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"How Deep Is the Pool?"

OK guys!! Back to form a fantasy from end-to-end!!!

Our families had been friends for years even though our group was all over the map from the point of view of background and stats. The differences were what seemed to make it work not what made it problematic. You never knew from one point to the next what was going to happen it was strange and exciting all at the same time. There are a multiple of examples of how that is true but let me use the Pool as an example. The four couples had been called the Grille Team by the neighborhood for years cause with a few subtle variations is was always the same group.

I always felt like the kid in the group but not only because of my age--sure I was the youngest--but I also looked the youngest with my smooth chest and my baby-like face. The other guys all seemed to have their battle wounds that gave them cha racter and seemed to be a separate club that I always struggled to join, but we all got together for our summer BBQs with regular frequency. The rest of the guys had been together for years and had done fishing and skiing trips without the wives that left them with a lot of "shoulder-punching"innuendo that I never understood cause I'd never made one of the trips.

Sam was the sort of unofficial leader --well, he owned the only house with a pool and he was also the eldest but you would never know it. A rugged man like the Marlboro Man with a thick goatee beard with flecks of gray and a face where the lines around his mouth and eyes only accentuated the fact that this guy smiled a lot. He was no taller than me but his body was carved out of a mahogany log where the lines of his muscles and the tanned warmth of his skin made him look like a poster boy for Bi-weekly. He always amazed me because he was an executive in the building industry that he wore the smallest diamond on his left ear lobe but like anything else it only made him seem more masculine. If Sam was the leader then Roman was the heart--he was born in Italy but had lived here so long that he was 100% American. Whereas Sam had the sculptured smooth tawny flesh, Roman was as hairy as a goat and brown as a berry--short but packed with solid muscle. His greatest feature was the warmth of his soul and he always had a hug or a word of encouragement. Roman was a guy that you could "love" but Sam was the guy that you admired and resented all at the same time.

Troy was the unpredictable one that always seemed a little flighty and girlish and I could never figure out how he had become part of this group. He and his wife had a great relationship but with the guys he was always full of suggestive comments and was prone to grabbing crotches when he had a few too many beers --strange but the rest of them totally accepted him. Then there was me --so ordinary by comparison. I was early 30's and blonde with place skin. I was built like a track jock rather than the footballer type that the other guys were.

I was proud of my body and my strength as we frequently had these "Who's the strongest?" "Who's the tallest?" and even one day in the sauna "Who's the longest?" That one had embarrassed the hell out of me and I had excused myself quickly --even though I privately believed that I was --and escaped to the showers. Their laughter as I left made me feel even worse, and I never heard a judgment on that one.

It was late in the summer and we were all in Sam's pool. It had been a long day and we had all consumed a heap of beer and wine. The wives had all gone next door to out place to watch a chick flick, and Troy had moved inside to watch the football with Roman. They had left with a whole lot of "double-meaning" comments that made Sam laugh but I had totally misread them, so I thought!!!

Sam and I were in the pool in the relative seclusion of the grove of trees. Sam said "Let's wrestle and see who is the strongest!"

We approached each other maneuvering for a better position. Suddenly he lunged for me and gripped me round the shoulders but I slid free and he lunged again. This time he gripped my wrist tightly and turned my arm up my back in a painful grip. His other arm was across my chest and he was talking with his mouth dire ct against my ear. This seemed to have an intensity that had never been there before and I was determined not to be beaten.

"My arm is breaking" I whimpered and he instantly let me go and I swung around and pushed him hard against the pool steps and jumped on him and pinned him there. "Fooled you" I said.

"Yeah, Mark, I never expected this" and then he laughed. I pushed back into the center of the pool and for some reason I was pissed as if there had been a joke at my expense that I didn't even understand.

Sam approached me with a half smile on his face and an intent stare that made me uneasy. "This is going to be so good Mark" and again I felt as if there was some joke that I didn't understand.

I took the aggressive approach cause I was really pissed by now and even though Sam was much stronger than me I got my arms clenched around his massive chest with my wrists locked. I now had my lips against his ear and said "So is this good‚ Sam??"

"Oh yeah, Mark this is just what I needed" His arms had come around my hips and he was gripping each of my buttocks in his hands. His hips were grinding against my crotch and my cock had responded to the feeling of those steel hard buns pushing against me. The fabric of my speedos was stretched to the limit.

