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"My First Time!"

I was 18 in college and a freshman when I had my first real sexual experience with another guy. An older frat guy I had been hanging out with named Mark went downtown with me one night. He had gotten some Xtasy and we took some because the plan was to hook up with these girls. Anyway that deal fell through so we ended up drunk and high on X at his apartment real early in the morning.

Mark put in some porno tapes he had and I couldn't help but get hard, I was so turned on by the drug anyway. He started to undress and told me it was okay if I did it too. We both stripped down to our briefs and sat on the couch. These two muscular guys were fucking this small Asain girl on the tape, soon she was worn out so they started to fuck each other! On top of that Mark had pulled his dick out and started stroking it right in front of me!

I didn't know what to do so I froze when Mark pulled my underwear down and started to stroke my erection. Before I could say anything he got on his knees in front of me and started to suck me, expertly moving his tounge around my cock. It seemed like only seconds before I was cumming, exploding in his mouth surprizing us both. He rolled me over right away, spreading my legs as he bent me over the couch. I felt his fingers entering me, slowly probing as I gasped. His hands pulled the inside of my thighs futher apart as he began to lick my ass, making me moan out loud. His tounge darted into me, making me call out his name as my hands grasp at the air. He stopped and I could feel my dick standing up again as he ran his dick up and down my moist crack. He grunted and guided the head of his cock right into me, then slowly he circled his hips and edged in further and further. It felt like he was splitting me apart, and I could barely believe it was happening! He was thrusting into me, slamming his balls against me as he fucked me, grabbing my shoulders and pulling me to him. I felt something hot explode deep inside me, making me bite my lip to keep from screaming. Mark laid on top of me, sweating and breathing heavy.

Jen, Mike & Don
Sex = Male
Age Now = 48
Age Then = 17
Where it happened = On the outside looking in.
Reference Number = 29740

Hi, I'm Mike. Jen and I started going out when she was 15 and I was 14. After about a year of steadily progressing toward it we had sex. It was a Sunday afternoon in June. Jen was 16, I was 15. We had been naked before, so being naked in the light of day was nothing new. We had planned this because her parents weren't going to home that afternoon. I brought three rubbers. I came almost immediately after putting the first one on, The second I enter her and before even breaking her cherry came again. The third I broke her cherry, pumped about thirty seconds and came. So, as you can imagine it was awkward and not very satisfying. But with practice over the next two years we became very good at it and brought each other to climax easily.

It was our usual practice on Friday nights to go out get something to eat, go to a movie, come back to her house after everyone was in bed, nad fuck on the living room sofa.

This Friday night was no different. We got back to her house about 11PM. No one was up, so we went into the living room, turned the light and TV on, proceeded to undress and fuck. I always used a rubber. Our sessions lasted about 40 minutes, and afterward I wrapped the rubber in tissue to dispose of it on the way home and we both got dressed. I had to be home by midnight, and I left about 11:50PM.

About two miles down the road I noticed I didn't have my wallet. thinking It must have dropped out when I took my pants off I turned around and went back to her house. The back door was locked buth the Living room lights were still on. I went around to the side of the house. if I could get her attention through the window she would unlock the door. I looked in the window, the drapes were tied back and only a sheer curtain covered the window, and was SHOCKED.

There was Jen, naked on the couch, legs straight up in the air and her neighbor Don (my same age) was on her. I saw his white ass pumping his cock in her hard, from the look on her face I could tell she was enjoying it. As hurt and angry as I was I just couldn't turn away. I got a hugh hard on watching them. I don't remember how long it took but I saw by the expression on Don's face he was cumming. then he stopped nad just lay on her. after a minute her got off of her and sat back on the other end of the couch, that's when I saw he didn't have a rubber on. He got some tissues off the end atble wiped his cock and started to get dressed. Jen put on her panties and shirt. Don got up to leave and Jen still dressed only in her panties and shirt went with him toward the back door. I went around to the back of the house and waited. Jen let him out of the house I couldn't hear what they said. She closed the door and I went around to the side of the house again to look in the window. She was gathering her clothes up and getting ready to turn off the TV.

I went to the back of the house and lightly rapped on the door. I heard her coming and when she open the door the look on her face was priceless. I said could I come in? Of course she let me in, we went into the living room and I told her what I just saw. She said this was only the second time they did it, the frist was last week and he didn't use a rubber then either. He knocked on the door as soon as I left last friday night and told her that her had been watching us fuck for quite a long time, now he wanted some or he would tell everyone in school she was a slut. She said she gave in and he fucked her and came in her that time too. When he was done he told her he would be back for more and he came right after I left again this evening. He was probably watching us. I told her how hurt I was and she held me in her arms, said how sorry she was, and opened her shirt. She said she wanted me to have her and cum in her. So I stripped and fucked her bare back. The feeling of my bare cock in her cum soaked pussey was great. it was silky smooth form the cum in it. I lasted about 30 minutes and shot my load in her. Without a lot of talk I dressed and went home. I suspect She fucked him many times after that, because she went on the birth control pill. We continued to go together for another two years and then went our separate ways.

Sex = Male
Age Now = 22
Age Then = 16
Where it happened = Mike's House
Reference Number = 29829

I was over at Mike's house for a church thing. Everyone went to bed around 1:00 in the morning. Around 30 minutes later, I felt Mike roll over onto my back and stick his hand down my shorts. I didn't know what he was doing and was about to punch him--then his hands grabbed ahold of my dick. It was almost orgasmic.

