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"What is True Love?"

I thought it was smart to leave the midwest and the values that I couldn't feel. I felt so much more than I could get in my "normal" marriage that I knew I couldn't hurt my wife anymore. It was so hard to recognize the lack of lust for her and even recognize why I was not happy. I remember the fighting and the picking on each other. I remember the pain of the divorce. But first, I moved, one street over and hung out from a distance for four long painful years. It was primarily for the kids. I knew that both of them would be over or near finished with high school. It was a relief after the four years like you could never imagine.

Yet, I knew in my heart I was walking away from a terrific lady, but I couldn't bare the thoughts she was going out on dates. I thought it was love;however, I discovered it was more jealousy for something I could never have. For some reason, I felt disgust on the idea she dated people that I knew. Neverthelless, as soon as the four years were up, I bolted to Phoenix, Arizona. I gave up everything and moved into a studio apartment. It was definately the hardest things
I ever did. My side of the family always felt there was a chance for the marriage, while I stayed in the same state. By now my children went on or were ready for college and it was up to them.

Phoenix was a new birth for me. There was no pun intended here. It gave me a low cost way of finding myself and exploring my needs. I felt I always did the right thing for everyone else, so it was my time now. I would go to the parks and walk. I would go to the XXXtheatres. Throughout my walks, talks and theatre visits, I met casual people and new that I liked dominant people.

This one afternoon, I went to an XXX theatre. It was in South Phoenix, where it was quiet. The theatre was very dark. Suddenly, I saw someone sitting next to me. He just looked into my eyes and I couldn't hold the look. He was so sure and strong of himself that I was almost embarassed. He reached over and stroked my leg and said hello. He was making a move on me. He told me that I appeared to be so sweet. I looked at my chest, as though I did with my wife. It was very strange to me. He just kept playing wih my thigh. He then took my hand and pulled to his crotch. I felt like I was his bitch. I started to feel hot from his touch. He must of noticed my feelings and pursued my every heart beat.

I started to feel his pants and noticed how big he was. He was so handsome to me. He was very distinguished in appearance and had on black slacks with a brown print shirt. He said that his name is Carlos. I continued to hold his crotch, as he started to feel my thigs and chest. As a man, I was always concious that I had big tits. Even when I sucked in my stomach, my chest tits were round and full. Even the nipples stuck out like a girls. As I looked at his Hispanic color I felt my nipples expand. I was getting nervous about this "movie" theatre relationship. For some reason, I felt something more than a quck hello.

We kept playing on the outside and enjoying each other. Then, someone else walked in and we pulled away. Soon, others joined us and he said that he had to leave, but he wanted to be with me again. He suggested we meet again in a week. Well, I said yes so fast.

A week later, I came early. It was dark and I couldn't see anthing. Suddenly, my leg was being rubbed. It was Carlos. He said nothing, but asked me to come back with him to his place. I followed him as my dominant leader. He just made my heart pulse. I followed in my car to a garage house in the back of another. He got out of his car and directed me to park in a spot. I was so sheepish in joining him. I was scared, but excited.

He did the usually nice things and offered me a drink. He suggested I stand in front of him near his bed. He started to undress me like a doll in the window of a department store. He turned me around when my pants were coming down and he slowly felt my crack as a surgeon operates in the ER. I started to sweat. He then stood up while i was nudge next to him and put my hand on his pants with his cock bulging. I felt such love and seduction, I can't tell you. I slowly helped him undress and bent over to take my sock off. He pushed his pelvic front toward me in a gentle and sweet way.

He suggested I just lie down and get comfortable. He soon joined me with his cock hanging about l0" long and thin flapping as he walked to me. I moved over on my side and for some reason, I faced the wall. He then put his hands around my chest and squeezed my tits. His hands then reached around and pressed his fingers up into my ass. He was firm and gentle at the same time. I had never felt anyone like this. He talked to me about enjoying me and that he thought of keeping someone like me in his home. I said to him you don't even know me, but He was so sure of himself. He did make me feel so good.

Suddenly, I felt him getting big and he began to play with my legs and butt skin. He used his fingers like a man exploring a pussy. He slapped his cock back and forth for a long time, while I enjoyed his other hand exploring my back. Then I felt him trying to slide himself into me. I was feeling a bat enter my pussy ass. He was so big. He kept at the door and refrained to go all the way; however, Ifelt his heat and his erection coming at my back door. He was amazing how he made me feel.

Well, I appologized for not being able to service his big dick, but did turn around and devour his dick in my throat. I began with my lips and then surrounded his head in my mouth with my tongue. Slowly, I pushed down and pulled up in a slow motion. He didn't make a move, except he went....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm baby. I felt like his total bitch to please and follow him forever. He came so fast, I was amazed and shot himself into a towel. He then got up and asked for me to join him in a shower. I submitted and felt the love and lust in him that had escaped my marriage.

As I started to leave, he gave me a present that I was to open later. I couldn't figure what it was; however, he told me that I must come back soon.
He suggested a weekday, but I told him that I'll come by one night. I reached down to me and kissed my lips with his tongue slowly rounding my mouth, taking inventory. I waived good bye and couldn't believe, how high I felt. He didn't penetrate me, but it made me feel so good, like I had never felt before.

When I got home, I opened the present. It was a dildos. It was his idea to stretch me for his love making. First, I was so excited. Then,I realized what he expected me to do. I couldn't see myself with such a hole practice. I practiced the piano. I practiced homework of math. Never have I had homework to use a dildos. Well, I started to use it and in three days, I did go back to him. He was so gracious, but I was so overwhelmed by his desire to make me his bitch that I panicked. I appologized to him and expressed my feelings of shock. I told him of not being sure that I was the bitch type.

In three more days, I met him in the movies and again, we had such good feelings toward each other. He was so kind and gentle. But I wasn't ready. For all it is worth, I MISS HIM NOW! I often wonder why I didn't submit to him then. Because now, it is all I think about. I miss him now, but never saw him again. Carlos was true love for me. Again, I'll miss him forever.


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