In some shock I relaxed my grip enough for Sam to turn in my arms. He was still holding my buttocks --now from the front and I was very conscious of the hard mound of his cock pressing against my own fully erect organ. We were eye to eye and his breath was warm on my face. He just stared at me for what seems an hour and I could concentrate on nothing except that goatee beard framing this quiet secret smile. He moved forward and his lips came against mine. His thick tongue pushed my lips apart and his hands squeezed my buttocks and parted them at the same time. All the while I was aware of his hard cock grinding against mine through our swimmers and his tongue fucking my mouth for all it was worth. He moved his hand and pushed both our swimmers down below our groins and for the first time I felt my cock sliding against the h eated swollen flesh of another man. We fucked each other between our bellies and my virgin asshole shriveled at the feel of the cold pool water against that puckered flesh. Sam moved me back toward the steps and seated me at the top --in the same motion flicking down both our swimmers and throwing them on the side of the pool.

His mouth instantly devoured my cock --swallowing the whole 7" length to the root. His free hand alternately stroked my balls and pushed against my tight ass muscle. My head was thrown back in the ecstasy of it all and my arms were braced behind me to resist the pushing thrusting motion as Sam attacked my cock. Suddenly he threw both my legs back against my chest and his thick tongue started to flick against my ass and push into the wrinkled virgin flesh. His hand continued to pump my cock and I felt as if my body would explode when all of a sudden logic overcame me and I said

"Sam, wait --the others will see us!"

He stopped instantly and said --very seriously "You're right --we'd better make sure what they are doing."

Sam grabbed my hand and dragged me toward the family room where I could hear the TV. I was confused but still stumbled along behind him. Sam got to the sliding glass door and threw it fully open. The gloomy room was lit by the blue light of the noisy TV but the most bizarre sight of all was Troy, fully naked except for a Giants Football helmet, leaning forward onto the coffee table with his arms spread wide. Roman was behind him, cheering on the Giants while pounding is meat deeply and harshly into Troy's ass.

Troy turned his head and grinned and said "Come on guys, join the party!"

Roman made wet slapping noises as his hips pounded against Troy's spread eagled thighs. Roman was wearing a Giants shirt and his white hairy buttocks were clenched as he drove his thick Italian cock into his friend.

Sam said "How we gonna do this guys??"

Roman, the heart, said "It's clearly Mark's first time --it's gotta be all about him!!"

At that the guys cleared the empty beer bottles and magazines off the coffee tables and lay be backward on it. My head hung over the far side and I could see the game (albeit upside down) behind me. I didn't know what to expect but all of a sudden there were three sets of lips and three sets of hands exploring every inch of my body. A clean shaven mouth --I didn't know who --pressed an aggressive and sensual kiss o n my mouth. Fingers explored my ass while a tongue licked my balls and shaft. My nipples were being sucked and gently nipped with loving teeth while suddenly a cock was pressed against my now eager mouth.

A thick and juicy cock slowly eased its way into my mouth as some cool soothing crème was poured over my body, from chest to navel, hands started soothing that crème into me. My legs were lifted and parted and hands stroked the inside of my thighs. My cock stood strong and hard and rigid into the cool evening air and slick, moist fists pumped it with an energy that drove me crazy. The cock in my mouth continued to pump gently back and forth as my legs were pushed back against my chest. I looked forward to the feeling of a thick tongue against my now well relaxed and lubricated ass. I felt the pressure and thickness of a cock push against my virgin ring and pause as it passed the first muscle. A hard cock was in my hand as I stroked it vigorously. I opened my eyes for long enough to see Roman --who's cock was in my mouth--kissing Troy who's cock I held with a deep and abandoned passion. Between my widely parted thighs held tightly by Sam, I could see him poised to slide the full length of his considerable cock deep inside me. He gave me that soul melting grin and as he slid the rest of that huge shaft deep inside me and set up a slow sliding motion that filled me and expanded me all at the same time.

Sweat was dripping from all of us all I slid around on the polished mahogany surface, a cock in my mouth; a cock in my hand; a cock in my ass, and several hands pumping at my own meat. It was all too much and with constricting muscles and sucking orgasms we all shot at the same time. There was cum and sweat and final kisses all over as they collapsed on top of me. My thighs were parted around a beloved friends probing face; I was embraced by another; and a calm relaxed tongue slurped at the juices that covered me. Suddenly I understood the secrets of the skiing and fishing trips and knew that I would be an integral part of any future trips.

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