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"My First White Guy!"

This was back in college in the eighties, and it was also my first time. I was going to college in San Antonio, but I loved to go down to Houston and party. I met my first boyfriend in a Houston gay bar, and let me tell you... He sure taught me a lot about making love as an art form.. Like the good book says... kama sutra teaches you how to make love to your partner, and make him moan and groan as well.

Steve was his name, and here I was a young virgin. I was so nervous, but Steve just had htis way of making love, sex with him was an art form. We started kissing, and Steve's tounge just went around my mouth and all over my smooth body. He knew how to use his tounge, and kiss your eye lids, your eyes, neck, and your ears without making your ears too wet. Never when I had kissed a girl did I enjoy the hot deep mouth kissing so much. He really guided me as to how to kiss him back. I so much enjoyed his smell, when I got down to his armpits, down to his beefy legs, to sucking his toes as he had taught me to. I love when he taught me about rimming, and I just enjoyed smelling his hot hot ass, and all over his body. During the time we spent, we only use body lotion, crisco, as he taught me that it isnt the lotion you use, but the way you touch a man. He would massage me all over with the lotion, and he love my smooth round butt.

The first time he pull his jeans down, I was sooo scared. This man who only stand about 5'9, has the biggest dick, for an asian man even want to receive! His dick was thick, and it went all the way down to his knee. To this days, I have not measure his dick. When he told me he wanted to fuck me.. I just stared with fear! He caught my look, and ask if I ever got fuck before... I said, NOPE, I am a virgin.... He smiled back and he told me not to be scared, as he was a gentle creature, and he will help me relax.

He sucked my toes, as he goes down using his tounge licking me up to my legs, and down to my tighs... As he got to my balls, he really lick the side of my legs.. man I moan so much. All those ears of wanting to make out to a white man, and I finally got it! Nevertheless I was still scared of him fucking me... he sure lick my ass, and lick it well. He start to poke my ass with his fingers, and I was so nervous, and I was so tight inside. I have no clue why he was doing it. As I started to enjoy his tounge, I got to enjoy it more and relax. Finally he put some Visalene lotion on my ass, and kept poking and playing his dick on my ass. When he lotion his dick, I knew it... oooh boy! He slowly fuck his nice big dick on my virgin ass. I was so scared, and I was enjoying this slowly. I like this man, I enjoyed have a dick without a condom on my ass. I love during those time when you can feel a man's hole without the condon, the time before the AIDS.. I really enjoy his dick up on my ass, it feels so intimate.... I don't want hime to stop! As he kept penatrating my ass, I was enjoy this more and more, as my ass got looser, and I enjoyed his head inside me! I enjoyed when he explode inside 0me, and I enjoyed every minute of his big hard fat dick. I enjoyed when he explode his sperm all over my chest, I love licking them, smelling them. I love as he kiss me, I enjoyed when he fuck behind me, as he was holding my dick. All the position of fucking I nevered known, he was fucking me all night long. After I exploded, and I can get so hard again within five minutes, when touch me again and again. I enjoyed as he rape me, while I am asleep. I enjoyed when he left his hand on my dick, as we slept.

The next day, as I got back to the dorm, I was enjoying the pain in my ass, every minute of it! I could not wait to see him the next weekend, as he invited me to see him. For some reason, I am so exhausted when I come back to the dorm. I enjoy evert time he fuck me. To this time, I do not ever share my ASS to anyone. No one have ever make love to me like he had. I sure miss him so much...

The first white man, and I enjoyed his swell. To this days, I had not forgotten him. He had tought ne well, that I have not gotten any complaint from anyone as he showed me the rope. Man I need to experience that time again!! My ass can use it! I got a lover now, but I still have fantasy... fantasy as a man can fuck me, as my lover is beside me.

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