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"At Work 2"

When I came in to work this morning, I had noticed the maintanence truck parked outside the loading dock doors. I decided to come in that way, to see if Jason was doing something in the building. The thought of him made my cock twitch in my pants. I really wanted another crack at that manly piece of meat he carried.

As I entered, my nose caught the odor of sawdust. Two construction guys were making another wall in a cordoned off area of the dock. Not seeing Jason, I figured these guys both came in the truck parked outside. Both were nice looking, in their late twenties, dark haired and fit. As I walked past, they glanced at me and said “Morning.” I replied, and continued into the building.

About ten, I had to drive to another building to deliver some paperwork, so I exited through the dock again. Those two guys were still hard at it, sawing 2x4‚s and hammering nails. I gave them both an appraising glance, tight faded jeans will get me hard in no time. Both ignored me, and continued to work.

Around noon, I returned. Not seeing the truck parked outside, I decided to go through the dock anyway just to see what they had accomplished. The stud wall was basically complete. Picking up scraps was the smaller of the two guys. He was a little shorter than I am, but had powerful looking shoulders.

“Hey!” he called out. “Can you give me a hand with this saw table?”

“Sure.” I replied. I threw my tie over my shoulder and we each grabbed an end. “Where do you want it?” I asked.

Nodding towards the small office area in the far wall, we shuffled the saw table over next to the door. “Thanks for the help. My partner’s out buying more material and I needed to move this.” He stuck out his hand as a Thank You. I took it and shook it firmly. “Say, is your name Jim?” he asked. I said that it was. “You must be the guy my boss told me about. Said there was a guy, looks like you, who is a real bud when it comes to helping out.”

Now I was confused.\I had never seen this guy, and had no idea who his boss was. “I don’t think I’ve met your boss. What’s his name?” I asked.

“Jason.” He replied. “Sure you don’t know him?”

I tried not to act like I got caught with my hand in the cookie jar. “Yeah, he did some work in my office a few weeks back.” I said. “He’s your boss?”

“Yeah, but this stuff is beneath him,” the guy laughed. Then he hooked his hands over his belt so his hands draped over his crotch in an obvious way. Giving me a hard stare, he said “I could use a hand in the office. Got a few minutes?” With that, he moved towards the door leading into the office area. There was no-one else around, and it was lunch hour. With a rapidly stiffening cock, I followed him inside.

As I passed him, he turned and closed and locked the door. “Aren‚t you afraid your buddy will return?”, I asked. “No, he left just a few minutes ago. He’ll be gone for at least an hour.” He turned around from locking the door. He already had his jeans unbuttoned, and zipper down. I could see the red fabric of his briefs. “Well, in that caseŻ” I said, and walked up to him. I wrapped one hand around his neck, and let the other one drop to his crotch and massaged his meat. I leaned in and slid my tongue into his mouth. He wrapped both arms around me and kissed me back with incredible force. He rammed his tongue into my mouth, and tried to snake it down my throat. His hands began grabbing my ass and pulling me towards him. My hand was pushed into his jeans by the force of my crotch being shoved against his. Not that I minded. I groped his hard shaft and felt the wetness that told me he was leaking pre-cum.

I pulled back for a minute. He looked at me and kissed me again, driving that tongue into my mouth with such force that I moaned in pleasure. This guy was so hot for it, that he was making me come close to cumming just with his kisses!

“Damn boy, slow down!” I said as we came up for air. He looked at me as he squeezed my ass. “You had lunch yet?” he asked. I shook my head no. “Great! Hope you’re on a liquid diet!” Suddenly moving past me, he hopped up on the counter that ran along one wall. He unbuttoned his shirt and let it hang off his shoulders. His cock was pressing against those red underwear, with a large wet spot showing.

“Jason said you were really good at sucking dick.” He said. “Wanna eat my meat?”

I needed no other invitation. After a quick kiss on his lips, I dug in his briefs for my prize. Pulling out his hard dick, I slowly stoked it up and down, teasing him. Seven inches of nicely veined man-meat filled my hand. I stopped for a moment to drop my pants, exposing my rock hard cock, pointing right up at his chest.

“This is my kind of lunch.” I said, and bent down to his shaft. I sucked the head for a minute, then slowly slid it down as far as it would go. My man was moaning softly, and running his hands over my shoulders as I ran my tongue up the underside of his shaft. His pre-cum tasted nice and sweet, and I made sure to slobber as much spit as I could on his shaft. As I worked it, I gently increased my suction and pace, until I was mouth fucking his dick. He was squirming on the counter and moaning softly.

“Cum on me!” he said. “What?” I replied, coming off his dick and gently licking one of his nipples. “Oh man, cum on me! Spray me with your jizz, it really turns me on!”

By then, I was so hot, I didn‚t know how I had held back. Stepping back a half step, I grabbed my dick and started jacking. Less than 15 seconds later, I felt the cum build, and I cried out “Here it comes!” Pulse after pulse shot out, hitting him in the chest and on his own cock. The sight of my cum on his chest and dick drove me wild, I leaned over and rammed his cum covered dick into my mouth. The taste of my cum on his dick made me suck like never before. It must have affected him to, because he started coming in great streams. He was bucking under me, and digging his fingers into my shoulders and neck. I was wallowing like a man possessed, gulping down his hot juice as fast as I could. He tasted better than any other guy I've sucked, so it was easy to drink from his faucet.

After about 20 seconds, he slowed down. I cleaned up his shaft, savoring the mixture of his cum and mine. I looked up at his face, he had his eyes closed and was leaning back. I moved up and kissed him, letting him taste both of us. “Damn, that was great!” he mumbled. “I‚ve never had a guy eat his and my cum together.”
“You tasted real good. “ I said. “I’ll suck your meat anytime you want!” I leaned down and slurped up a bit of cum from his chest. “You’re my kind of construction worker.”

“Damn, that Jason was right. You are a cock hound!”

“Yes I am, I said into his ear. “And don‚t you forget it.”

I stepped back and pulled my pants up, and straightened my tie. He jumped down and pulled up his. He used a rag to wipe the cum off his chest, then buttoned his shirt.

“You never told me your name” I said. “It‚s Sean,” he replied. “Well nice to meet you Sean.” I turned him around, grabbed the front of his hips and pulled him back against me. “I‚ve never fucked another guy Sean, but I sure would like to try it with you. Some other time, maybe, huh?” I said into his ear. “Maybe so.”, he replied. “I should get back to work now.”

We walked out of the office. Just then, the dock door went up and in came the truck, with his partner driving.

“Glad I could help.” I said as I walked away. “Yeah, and thanks a lot!” Sean called out as he walked towards the truck. I walked back to my office and thought about how I was going to have get together with Sean again sometime.

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