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I am a 32 year old professional white male. I am 5'9, 175 of lean muscle. I work very hard to maintain my body and health and although I am several years past a college baseball career I have managed to keep trim and fit. I also have always considered myself totally straight and never really had reason to question that until a couple of recent incidents. Several years ago I met a guy who was a therapist, he was constantly talking about sex and hitting on everyone's girlfriends.

He is 2 years older than I am and a real pretty boy. As I said, since he is a therapist and I work in a related field he and I did a lot of business together after working through all the normal bullshit. Well as it turns out he was married, and although she was attractive, she wasn't into the wild get naked do anything sex that he wanted to be involved with.

A girl I was dating was friend's with his wife so on several occasions we got together and went out to a country retreat his boss owned to lay out nude at the pool and generally just relax and cut up. It was on one of these trips that I first noticed my growing attraction to him and realized how attractive he was, Approximately 6'1 with a nice and well muscled body and as I noticed as we laid out nude, he was the owner of a fat and attractive 8-9 inch cut cock. He also had very nice legs which were tanned a golden brown and had a perfect golden layer of hair covering them.

Well he constantly made rude remarks about sex, etc. and on more than one occasion grabbed at my cock in a joking yet suggestive way through my pants or shorts when we were around each other. In July he asked if I would ride on a trip with him to a convention. I did and to make a long story short, on that trip I realized that not only did I want to experience man to man sex, I knew exactly with whom I wanted to have it with.

Bobby and his rude comments helped, I must add. As soon as we were on the way he said "I don't know if I told you but we are staying in St. Louis and the girls are not meeting us until tomorrow."

"Yeah, I knew that," I said,

"Well at least I'll have a chance to fuck your ass before the girls are around," he said under his breath.

"WHAT?" I asked,

"Nothing, I was just kidding," he shot back.

Well that was that, and even though all the way to that hotel room we talked about sex and without a doubt were the two horniest males in the Midwest nothing happened, although I desperately wanted it to. I was simply afraid and unable to do anything. The weekend passed without any progress and as we returned home we grew apart as he and his wife had a child and my girl and I split up.

I came really close to trying sex with other guys over the next couple of years but always backed out, besides they weren't who I wanted. Every time I was around Bobby he always had something to say about us getting together etc. and on more than one occasion he talked about guys that he thought were bi-sexual or ones that had come on to him. He told me about a guy he knew and he was complaining that the guy was always begging him to let him suck his cock and telling him how good it would feel, he acted like it bothered him but I seriously wondered if he was feeling me out or testing my reaction.

About two weeks ago he asked me to go to Texas with him to a seminar for therapists. His wife couldn't go and he said he dreaded going by himself so I agreed to accompany him on the trip.

We left on a Friday night; it was June so I was wearing a pair of cotton shorts with no underwear and a T-shirt. On the way down we talked off and on and the conversation turned to sex. Well I had already had about five beers so I was feeling good; I put one leg up on the dash area and had allowed my shorts to ride up. I was determined to find out if he wanted the same things I did, and I was going to find out this weekend!

"Do you get hit on by other guys very often?" I asked him,

"why" he said, "do you".

"Well over the last year I have been getting hit on a lot" I said, "Maybe I just notice it more but it is definitely happening, It seems like every where I go I notice a guy checking me out or something, I just wondered if it happened to other guys or if you notice."

"Yeah I get it a lot too, especially at the gym" he said.

I decided to go for broke and asked, " have you ever done anything with another guy?"

"No" he replied and again asked, "have you?"

" I can't say!" I replied.

"Why not?" He asked

"I swear I'm not going to say anything," I looked down at this time and noticed that my cock was starting to make a definite bulge in my shorts, I also caught him taking a peek on a couple of occasions. I'm definitely getting excited now. "Well I have come close a couple of times and I'm starting to think that I wouldn't mind trying it if no one found out about it, shit you better not say a word about it either" I said,

"I wont" he replied, I'm surprised that you just said that though" he stated, In an attempt to cover what I had just said I replied,

"I'm not saying I would or would'nt or ,oh whatever, I just said that I had thought about it before is all, don't even try to say you haven't" I ended.

We left it at that and needless to say I was feeling pretty stupid about what was said earlier, we continued to talk about sex however all the way to Dallas and I continued to hammer beers. By the time we got to Dallas I was feeling very good (tipsy) and extremely horny. We checked into the room and I noticed it only had one king size bed, it also had an in room hot tub,

"Damn you went all-out didn't you?"

