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"Military Men: Jacking Story 3"

John was spending another Saturday at home doing the chores, looking after the house for the wife and kids. Kids who took off every chance they got, being sure to ask for some spending money before they went. It was sometimes good when they went out, he and the wife would have naked romping sex all over the house.

Fuck, who did he think he was kidding, it must have been two years since the bitch even tried to suck him off, and practically every approach he made to plough her field, she'd tell him she had her period or some bullshit excuse. Shit. The phone rings.....

"Come and watch the game at my place, a few of the old team are getting together for a few drinks and a laugh." It was his buddy Davo whom he hadn't seen in about 3 weeks. Davo was one of the guys that he went camping with sometimes, and a night at his place with the fellas sure sounded like a rescue from an otherwise boring night.

"Be there before kick-off." The hot water of the shower over his body made John feel good. As usual, he popped a boner when he felt the caress of the water running over his chest, down the channel through his pecs and rushing over his groin. He groped at it a little, but decided not to stroke himself off. He thought he'd try again with the wife later on, after getting home from Davo's place, just maybe she's be responsive for a change.

As he soaped up his balls, his mind drifted back to the last time he'd seen some of the guys that Davo had said were coming over. They were camping up in the forest on the outskirts of town, and it ended up in a drunken fucking circle jerk. Fuck! It had been a horny time, best cumload he'd spurted out in months. He remembered Jeff, his best buddy all through college who'd ended up sucking all of their dicks, getting coated in loads of cum and loving it!

He began to wonder if anything like that would happen tonight. Nah, that kind of shit only happens once in a lifetime, when everyone feels horny and things just develop in a weird kind of group dynamic.

His aching hard cock wouldn't quit, but he ignored it as best he could, towelled off and dressed. In 20 minutes he'd farewelled the wife and was on the road, approaching Davo's place with a carton of amber fluid in the boot.

He noticed that Rob's car was in the driveway, and Jeff's motorbike was on the lawn. Another flashback of the camping trip flooded his mind as he pressed the doorbell. He heard the heavy footsteps approach and had to check his groin to make sure that his semi-stiff prick wasn't too obvious through his tight jeans. Davo flung open the door and the two men shook hands as best they could, with John's armful of beer, and entered the house. John noticed that Davo locked the door behind them, which was unusual.
He walked into the bathroom to toss the beer into the bathtub with the rest that had been brought. Rob was standing there, pissing with the door wide open. John pushed the memory of Rob's hard cock from his mind, said a quick hello, grabbed a beer and headed out to meet the rest of the boys in the lounge.

"Hey man!" Jeff was standing in the living room, smiling broadly. John thought that Jeff's eyes were lingering a little too long on his crotch which still felt a little swollen, and he blushed, remembering once more the last time he'd seen Jeff, and their secret suck session in the woods before the circle jerk experience that they had all shared.

"Hi Buddy, what's been going on" he asked casually as he surveyed the room to see who else had been invited.

"You really don't want to know" laughed Jeff.

"Oh? Sounds interesting...."

"Well, I still can't believe it!. Trudy found out that I was bi, and she couldn't handle it. She called me a dirty pervert and fucken left me. So it's just been hell for a few weeks trying to adjust to the life of a bachelor again, but I'm coping."

"Fuck man, you're kidding! That's a drag. How did she find out?" John began to get a panic feeling in his gut, wondering if this meant that she knew about their camping trip, and if she'd tell the other wives.

"All I can advise is, never go down on a cop in a shopping mall restroom. He might just be on duty" he laughed, but it was obvious that he was pretty devastated by the whole thing.

John was a little shocked by Jeff's story, he didn't realise Jeff was out there trawling for cock in public toilets. Still, something about the situation was stirring his libido, and he visualised walking in on Jeff and a hot looking cop in the middle of a blow job by the urinal at the mall. His cock stirred in is tight jeans, making the fit just a fraction tighter still.

"How long 'til game time?" Rob burst in from the bathroom and changed the subject just in time.

"It's another hour or so, but I think Davo's got things planned to fill in the time." Jeff replied.

"Oh?" John and Rob both wondered and looked to Davo for clarification.

"Well, to tell the truth, the football lure was just a trick to get you here with an excuse that the girls would not question, and leave us the fuck alone for the night. The real reason we're here is for Jeff. Let's just say it's a coming out party!"

