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"Driving From Las Vegas"

I was driving from Las Vegas to California. It was early evening and I just finished work. Yes, I was going to California, rather than coming to Vegas for the weekend.

At about 30 minutes on the highway, I came to a rest stop. Most of us can't resist the feeling of the unknown at these places. Well, I was no different. I pulled in and noticed most people weren't in cars and ofcourse, I couldn't see in the Truck windows. So, I pulled into a spot with cars nearby.

I got out of my car and headed to the men's room. Well, I walked in and I didn't notice anything, so I went to a stall and sat down and did my thing. Then, I looked up and noticed someone looking in. I thought it was just someone checking to see, if the stall was busy. I stayed there for a few minutes and didn't see anyone again. I washed my hands, looked in the mirror and brushed my hair back. In
leaving, I decided to walk behind the rest room and come out the other side of the building. I didn't realize that it meant circling around to the women's side of the rest rooms. But I did. As I walked down the path toward my car, I noticed a guy near my car, leaning against his truck. I didn't think too much of it, until I noticed him coming over to me.

He said "Hi" and asked how far it was to "LA". I told him I thought it was about 3.5 or 4 hours away and he said "Thanks!" He then looked directly at my chest and said "Did you come out of the ladies room?"

I replied "No." I told him that "I walked around back and it only looked that way."

He grabbed onto his crotch at that point and looked directly into my eyes. My eyes fell to his crotch, because he was so demonstrative. He asked me why my chest had such big tits.

I replied with a "what?" Yes, I was so surprised he was so blunt. He was in his thirties and seemed like an average dude with an easy face. He didn't look tough or even mean. Well, I was in my forties and understood a lead comment like that. However, I really wasn't sure where he was coming from.

Well, he then looked at my more intense and said that I was full figured, soft and rather fat. I again was suprised by his comment and replied that he was rude. He then asked me to, if I wanted to go to his cab in his truck.

Playing a little myself and mostly curious, I asked, "Which truct was his?" He pointed to a big chrome/blue one only two spots behind my car.I asked him where he was headed and he smiled.

"You know, you look very sexy?" I like full figured femme men.

I replied by saying I wasn't a femme. He looked me in the eyes and told me "come on over to my truck."

He left for his truck and I was left there outside my car. I got in my car and sat there for a few moments. I noticed he came back to my car and stood outside the door. I opened the window and said that I had to get going. He said that he just wanted to talk a little and explained he was really a nice guy and that he assured me he didn't have any weapons. I replied back,

"So you just come here to pick up guys?"

He replied: "No, just girls."

I replied:"You know I'm not a girl."

Then, he beant down and looked through the window and told me that I need a good cock to relax and he sensed it.

I replied: "I think your funny. But, I'll talk anyway." (For the record, there were cars and trucks coming in and going out. Always, there were people looking around. In fact, a police car drove right in front of us and looked at him. He didn't flinch. I opened the door right after that and let him in. He sat next to me, and held his thigh. He looked alot at my chest instead of looking me in the eye.

Soon, I felt his hand reach over to my thigh. I was wearing sweat pants. He pushed his hand very low, until i felt him under my ball sack. He looked me in the eye and told me that I can tell you like this. He proceeded to look around and I found one of his hands grabbing my right breast. As a bi guy, I new what I did to a woman; so, I began to feel like one myself. He was playing me and I had a
fascination and surprise to his words and touch. After a few minutes of rubbing my tit, he reached under my sweats and started to feel my pelic hairs. He pushed his finger into my side area and
kept looking into my eyes, pushing deeper. He suggested that I follow him to the next exit for fun.

Because I was still in a little shock from his approach, I said, "yes." Thus, I figured I would atleast get him out of the car.

He left and held my breast as he left me, holding my hand at the end. He said," Follow me baby."

Can you believe it? I did follow him. I proceeded to go to the next exit and had some thought of leaving the main highway (with people everywhere) onto a small dirt road with no one around. Well, he did leave the highway and drove to a nearby motel. He parked infront and went right away to a unit. He signaled me to come in and I parked right in front of the unit.

As I came to the door, he smiled at me and reached for my hand. He lead me to the bed and sat down with me. He proceeded to feel me all over and slowly undressed me, as he caressed me. He told me to lie down and he would join me. As I got on the bed, I noticed him undressing. He was extremely neat and kept staring at me like his meal. I started to feel excited from him for some reason and began to relax.

He came over to the bed and stood infront of me with his cock dangling down. He reached to my face and touched me gently and moved to my breasts. I kept looking at his cock, until he lifted my head and inserted his limp cock into my mouth. I began to suck his limp cock. Then, I began to feel him grow in my mouth. I looked up to his eyes and he was just enjoying my touch. I reached over and played with his balls and he started to groan: "Oh baby."

He then turned and bent over my body and reached under my balls. He probed me with his finger and then grabbed my leg and twisted me to the side of the bed. He pulled me toward the edge and reached deep below my sack. He rubbed my legs and held me tight. He played his cock with a bouncing action, as he stroked my bottom with a firmness I felt throughout my body. I really could now believe that I was his bitch and was expected to deliver to his needs. As he pulled me closer, I felt his firmness and lust to be inside my butt. With one hand he was stroking my ass and with the other he was stroking himself.

I felt him entering my butt, as he reached to pull me closer. I wiggled my body closer to the edge and heard him saying: "You know you want me. You'll enjoy this baby, I promise." He entered me with ease, though I knew I was very tight. He simply had such a technique that I felt him playing with my edge one minute and the next he was in me. He pushed his thighs against my butt and I could feel every movement from him. His hands held my hips as he positioned himself for a long hard fuck. However, before I knew it, he was getting so big that I called out:

"Wow, easy easy, PLEASE." I found myself giving myself to someone, I really didn't know. He was
finishing his climax and he started to withdraw. He was spraying his cum, when he aimed it on my chest. I just layed there at the edge of the bed.

He went right into the bathroom and came out and got in bed with me. He layed down next to me and fell asleep.Soon, I just got dressed and left. I wasn't sure why, but decided to just go. I never looked back. I never went to LA. I just went back to Vegas and called my friends that I'd come another time. FINIS

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