We got up and went to the bathroom, where he pulled his boxers down and then proceeded to pull mine down. I sort of stared at his for a second, and he got down on his knees and placed my dick in his mouth. He sucked until I came, approximately 2-3 minutes later. He then wanted me to return the favour, but I was hesitant, so I sucked his balls and fingered his ass until he climaxed himself. He then got up, went to the sink, and soaped up. Me, being so naive, had no idea what he was doing. When he told me to turn around, I did, and he stuck his 6" dick up my ass.

It hurt!! He was thrusting so hard he was bouncing me up and down. Finally, he came, and it was my turn. I did the same, but made him lay down on the floor, laid down on his back, and entered him. I lasted about a minute--hey, I had never done this before, unlike Mike, who had eight partners before me. I climaxed and we got dressed, and just sort of laid around feeling each other through our boxer shorts. His brother Andrew knocked on the door, and asked what we were doing? Stammering, I told him I had left my contacts in and Mike was helping me get it out because I was still having trouble getting them in and out. The next day in Church, he told us he knew what we did last night because he stepped in Mike's cum that was on the floor, but that our secret was safe. He then proceeded to tell us of his conquest of Becky, but that is another story.

Sex = Male
Age Now = 18
Age Then = 15
Where it happened = On the beach.
Reference Number = 29948

I was with my brother on vacation one weekend in Destin Florida with his wife and her brother. My brother is twenty-eight so he pretty much lets me do whatever I want to so of course i did a little drinking while we were there but I never got totally wasted or anything.

This is where it all began. The third day we were there I met this girl that was from Wisconsin that was one or two years older than me so we started talking and I asked her if she would meet me later that night and she agreed.

At first I asked her if she wanted to walk down the beach so we could get to know each other a little better. We walked for a while and then I realized it had gotten pretty late so I asked her if she wanted to sit and rest for a while. The spot we sat down in was pretty much deserted except for a couple lights from a hotel. We stopped to rest and talk some more and before I knew it we were making out. After about five minutes things got pretty heavy and my hands started to wander. I felt of her breast a little bit and then I realized she was sort of just sitting there kissing and that was it. I decided I would move her hand myself so I grabed her hand and put it on my dick and let her play with it. Then i started to finger her and play with her pussy a little. I could tell she was really enjoying it so i figured I would take it a little further so I told her to realax and I unziped her pants and told her to lay back. She laid back with no questions aked I guess she knew what was about to happen. I pulled her pants to about her ankles and then I pulled down her panties. I layed on my stomach and started to eat her out and tease her a little but after a little teasing I got into it pretty heavily.

After what was about ten to fifteen minutes she orgasmed or at least at the time I thought she did. After I was finished we kissed a little more and then I asked her if she would mind giving me a blowjob and suprisingly she said she wouldnt mind at all. She got down on her stomach and started sucking my dick like she knew exactly what she was doing. It was the best feeling at the time and I couldnt get enough. After about five minutes I came and she swallowed which very much suprised me. After she was finished we kissed a little and then whe started having sex. She had some of the wettest and tightest pussy and it was better than anything I had had in my life. It only took me about five to ten minutes to cum but it was still great.

After it was all over we walked back to our hotel and kissed good night and said we would maybe see each other the next night. The next day we met and I asked her if she would be at the beach again that night and she said she had to go with her parents so we couldnt see each other. I was very pissed cause I wanted more and couldnt have it.

The next night my brother and his wife were going out to eat so me and my siser-in-laws brother stayed in. He had met a girl to the night before but they hadnt done it yet so we had and idea. We figured we could get them both in the hotel room after my brother left and have sex with them. So when we saw them on the beach that day we told them our plan and we met after my brother left and went to our room. He took one room and I took the other.

We did pretty much the same thing I went down on her and she went down on me. The sex was different though and I thought it was better. This time I told her I wanted her to be on top. So when we got down to it she got on top and started in the back and forth motion. The only reason i thought that this position was better was because I had a better climax and she orgasmed twice. After it was all over we kissed a little because this was our last nights here and we werent going to see each other again. I told her how much I enjoyed and kissed her good night and then it was all over with. I dont know what it is about the first time but it dont ever leave your mind.

Sex = Male
Age Now = 28
Age Then = 19
Where it happened = Friends room
Reference Number = 29854

I was visiting a friend at college. Mark, his girlfriend Sue and I had gone out for a drink and returned back to his flat early for a smoke.

We got stoned and my friend started teasing me about being a virgin. He said (for a joke?) he would lend me Sue if I liked. Sue is blonde, petite and gorgeous in a very Meg Ryan/Goldie Hawn type of way (in fact nicer, I had fantasised about her a lot). Unusually big breasts for a small girl too.

She made some comment about him always trying to embarrass people for fun and one day it would come back to him. He ignored her and carried on, telling Sue that I had the hots for her (it must have been obvious, because I never told him). It was all taken in fun. Sue decided to turn the tables on him however. She slid off the bed where they were sat and over to the sofa where I was. She then sat in my lap, legs astride me and started kissing me. It was like a dream come true. I don't know if it had been her (their?) intention all along but we got into it big style. She took her t-shirt and bra off and fed me her tits.

We undressed each other, sat there on the sofa and fucked while my friend watched and wanked himself off. He came up behind her and licked her anus while she rode me. She went wild (and wet!) We turned around so I was on top and then he did the freakiest totally uninhibited thing. He started to lick me! I'm not gay but the sensation of screwing his gorgeous girlfriend with him licking my cock and balls and anus...I shot my load into her.

The three of us went at it again and again that night. Mark later claimed that he'd done the stuff to me just to please Sue, which might be true since she seemed to love it.

Never had anything as good as that first time since.

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