what he liked and that I shouldn't be uncomfortable with him wanting to have sex with me. Jane told me she was only trying to make my fantasies come true, and Bob had mentioned that he had some experience in that area so they planned it out. She didn't think I would freak out.

Well, after a couple of drinks and lots of discussion we went back to the bedroom to try again. But this time I was ready.

While they warmed up I went to the bathroom because I knew I wanted his cock up my ass. I took my wife's douche kit and gave myself an enema, washed up and then rejoined them.

Bob was already fucking my wife silly again and I went down between their legs and started to lick and suck them both when I could squeeze in. Jane said she wanted to watch me suck his cock and he slipped out and rolled onto his back. I knelt between his legs and took his massive shaft in my hands (I had never seen a cock this big before) and started to lick my wife's juices of the head.

His cock was streaming precum and I tasted it and it tasted pretty good. I could get about 3", maybe 4" into my mouth but that was it--it was too long and too thick--so I started to suck and stroke at the same time.

Jane moved up and watched closely which turned me on even more. Bob started to guide my head and talk me through it, telling me to suck harder, stroke faster, etc. Soon I was stroking his saliva and precum soaked and sucking on the head just as instructed. It didn't take much longer and I felt the shaft and head of his cock start to expand. He thrust his hips forward pushing his cock even deeper into my mouth and told me to suck. I did as instructed and he exploded in my mouth. The force of his ejaculation and the amount made me gag at first and I let it flow out of the sides of my mouth and down his shaft. He told me to suck again and I did, this time sucking the less powerful flow of cum from his cock and filling my mouth.

My wife saw I was about to pull back and spit it out and told me to swallow it so I continued to suck him and swallowed whatever was left in his cock. He was very sensitive now and told me not to move but left his cock in my mouth as it softened and when soft (now only about 5" but still pretty thick) slowly slid it out of my mouth.

Jane told us that she thought the whole show was hot and wanted to see more. She told Bob she wanted to see him fuck me like he fucks her and then got in a 69 position with him and started to suck on his cock.

In a matter of minutes he was hard again and she got off and said "fuck him" (referring to me of course). I got on my hands and knees and Bob stuck a tube of KY against my ass and squeezed. I could feel the cool gel spurt inside me and then his finger as he started to loosen me up. In no time he had three fingers in my ass (I did and still do play with dildo's--love the feeling in my ass) and then he pulled out and placed his huge cock head at the entrance to my asshole.

I thought I could accommodate him as I had used some pretty large dildo's to satisfy my cravings to have my ass filled but the initial push of his cock against my asshole hurt pretty bad--I thought he might tear something--but he took his time and soon I opened up some more and the head of his huge cock slid past my sphincter and popped into my ass.

The initial pain was there but so was that fullness I enjoyed with my toys--and without too much delay he started to slowly work the rest of his 8" into me.

We went slow for quite a while but after about 5 minutes I felt pretty loose and very hot and I told him to fuck me at his pace. He didn't go fast right away but did pick up the pace, grinding into me when he pushed it all the way in then taking it out slowly and repeating the process.

Jane was getting a little impatient and told him to fuck me, fuck me like he did her from the back. Bob didn't need too much encouragement and was soon fucking me hard, holding onto my hips and driving into my ass. It was a little painful but the pleasure was intense with the most pain happening when he slammed all the way home and the best pleasure coming when he would grind into me at the end putting pressure on my prostate.

My cock was raging hard and dripping precum like a slightly opened faucet. I tried to use one hand to stroke myself while he fucked me but at the pace he was pursuing I couldn't maintain my balance so I just assumed the position and let him fuck me like a bitch.

Jane was encouraging him and when he would slow down she would slap his ass and he would pick up the pace again. However, soon I could tell he was tiring so I started to push back into him and we soon synched up and got into a mutual rhythm that was good for both of us. At this slower pace I was able to grab my slick cock and stroke slowly while we continued to fuck.

Soon after I felt Bob press all the way home and his cock expand in my ass. I could feel the pumping of his cock as he shot his cum into my ass and pushed back into him. He jerked a few times but didn't make any moves to pull out, he just let it happen.

When he pulled out I rolled onto my back and felt his cum start leaking out of my well fucked asshole. With one hand I stuck three fingers up my streched out asshole and using the other stroked my cock and in no time had an orgasm that was so powerful I sprayed my own face with the first blast. Bob then leaned over and took my pulsing cock into his mouth for the last few spasms of my orgasm and sucked me dry.

Jane said something like "wow" and we all laid down to recover.

That was the first time since I was a teenager that I had any type of sex with another man. Jane, Bob and I had some more meetings while in college but haven't seen each other for over 14 years..


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