Everyone looked stunned but laughed.

Davo continued, "If you haven't spoken to Jeff yet this evening, the basic story is that Trudy had a visit from some cop who had arrested Jeff at the mall, basically for being friendly. (laughs) Now anyone that would even object to a free blowjob is one sick puppy, but to destroy a man's life because of it, well, that's just truly evil. Anyway, Trudy fucked off, and Jeff has decided that he might as well turn totally gay, because everyone knows now anyway, the way gossip travels in this town. We're here to see that Jeff has a fucking good time and forgets about the bitch. We are all Jeff's mates, and we want to be there for him, right?"

"Here here" mumbled the group.
"OK, well, I don't know about the rest of you guys, but that weekend in the forest a few weeks ago was fucking awesome for me. I haven't cum that hard in about twenty years, and I wouldn't mind a bit more of the same." The guys looked around at each other, a little nervously, but nodding slowly.

"Anyone that want to can leave right now, but I reckon we should have a few more drinks and get the party started now!" As he said the word "Now", Davo pressed "Play" on the VCR and the screen flickered to life with his favourite stick movie.

There was a move toward the bathroom for fresh beers, then one by one the guys took seats and watched the action on the screen. Some big-titted slut was being humped by two guys, one up her snatch and the other in her ass. As they watched, the guys grew quiet and you could tell their cocks were getting hard by the frequent adjusting of their pants to fit their expanding members.

Occasionally one of the guys would make some dirty comment about the film, and slowly but surely, the clothes began to come off. Soon they were all stark naked in the hot August evening, hard pricks in hand, oozing precum in anticipation of the action to follow.

"Hey Jeff, how was that cop's dick?" Rob asked. "Hope it was worth it."
"Man, he was hung and handsome as hell. He really seemed to enjoy his work, and it's funny that he waited until I'd finished swallowing down his load before he pulled out his badge."

"Fuck man, that's sick. Fucking pigs! Haven't they got anything better to do?" John asked, disgusted at the misuse of police resources.

Davo was positive as usual, "Well, it sounds like a good job description to me! Get sucked off then make an arrest. Maybe I'll join up!" Everybody laughed and the mood in the room relaxed a little more. "OK Jeff, show us how you did it. I'll be the cop."

Davo stood up in the room, turned his back to us, spread his legs and aimed his cock at the TV screen, despite the stiffness, he held it down as if pretending to piss. "la la la....hehe"
He looked around over his shoulder, spying Jeff on his left. He signalled with a jerk of his head for him to come closer, beckoning him just as we'd heard the cop had done.

Jeff walked up to Davo from behind the couch, as if walking into the restroom. Standing beside the "cop" with his eyes fixed on the hot hard prick, his hand around his own stiff meat. The "cop" didn't say a word, but turned to show off his big dick to Jeff lasciviously.
"Looks like you're in need of some help there buddy?" Jeff remarked as he reached out and gripped the stiff "cop" dick in his hand, tugging it a few times.

The "cop" remained silent and let Jeff work his cock over. Jeff fell to his knees and began to lap his tongue all around the bulbous cockhead, licking up the copious precum juices.

The rest of the guys slowly stroked as they watched. Rob wiped the juice from his cockhead and licked it off his fingers. They were all getting so hot watching Davo play the cop, and have his cock worked over their buddy Jeff. Each man spent time watching the others jerk, then focussing back on the role play and occasionally peering beyond the legs of Davo, to see the action still rolling on the video. Everywhere they looked, there was hard cock meat being pounded, stroked or sucked.

Maybe it was because it was Jeff's party, or maybe he just didn't care now that his true sexuality was out in the open, but he seemed to become more aggressive in his pursuit of Davo's cockjuice. He deep throated the thick shaft effortlessly while he played with Davo's nutsac and massaged his butt, pulling him even closer, forcing the cock deeper still into his throat. The demonstration of the cop's ruse appeared to be forgotten as Davo started thrusting and pumping his cock into Jeff's throat.

Rob continued to lay back in his chair and stroke his rod, watching the action intently and licking his juice off his fingers at regular intervals, but John was eager for some of Jeff's hot mouth around his cock. Why should Davo have all the fun?