"Hell yes" he replied, "I want to relax and unwind while I'm here, to hell with the seminar."

It was around 11:30 p.m. and he said, "I don't really feel up to hitting the town tonight do you?"

"Not really, besides we can always party hard tomorrow night." With that he excused himself to take a shower.

He started undressing right in front of me and I guess what was said earlier had been forgotten to my relief. I still could not help but stare as he undressed and as he slid off his shirt and then his shorts I saw his nice tan firm ass and nearly ran up and put my hands on it, I fought the urge and he stepped into the bathroom. My cock was hard as a rock and I could feel it tenting out the front of my cotton shorts. I decided to begin filling the hot tub. I asked him through the door if he minded and he said to go ahead and fill it, and that it sounded good. The hot tub was full of hot water when he stepped out of the bathroom with only a small white hotel towel wrapped around his waist. I wasn't sure but it looked like he was sporting a semi erection under the towel.

"I'm getting in" he said while walking into the room as he was dropping the towel, it fell to the ground and I was right, his fat beautiful cock was semi hard and looked fucking great. He looked at me with a strange look on his face and asked if I was joining him. I watched him slide his beautiful naked body under the water and knew that I was going to do all I could regardless of the consequences to have sex with him.

"Hell yeah I'm coming in" I said as I ripped off my shorts and slid into the hot gurgling water.

The tub was about 4x6 so we could both stretch out but not without our legs, feet etc. touching. We both lay back stretching and I felt the pressure of his upper thigh on mine. He was semi lifting himself out of the water and he knew I could see and knew that I was looking at his cock as it approached the surface. The pressure from his leg increased and I could feel him slightly rubbing his leg against mine, I stretched back and as I lowered my arms I placed my right hand on his thigh, he moved his leg towards my hand and spread his legs as I increased my touch and pressure on his leg. He was moving his body and leg in a way that could only move my hand towards his cock so I simply reached across his leg and ran my hand over his now fully erect, thick cock, I could feel him thrust his hips and cock up towards me and I looked up and he was staring at me with an intense look of lust and horniness on his face. I wrapped my hand around his hard cock, God he was huge, and began to stroke it with a slight tugging action.

"Damn I'm glad you came on this trip with me, I have been dying to get with you since our trip to Indy, I cant believe you wanted the same thing," he stated, "I was pleased to hear you say earlier today that you had considered having sex with a man. I asked you to come hoping that I would at least see you naked but this is to good to be true"

"let me suck your cock" was my only reply.

He lifted up out of the water and sat on the edge of the tub as I moved my mouth to his rock hard cock, It was an awesome sensation, wrapping my lips around it and running my tongue up and over this cock I had so often fantasized about. It felt strange to be doing it but also very exciting, as I sucked the fat head of his cock into my mouth he moaned loudly and pulled my mouth down onto him, "suck it, suck my cock, I fuckin love it, I've been wanting this so bad" he groaned. I reached around and grabbing his hairy tight ass I pulled him to me, he was now standing up with one leg resting on the edge of the tub, it gave me perfect access to his beautiful asshole and I licked past his balls and buried my tongue in his hot ass, licking and sucking it like a mad man,

"Oh shit that feels good, lick my hot ass" he said.

I was now totally consumed with lust and my cock was so hard it was pointing upwards and was aching for release. He stood all the way up while turning and as a result I was laying back with my cock poking straight up at him with his hot ass and rock hard cock squatting and rubbing all over my face. I licked his hard cock, balls and asshole like a madman, I could'nt get enough!! He reached down and grabbed my rock hard cock and began stroking it, he then leaned all the way over and in a 69 position he swallowed my hard cock into his wet, warm, mouth.

"Oh Fuck,!!" I cried as he sucked me deep into his mouth. I could already feel the cum boiling in my nuts and as he sucked me his hips began thrusting and bucking as he obviously was reaching his breaking point as well. With my eyes wide open with desire I sucked his beautiful hard cock and stared and watched as his balls and ass bounced and squirmed all over my face.

All of a sudden he bolted upright and turned to face me standing up, I went to my knees and

immediately buried his hot cock back in my mouth.

"You are gonna make me cum, he moaned.

