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"Me & My Lady Hit the Adult Bookstore"

Since I received so many emails thanking me for my first "True Tell," I've decided to continue the story. Just so you don't misunderstand, these stories are old. They all occurred between 1985-1988. At least those between Virginia and I. To continue several weeks after the "first time."

As I mentioned at the end of the first story, Glenn and I hooked up together 3-4 times a month until he left the state less than a year later. During this time he told me that he and my girlfriend Virginia had occasional sex about 6 times. A couple times it involved Glenn's girlfriend (now wife). I never met his wife nor did he mention her that much. Enough about Glenn since it was nothing more than quick blowjobs that lasted no more than 15-20 minutes.

Now that my Virginia and I had become a little bit more open to each other about our sexuality and my new open look at life, we exchanged our secret fantasies well some anyway. She would now freely admit to wanting to have casual sex with others to keep things exciting. We would drive around San Francisco at night and she would wear short skirts without her panties to flash guys and gals on the street. Once we ended up in the business district. In the business district at night is dead, very dead but we happen to turn at the right corner and came upon an adult nightspot. Hookers here and there with a few porn shops. I've been to these before about a year before Virginia and I met. When I told her what goes on in these of places, she said it was "cool."

About 10 minutes later we were about ready to head out of town and back home when we came upon another adult bookstore. There were nothing else around this place and Virginia immediately said she wanted to check it out.

I quickly pulled over and parked near the front entrance. We went in and found a booth with peepholes. I pull in a few tokens then we removed some clothes and fucked while others watched through those holes. She knew we had an audience but that's why we did it. We left shortly afterwards and fucked again at home.

Several weeks later, I have a company thing at a restaurant in San Francisco and I had told Virginia that I would probably be out very late. A few friends and I hit a few bars after the dinner then headed home around 1am. I got kinda turned around in the city. Although I knew were the freeway was I just could find the right one-way street that would lead me there. There are a lot of "no left turn" streets
so it seemed like I was driving in circles. Since I had been drinking I didn't dare to take any chances. Well I was near the business district again and knew exactly how to get to the freeway from here so
I turned onto the street where the porno shop was at and saw Virginia's car parked alongside the sidewalk. By the time I found parking and walked back to the corner her car was gone. I went inside to check things out and there were a lot of guys hanging out in the video area. I cruised it for a second then headed out to my car and drove home.

When I got home and went into the apartment, Virginia was already in bed. I kissed her on the forehead and she acted as if she just woke up. I brushed my teeth and slid under the covers. I reached over to her pussy and found it very slushy. She said she has been fantasying about me all night-right! She reached for my cock and rubbed it until it got hard then she mounted me. After only a few strokes, she moved up to my face and told me to eat her. Before I could do or say anything her dripping pussy was all over my mouth and nose. I could smell and taste men in her. She was talking to me but I could really hear what she was saying. Strangely, I found myself very turned on and started to stroke my cock and shot a load into the air in a minute. She came onto my face and smeared all the cum over my entire head.

After cleaning up we fell asleep in each other's arms.In the morning, she was laying on the couch naked watch television when I came out. I stood at the end of the couch and stared at her neatly trimmed pussy. She smiled at me and asked what I was thinking about. Without saying a word, I started to play with my cock getting it semi-erect. She smiled even more and asked if I would jackoff for her. I moved over to her and rubbed my cock over her face. When I was fully erect I started to stroke it over her face as she continued to smile. I told her that I almost stop at one of those porn shops on the way home. She said that I should have stopped and let the perverts watch me. I was hoping that she would share her night with me but she didn't. She sucked on the head of my cock for a second then asked me if the porn shop was open at this time of day (9am) and I told her that I didn't know.

She said we should go again. I knew of a bookstore just a few miles away across from the mall and suggested that we check that one out. She stood up and said, "let's check it out." We put on sweatpants and t-shirts and left. Within 5 minutes we were there.

We had to park at the mall and walked across the street. The place was open but no one was in there except some gay looking guy at the counter. Virginia looked at all the dildos. As I got change for the video machines, Virginia walked to the video room on her own. We put in a dollar and watched a flick with the door open. She said that this place was dead and suggested that we go over to the mall. We walked around the mall for about 30 minutes all the while grabbing at each other every chance we could. My sweatpants didn't hide my hardon one bit. She was proud of her nipples poking through her t-shirt. When we just couldn't stand it anymore we went back to the bookstore. This time there were another couple in there looking at the toys and we went directly to the video booths.

A couple of doors were closed and we could hear the flick going on. I went into one of the open booths and sat down. Virginia took a couple of dollars from me and went to another booth on her own. I watched as she closed to door behind her. I closed my door and quickly took my cock out and started stroking. When the video went off about 3 minutes later, I stepped out. My hardon was
poking through my sweatpants and I was going to tease Virginia but I didn't see her. One of the doors opened and a guy looked down at my cock and went back in but didn't close the door all the way. On the end of the row I saw that the doors to the last three booths were closed. I sat in one of the booths nearby and left the door open to watch for Virginia. The middle door opened and Virginia stepped out and she didn't see me at first. Her t-shirt was now un-tucked as she walked towards me. She spotted me just before getting to my booth. She asked if I jacked off yet and when I said no she grabbed my hand and took me back to the booth she was just in. She put about $5 dollars into the machine then took her t-shirt and sweatpants off and set it on the bench.

I did the same then she took my cock into her mouth as we both watched the video. Moments later she let my cock slip out of her mouth and pulled me down next to her. She told me to look through the hole (gloryhole) and when I did I saw the other couple in booth next to us. They were partially naked also and playing. They must have been watching us because they knew I was now watching them. Although I had done this before, it is always exciting, especially since my girlfriend was now with me. My cock was very stiff and when I looked back at Virginia, she was stroking another cock that was coming through another hole next to her. She stood up and bent over. I moved in behind her and pushed my cock into her wet pussy. She took that other cock into her mouth and began sucking. I felt like I could cum any second so I withdrew and sat down. Virginia stopped and held his cock out for me. I looked at her face and she was smiling. I leaned forward and took this cock into my mouth. Virginia put her hand behind my head and pushed my head back and forth making me take his cock deep into my throat. After awhile she let go and pressed her butt up against the other hole where the couple was and started to moan. A second or two later the cock I was sucking exploded into my throat. It was too much for me to handle and I gagged. I let go of this cock to catch my breath and the guy took his cock back. I looked through the hole and the guy waved to me. I
looked back at Virginia and she was enjoying whatever was going on with her.

I sat down to relax and she started to moan even louder then she seemed to cum. When she moved away from the hole, huge globs of cum slipped out of her pussy and onto the floor. I saw a finger coming through the hole and I moved forward. When I looked through, I saw the woman licking her lips and the guy standing next to her with cum dripping down his cock. I put my cock through the hole and felt a warm mouth surround it and start to suck on it. Virginia moved behind me, grabbed my balls, and pushed me up against the wall. I came a second later. The woman wouldn't let go of my cock until it was totally limp.

By the time we got dressed the couple was gone. But we would meet them a short time later. But that's another story.

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