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"Frat Days Threesome!"

I want to relate a story from my college days. It concerns a night I spent with my girlfriend at a fraternity party. Her name was Cathy, and she was pretty as a picture and as horny as anyone I've ever known. Cathy was about 5'6" and 115 lbs. She had bleached blond hair, blue eyes, and a killer figure. She was a little on the flat-chested side, but had the greatest ass you've ever seen.

We went to a frat of one of my friends for a party one Saturday night. We spent most of the night drinking grain punch and smoking pot, so by 2AM we were feeling no pain! One of the brothers said they were going to be showing smokers upstairs and I asked Cathy if she wanted to go up. She had no inhibitions whatsoever, and readily agreed to go up. When we got up to the room, the movies were already playing, joints were being passed around, as well as some of the punch. There were about 10 guys and 3 girls in the room. The movies were pretty rude, most of them ended with the guy (or guys) jerking off on the face of the female star. The other 2 girls couldn't take it so they left with a couple of the guys. Cathy loved the movies, especially the gooey cum shots (if there was ever a girl addicted to cum it was Cathy - she used to make me straddle her chest and beat off, just so she could watch me come all over her). Of course all of the guys were making appropriately rude comments, and everyone was laughing and having a good time. After about a half an hour, someone put on a movie starring Johnny Wadd. As soon as she saw his schlong, Cathy started getting hot. She said that she would love to get her hands on that tool. Then one of the guys said something like "Between all 8 of us we don't have that much!" and we all started laughing - until one of the brothers said "You forgot about me". It was a guy with two nicknames - "hosemonster" and "girth". The hosemonster had a dick that was easily an honest 8" long but the amazing thing about it was how thick it was - about as big around as my wrist! Cathy said "Are you trying to say you have a big one?" and he replied "bigger than you've ever seen". Cathy looked at me with glazed eyes and said "can I look at it?" Now 3-ways were nothing new to us - as long as the third was a guy, and I loved to watch her pretty face as she sucked cock so I said "sure, but you know what will happen" to which she replied "I can't wait!"

The room was incredibly quiet, except for the movie projector, everyone just waited to see what happened. Cathy and I had been sitting on the floor, and everyone watched as she crawled over on her hands and knees to kneel right in front of the hosemonster (whose real name was Rick). Rick got out of his chair and stood in front of Cathy. Then he unbuckled his pants and slid them down. His cock was already half-hard, and he started stroking it. Cathy was mesmerized and just watched for a couple of minutes - meanwhile all of the guys (including me) started playing with our dicks. Cathy looked up at Rick and said "well I think it would split me in half, but I can suck it better than anyone ever has" and with that she went to work on it. She couldn't get much of it into her mouth, she was sitting there working on the head while she pumped it with both of her hands. She would stop every once in a while to lick and suck his balls, and rub his dick on her face (Cathy loved to have me tie her to the bed and rub my dick all over her) This went on for a while and we could all tell that Rick was going to come soon, his dick was even bigger than before, and hard as a rock. Cathy realized he was close to coming and she really started to pump on his cock, she looked up at his face and said "give me that come". With that Rick started to shoot. Cathy moved her mouth to try and get it all, but it was too much for her, she started to gag, and pulled his dick out of her mouth. He continued to come and come. It hit her on her lips, and on her chin and rolled down her face and on to her shirt - and Rick kept coming. She put it back into her mouth and kept pumping until Rick slumped into his chair. We were all just sitting there beating our meat, and Cathy turned to look at us and said "who's next" while she started to take off her clothes.

We all just sat there with our dicks in our hands and our mouths wide open, but I could tell from the look on her face that Cathy was serious. Cathy took her hand and wiped some of the come off of her face and made a big show of licking it up, then she said "mmm I just love this stuff, how about some more!" with that a couple of guys went over and started to fondle her tits while she played with their cocks, then she turned to the other guys and said "come on, I'm going to suck all of your cocks". Three other guys went over and stood in front of her. She just knelt there and went form cock to cock, sucking them for all she was worth. While she would suck one she would pump two more with her hands. When one of the guys would start to come she would swallow some of the come, and then pump the rest on to her face or chest.

After a while she had sucked everyone off in the room except me. Then she told us she wanted to get fucked. She was lying there on the floor, and while one guy would fuck her, she would have 1 guy on either side of her head, and she would suck on their cocks. By this time she was high on sex, she didn't seem able to get enough - and I had just been watching. After a while things started to slow down, all of the guys had come at least twice, and a couple of them had passed out. She had decided to take on the hosemonster this time, and Rick had her lying across a chair while he pounded into her doggy-style. I went up to her, knelt down and looked into her face. She was an absolute mess, but she looked like she had had the time of her life. I asked "is this your fantasy come true?" and she said "Now I want your come" in a voice I didn't even recognize. I stood up and just started to stroke my cock while she watched. She seemed hypnotized by my dick. I started to match my strokes to Rick's while she just stared at my cock. This went on for a couple of minutes until Rick started to come. This must of been too much for Cathy, because she came like no other person I've ever seen since. She was screaming in ecstasy, and with that I started to shoot. After watching her show all night I had built up quite a load, and I came and came and came. Cathy caught most of it in her mouth, and the rest went on her face and hair. Then my knees buckled and I just collapsed in front of her while Rick did the same behind her. Imagine the scene: 8 collapsed guys totally spent, lying on the floor, chairs and sofa - and one exhausted girl, covered with come lying across a chair. In a few minutes Cathy decided she had to clean up, and went to take a shower. Rick went with her and fucked her again in the shower.

I took Cathy home with me and she passed out before we got to my place. The next day I asked her if she remembered it, and she said she remembered every detail. I asked her if she had any regrets, after all in a small school everyone would know what had happened. She told me that her fantasy had always been to be a sex slave, and that the thought of being used by men turned her on incredibly. We had a long talk that day about fantasies, and we decided that we would act out more of our fantasies... But that's another story. FINIS

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