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"Got Milk?"

This is my first effort to write a story like this.Thank you! You must be at least 18 years old to read this, and all actors portraying the characters in this story are 18 or over.

When I was a kid, my cousins Kerry and Craig lived on a Dairy Farm. It was always a treat to visit them. We played in the barns, sheds, and in the fields racing on their three-wheelers. When I begged my Mom enough, she would let me spend the night with them.

The time I am going to talk about this time happened when I was 13 years old. I had recently discovered jacking off and did it all the time. I was probably shooting two or three loads of my boy cum every day! I was a real cutie. I stood about 5' 6" and weighed about 120 lbs. I had green eyes and dark hair and like to wear tight jeans that showed off my six inch boy dick. I was proud of its size and rubbed it a lot to keep my bulge prominent. I was getting my pubic hair, too. I loved it when other dudes checked it out or made comments about it. Some guys even liked to grab it and make "fag" jokes about it. I liked to do this to other boys, too.

Now, Kerry was a couple of years older than me, and Craig was a year younger. Since we were so close together in age, we had a lot of fun with each other. I had a secret crush on Kerry. I justified this crush by reassuring myself that since I was adopted, we weren't really related. I knew from a very early age that I liked guys.

Anyway, Kerry was very good looking. He was 5' 10" and was skinny. He had dark hair and smooth, always tan skin. He had big brown eyes that just melted your heart. He showed a nice bulge in his jeans, but he was always very modest about sex and would not really play around sexually like a lot of other guys.

Craig was basically a carbon copy of his brother, except he was shorter. He always hung around with us. He kind of liked to show off to get my attention because I was always focusing my attention on Kerry. I liked them both a lot.

Well, one day we were playing in their milking barn. They milked their cows in this barn every day (twice, I think). There were no grown ups around as this was in the early afternoon. I was looking at the milking machines, which consisted of a number of rubber tubes that attached to the cows' teats. A big machine in another room was attached to the tubes that provided suction that pulled the milk from the cows so it could be transferred to a big tank in yet another room.

"I think this would be a real good fit for my dick," I said, holding one of the suction devices.

Kerry and Craig both thought this was funny and laughed, but I could tell that they thought I was just joking.

"I bet it would feel really good to put my dick in there and let it pump me till I orgasm," I joked. "Do you think my cum would get mixed in with the milk and everyone who gets your milk would be drinking my jizz along with it?"

They both thought this was funny. At this point, my boy meat was rock hard. I rubbed it through my jeans and stuck out my groin in Kerry's direction. I looked at him and then down at my dick. When I looked back at him, he was looking at my crotch and my hand, which was rubbing up and down the length of my boner bulge. Everything now was quiet. The only sound was my soft panting.

I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them and my underwear down to my ankles, my big piece of hot, throbbing boymeat springing to attention, sticking out in front of me pointed at Kerry.

Craig said, "Man, you've got a big one!"

This made me feel very proud of my dick.

"Mine's bigger than his," Kerry said to Craig bashfully.

"Can I see it?" I asked him.

"No, we shouldn't be doing this," he said. "Someone might come in and see us."

Craig said, "No they won't. They won't be back from the field until dinner time. The only people here are our sisters, and they watch soap operas on TV all afternoon."

I started playing with my dick a little. I was pushing down on the head and letting go, letting it spring back up and slap me in the belly then bounce till it stopped. Then I would tighten and release my groin muscles to make it jump up and down.

"That looks cool," said Craig.

"Can you do that?" I asked him.

"I don't know. I think so."

"Well, let me see," I said.

Craig looked over at Kerry, who was still being bashful, but still looking at my dick. Craig then shrugged his shoulders and pulled down his jeans, as well. Out popped his little dick. It was cute and little, just like him. It was bone hard and was about four inches long. It was skinny, like a pack of Life Savers in size. I didn't see any hair around it. He pulled his shirt up and slipped it back over his head, but still over his shoulders and arms. He made his dick twitch like I had been doing, though it didn't move as much since it was a couple of inches shorter. He was smiling at me and kept looking at Kerry nervously.

"Come on, Kerry, show us your dick," I urged. "Pleeeaase??"

"Okay," he finally gave in. "But you guys can't tell anyone. This is dirty. You promise not to tell?"

"I promise," I said. "I won't tell anyone," said Craig.

Kerry unbuckled his belt and popped open the buttons on his jeans. He kept turning his face from my boner to his brother's boner. I could see the white briefs through the gap in his jeans. He then pulled his jeans down over his cowboy boots to his ankles. He stood there for a moment with his shirt down over his underwear.

"Come on. Let's see," I said. He unbuttoned his shirt then and I saw that he had a really big bulge in his briefs. I could tell he did not yet have a complete hardon, though. He nervously put his thunbs inside the waistband and slowly began to pull them down. I was panting with excitement as his semi-soft 15 year old boy meat came into view.

Damn! It wasn't even hard and it was already at least an inch longer than my six inches!

"Wow!" I said. "How big does that thing get when you're hard, man?"

"I don't know," he said. "I've never measured it."

"Get it hard, dude," I said, stepping closer to him to get a better view.

He didn't have to try too hard. The moment his slender fingers wrapped around his cock and gently gave it a tug, it straightened out and plumped up to a hard, throbbing nine inches of thick, hot teenaged meat.