John stood up, and stroking as he walked, moved next to Davo and offered his prick to Jeff. Jeff grabbed John's cock in his right fist and released Davo's dick from his mouth, taking it in his other hand. He was looking straight down the barrel of two hard cocks, one in each hand, and he licked the head of each as he pushed them together, so both aimed at his lips.

John and Davo could each feel the other man's hot cock pressed side by side against each other, and looked down to see Jeff take both cock knobs into his hungry mouth. Joh placed his arm around Davo's shoulder to enable them to get closer still, and both men leaned back enjoying the sensation of the busy mouth.

Jeff had a hand on each man's ass, massaging their butts as he pulled them closer, greedily slurping over the two hot poles.

Rob, not wanting to be left out, moved over behind Jeff and started to brush his dribbling cock over his shoulder. He placed his cock in Jeff's armpit and Jeff put that arm down to form a hairy burrow for Rob to fuck. Rob pumped his cock in and out of the enclosure like he was fucking a pussy. It was hot to watch him working his body, knees bent to enable him to get down low enough to hump the armpit of our very own cockslut buddy.

As Jeff's arm was now lowered to form the fuck-tunnel for Rob, he began to stroke himself off. He knew that none of these guys was into sucking dick, but he didn't care. It would be nice, but he didn't expect it of his straight buddies. It was great that his friends were kind enough to provide this opportunity for him to suck their cocks, without any fag bashing kind of behaviour. He was glad that he had come out to his buddies and that they had taken it so well. Things had worked out well for all of them.

Suddenly, Davo started to moan loudly and he pulled back and started to jack his cock rapidly, aiming it right into Jeff's face as Jeff continued to deep throat John's cock. Davo's dick exploded in an awesome climax and his hot white cumload spattered all over Jeff's face and John's pubes. Thick gobs of mancream spurted out of Davo's dick and dribbled down Jeff's face, dripping onto his stomach and cock, which he continued to pump at his buddies' feet.

The sight of Davo's payload shooting out all over Jeff was too much for John, and he also began to twitch as he unloaded his big load straight down Jeff's hungry throat. Jeff's eyes were tightly closed as his mouth worked hard to keep up with the flood of semen shooting out of John's cock.

The guys could see Jeff's swallowing motion as he drank down every drop of John's hot cum.

"MMnnn man, I got another load for you. Turn around and take mine too" commanded Rob, pulling his cock from Jeff's armpit and holding it out, ready for the hot mouth to engulf.

Jeff turned around enough to take Rob's uncut dick into his mouth in one deep movement. There was not an inch of it still visible to the rest of the men as Jeff worked it down his cum-sucking throat.

Davo sat on the floor, exhausted from his climax, and surprised the other guys by grabbing hold of Jeff's cock and jacking him hard and fast. Jeff spread his legs as best he could and let Davo stroke his dick as hard as he wanted while he concentrated of devouring Rob's manhood.

The only sign that Jeff was close was a little whimper, then suddenly, his cock began to erupt like a volcano as he covered Davo's fist in white hot cock juice.

"Yea man, let it go! Oh yea...spurt it fella!" Davo was really getting into it, pumping Jeff's fat shaft until the spurting stopped and Jeff's body convulsed a little with each stroke.

Rob grabbed Jeff's head and pushed his cock deeper still down the cocksucker's throat. The guys could tell by the gurgling, grunting sounds emanating from Jeff that he was once more swallowing hard trying to devour hot man cream as fast as it shot into his throat.

Rob's head was jerking back as he faced the ceiling yelling "Yea, suck it all down bitch." Finally, he released Jeff's head and pulled is spent cock from his mouth.

After a few minutes of catching their breath in silence, the guys were all well satisfied and ready for another beer. Everyone agreed that their friendship was something special. These new buddy sessions certainly made up for the pathetic sex the wives were dishing out these days, and cheaper than whores. No-one could see any reason why they shouldn't become a regular thing, like a special club that only they knew about.

They'd be able to plan trips away and other activities where the objective was to get their rocks off as often as possible, and no-one, especially their women would be any the wiser. After all, a man needs his friends for support, right?

The rest of the evening was spent watching the game, and after that, Rob initiated another circle jerk session, as the video still had a way to go, so no point in leaving things half finished. Jeff was a little disappointed that he was the only one of the group without a regular partner to come home to, but he still had his buddies, and what more could a man want?

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