"I'm gonna cum all in your hot fucking mouth"

I quickened my pace and reached under to finger his hot ass, at that time he tensed, went totally rigid and while screaming how good it felt he shot hot thick shots of cum into my mouth. I thought I would gag but relaxed and as I tasted the hot cum I realized that not only was it not bad, it was incredibly exciting. As his cum filled my mouth I swallowed his whole load down my throat and greedily kept sucking for more, as he peaked I realized as I looked down that I was cumming myself and shooting a wad of cum all over his legs! I had not even touched myself, as I drained my nuts I almost passed out, He pulled me to the bed and as he rubbed my back all I could hear before I drifted off to sleep was him saying how awesome & hot the sex was. The next day I awoke and he was dressed and leaving to attend a seminar session.

Nothing was said about the events of the previous night and it was'nt long before the embarrassment and dread of seeing him began to set in. As I pondered what had happened though I began to get horny all over again. The memory of his hot body and his big cock in my mouth was exciting beyond what I had expected.

I decided to go down to the pool and just let things work themselves out and quit worrying about it. I recently had began wearing short shorts as I found that wearing them excited me and I had also recently purchased a yellow, tiny thong bikini swimsuit that barely covered anything at all. I never thought I would wear it because it was a size smaller than I could normally wear and the thong in the back was just a tiny string that disappeared into my ass crack.

I slipped it on, looked at myself in the mirror, it was obscene, and it barely covered my cock and balls. As I looked at myself I decided to wear it out to the hotel pool. What the hell, it was Saturday, I was in Dallas, the seminar was being held 8 miles away in another hotel so I knew I was not going to see anyone I knew. I grabbed a towel, a book, pulled on a pair of shorts, and headed out to the pool. It was located in a perfect spot for a hotel pool, in an outdoor area hidden from the road and with only one row of rooms fronting the pool with a view. There was only one old man at the pool so I stripped down to my thong and dove in. I climbed out, found a lounge chair and laid out. The skimpiness of the suit was so lewd and revealing that I was excited just wearing it outdoors. I knew my bulge was showing prominently as I lay out on my back and stretched out. I dozed off for awhile and when I woke up there was a guy laying out on the other side of the pool. As I sat up I noticed he was looking right at me, he was around 6'2 dark hair, and he had what looked like a nice body. He was wearing a green speedo type suit, and he had dark hair covering a nice chest and set of legs.

At that moment I realized again that I was looking at a man in a sexual way without even thinking about it. I tried to force myself to look away and think about something else but the experience the night before and the memory of feeling a fat cock in my mouth was too hot to ignore.

I couldn't believe that this was happening to me, as I said, there are very few men who turn me on, or so I thought, and here was another one who had the look that really turned me on.

He stood up and walked to the edge of the pool and I realized that although he was older than I originally thought, (I caught a good view of his face for the first time), he was a well built and hot looking guy, definitely all man. He was as I said, around 6'2, 215, and probably in his early to middle 40's. He was built really well but not too muscular, had dark hair with a touch of gray, and his chest, legs and arms were covered in dark curls of black hair. He was nicely tanned and as he eased down to sit on the edge of the pool I noticed the bulge in his skimpy trunks. It was swelling and I could plainly see the outline of the head of his cock through his trunks.

I could feel my groin starting to twinge and I knew my cock was starting to get hard, I looked down at my cock and the sight of it lewdly protruding and sticking up through the thin fabric of my too small trunks was exciting as hell. I looked up again and caught his stare and immediately knew that he was aware that I was getting a hard on and that it was from staring at his gorgeous body and cock.

He smiled and eased down into the water and surfaced on the side closest to where I was sitting. "Great day to lounge around and catch some sun huh?" he asked.

I glanced at him and said "Perfect, I just wish I was at the beach or something instead of a hotel pool".

"I don't know about that, the scenery here looks really nice to me" he replied totally catching me off guard.

I looked at him and his stare cut right through me. didn't know what to say as he continued staring at me and his glance moved down over my body to my cock, which was really prominent now.

"My name is Tom" he said."

"I'm craig" I replied.

"I'm in town from Kansas, how about you?"

"I live in Denton, but work out here so I usually stay on this side of town during the week,,he replied, "I was supposed to work today but the job canceled so I thought I would hang around, the wife's out of town anyway. Besides, like I said I am really enjoying the scenery here today! how about you?" He lifted himself out of the water and his cock was obviously getting hard, I looked around and realized no one else was at the pool.

"I really like the scenery here" I said, "I like it a lot" as I said this I let my gaze wander over his hot body.

He pulled himself all the way out of the pool and sat in a chair next to me. He was fucking hot with his hairy chest and legs and the outline of his semi-hard cock straining against his speedo. I was so hot for him and I couldn't believe that I was allowing myself to have these feelings.

"I've got some cold beer up in my room, wanna go have one?" he asked.