"Dang, man. You're jacking off in front of me and my little brother," Kerry said.

I looked down and suddenly realized that I was stroking my dick. I looked over at Craig, who was watching me with keen interest. He blushed when I looked at him, but smiled and wrapped his hand around his own dick.

It was getting intense. I was this close to popping my nut right then and there. I was a boy in intense heat and I knew it was making both my cousins a little nervous. I really wanted to play more with them and see more of their bodies, so I decided that I'd better lighten things up quickly or this would all come to an end. Besides, I wanted to cum and see at least Kerry bust his nut, too.

I didn't know if Craig could cum or not, but he still looked cute, so I wanted him around, too. I stepped back over to the suction tubes and said, "Look at this." I slid the sleeve onto my dick and pushed it down over the lenth of it. It was a nice, snug fit. "Moooooooo," I yelled.

This cracked up both Kerry and Craig. I smiled over at them. They both looked so hot and sexy standing there with their hard boy cocks sticking out in my direction. Craig was standing right by the switch that turned the milking machine on.

"Turn it on, Craig. I want it to milk my dick."

Craig looked up at his big brother. Kerry was smiling and laughing.

"You're crazy! It'll hurt."

"I'll just pull it out if it hurts. Come on. It'll be fun," I said.

Craig flipped the switch and the machine kicked in. All of a sudden the tube tightened up and began pumping and pulling on my throbbing dick. I was a little scared, at first, but it didn't get any tighter. So I just put my hands behind my head and let the maching pump my dick as I stood there clowning. Both my cousins were laughing and joking the whole time. After a minute or so, I invited Kerry to join me.

"Come on, Kerry. It feels good. Come here and put yours in here, too."

There were several tubes on each unit. I wanted him to use the same one I was using so I could get a good look at his cock. I held one of the free tubes and pointed it at him.

"Okay," he said. "Craig, you stay here. Turn it off if I tell you to. I don't want to do it if it hurts."

He stepped toward me, his pants and underwear still around his ankles and his shirt unbuttoned. He looked so sexy with his huge piece of meat poking out so far in front of him. It jiggled from side to side as he stepped closer.

"Man, I hope my dick gets that big," I told him.

He blushed and stepped up to the cluster of tubes. He was less than a foot away from me.

"Here, I'll do it for you," I said.

I reached down and put my hand under his heavy dick, so hot and hard. I pulled the foreskin forward to get his dick closer to the tube. I could feel the sleeve of skin slide over the solid core of his hard on. He stepped forward with my yank. I aimed his dickhead at the hole in the tube. It was going to be a bit tighter for him than me, but it would still fit. It just wasn't going to go all the way down on his dick like it had on mine. I held the base of his dick as I slid the tube slowly down his dick. It immediately began the sucking and pumping on his dick like mine.

"Oh man! That's weird!" he said.

"Yeah, it's great, huh?" I said.

There was about three inches of his dick that would not fit into the tube. It was so hot watching the tube grip and release, grip and release his big dick. His plumb, juicy balls bounced with each pump. I could see the muscles in his sexy little ass flex and release with each pump, too. I looked over at Craig, who was now uninhibited in jerking his little dick. He smiled again at me. Kerry looked over at him and said, "This is cool! Come here and try it."

Craig stepped up and took another free tube from the same cluster. To stand there, he had to press up against us. Kerry grabbed his brother's little boydick and pushed a tube over it. Unfortunately, Craig's dick wasn't thick enough to get much suction. I was just about to explode. Standing there almost naked with my sexy cousins, all of us practically dick to dick inside this machine was putting my head into overdrive. I started to moan. I looked again at Kerry with his big, fat cock stuck mostly into his sleeve and his smooth, sexy body and lost it. I shot my hot cum right into the machine, thrusting and pumping into it with each convulsive twitch. I came and came. I don't know how much jizz I shot, but the orgasm seemed to last something like two minutes.

Somewhere in the middle of this, Kerry shot his wad right into the machine too. He was rolling his head around saying "FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" when I opened my eyes again to look at him. His uncharacteristic foul language was an even bigger turn on to me.

Craig didn't come, but pulled his dick out and went to flip off the switch. Kerry and I both pulled our aching, sensitive, still swollen cocks from the tubes. When he pulled his cockhead out, there was an audible, wet pop. There was still a little come oozing out of his piss slit.

I looked down at my own still semi-erect dick and saw that I, too, was still dribbling a bit of jizz. My legs were still shaking from the shock of the pleasure I had just felt. It was definitely the most intese orgasm I had ever had up to that point.

"What happened?" Craig asked.

"We both came," Kerry told his little brother.

"It sure looked like you guys had fun. When am I going to cum?"

"I started when I was your age," Kerry said. "You shouldn't have much longer to go."

"I hope so," he said.

"Man, that was fun." We all laughed at his simple, true statement.

Kerry then pulled up his underwear and jeans, to my disappointment. I was hoping we would hang around naked for a while longer. I decided there would be another time, though, so I got dressed again, too. Craig also got dressed.

"Well, what do you want to do now?" I asked.

"Let's ride the three wheelers!" Kerry suggested.

"That's cool," I said. And it was! FINIS

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