"Sure, sounds good", I replied while standing up.

I followed him and his hot ass back to his room all the while staring at his beautiful butt and broad tan back. Shit, he was hotter than B. Unbelievable! We entered his room and he tossed me a cold beer and opened one for himself. I took a deep drink from the beer and leaned back into the typical wingbacked hotel chair. I was still only wearing the tiny yellow

thong and he was eying my bulge intently as he sipped his beer. His cock was still growing in his speedo and with all pretenses aside he walked towards me. I stood up and as he reached me he pulled me to him with one arm around my waist and the other grasping my now hard cock. He pulled my suit down freeing my incredibly hard and pulsing cock. Our lips and tongues met in an urgent kiss.

"I love your hot little body" he moaned. I pulled him closer and I grabbed his thick cock , he stepped back and I pulled his suit all the way down exposing a dangerously huge, thick and incredibly long cock.

"See what daddy's got for you?" he said.

“I want it" I cried, "fuck yeah, please let me suck daddy's big cock" I begged.

I pulled my suit and his all the way off and went to my knees and worshipped his big cock, being submissive was a huge thrill. I loved the way his fat cock filled my mouth and I licked and sucked every inch of it. He towered over me, slapping his cock and monstrous balls against my face and chin. His cock swelled to close to 10 inches and it pulsed and throbbed in my mouth.

"Suck daddy's big cock, you little slut, you like that big cock don't you?" he growled

"Oh yeah daddy I love your big cock" I cried.

After a few minutes he said " stand up boy, daddy wants to see your hot ass!"

I stood up and turned my ass to him, "shake it, wiggle that hot ass you slut" he ordered. I seductively wiggled my ass and slowly reached down and pulled my asscheeks apart to expose my asshole to him. I couldn't believe I was getting into it this much but exposing myself to Tom and being his "slut" was making me hot beyond description.

"Spread that pretty ass for daddy" he said.

I felt his tongue bathing and licking my exposed asshole, while his other hand continued to pump my hard cock.

"Oh fuck that feels good" I shouted, he slapped my asscheek hard and I thrust it out towards him.

"Want Daddy to fuck that tight little ass?" he asked,

"I don't know if I can take it daddy", I replied. As I thrust my ass against him he worked a finger into my tight ass, the feeling was incredible and I began begging him "Oh yes, please fuck me daddy, please fuck me with your fat cock", I panted. I wanted it bad, I wanted to give up my virgin asshole to this hot hard hairy fucker. I felt the head of his huge cock press into my asshole and I crawled up onto the bed on all fours and stuck my ass up high in the air.

"Please fuck me daddy, ram that big fucking cock up my ass, fuck me hard please! Please fuck me!" I begged over and over.

"Gonna fuck that sweet tight ass" Tom growled. At that moment he fully impaled me onto his fat cock, I felt a blinding pain and then sheer unalduterated pleasure as he rammed into my virgin ass and stretched and filled me full of his big cock. I went nuts, bucking and humping against him, begging him to fuck me hard and deep, I loved it, and it felt so good.

"Fuck me hard daddy, fuck me hard, ram that cock in me", I pleaded.

He began slamming into me rapidly, shoving the length and width of his cock deep into me, and increasing his tempo with every thrust.

"I love your tight ass, slut boy, daddy loves fucking your tight ass, I'm gonna CUMMMM!, daddy's gonna cum in your tight ass", he shouted.

"Yeah, Oh yeah! Fuck me fuck me"; I begged, and with a final thrust and loud moan he shot hot stream after stream of cum into my now stretched, satiated asshole.

As he filled me with his hot cum I begin cumming all over his hand and the bed, I arched and shot hot jets of cum all over the place, as my orgasm subsided I collapsed with him on top of me. After laying around for an hour or so we untangled, dressed and he gave me his work number to call anytime I was in the area.

I still had the room to myself when I returned so I filled the hot tub to relax and collect my thoughts and feelings about my new sexuality. In less than 24 hours I had sucked 2 cocks and had just received my first ever ass-fucking and although I never thought I would go that far I knew I loved it and would do it again without hesitation in the right situation. It is hard to describe the dilemma or inner struggle I had going on but I can say that I knew I enjoyed sex with men and that I wanted to experience more. Bobby showed up around 6:30 that evening and we packed and left for home. Not much was said about our sex together but when we arrived at my house, as I was getting out he placed a hand on my thigh and said that he really enjoyed what happened and that it was our secret and he would call when he could sneak away to do it again. . FINIS.

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