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"My Very Hot Threesome!"

Ted and I were college buddies, both going through the same exams, profs and (you guessed it) girls. He was always an ass man, getting his kicks from 'bumping' up behind chicks anywhere he could find them. In shopping malls, in elevators, in the subway, anywhere.

My thing is getting head.

Anywhere, anytime is fine as long as the girl doesn't mind. Ted and I knew of each other's sexual preferences and became a tag team almost by accident.

Sandy was a tall and healthy brunette with big blue eyes that always seemed to be sparkling. She had a habit of wearing loose fitting oversize jerseys and faded and stitched Levi jeans. Her pants were always tight fitting even if we could see only from mid-thigh down. Always flirting with the guys, she tried to see how far the guys would go with her. Some were lucky and some were embarassed.

Somehow, we started talking with Sandy about wrestling in one of the local pubs. She seemed excited about mud wrestling (while nude of course). We told Sandy we could show her some of the finer points of the sport and we proceeded to go to our dorm for a demo. The beers must have loosened her up pretty good because she started stripping down as soon as we entered our room. Ted and I both lost our clothes in a hurry.

We proceeded to show Sandy some of the winning holds of wrestling.

She was lying on her side with Ted positioned between her legs, facing her back, while he was also on his side. Sandy was resting her head on the inside of my left thigh as I lay on my side as well. I had my legs around her neck and back and Ted held her from below. We won!

She had no choice but to surrender herself to us. She was lodged between our bodies. I stroked her lips and cheeks with the head of my hard dick trying to coax her into opening wide. She kept turning her head from side to side and saying 'no' with her mouth tightly sealed shut. I didn't need to hurt or threaten her to get what I wanted... I don't work like that. Teddy would take care of that.

He had lubed his cock with K-Y and and applied some up her ass with his fingers. They made a plopping sound when he pulled his fingers out of her. "I think you need a little more lube up there honey." So he placed a large gob of jelly on the head of his dick and placed it at the entrance to her lubed asshole. With a hard shove he wedged his cockhead into her butt.

"aaahhhggguummllpmmnn", was the sound she made as Ted invaded her anus and I rammed my cock into her opened mouth. She didn't need coaxing to start sucking on it once she had it wedged into her mouth. She was giving the head a good polishing with her tongue and slurping up her drool as she laboured. Ted slowly pushed in another inch causing Sandy to moan and give my dick a good vibration. Another four inches and Ted was finally buried in to the hilt.

"Ohhh fuck!, you've got a tight butt and it's sqeezing my cock damn hard!" Sandy did have a nice firm ass, probably from all the jogging she did. Ted Started fucking her ass once she loosened up a little. She was teasing him by giving his cock a good squeeze with her asshole everytime he withdrew from its depths. She was continously moaning around my cock, squeezing my nut sack and holding tight on my thighs and ass. Ted was really ramming it to her beautiful bouncing ass causing her to buck wildly as I held her head to my crotch. "Oh shit, I'm going to cum", Ted blurted. He pulled out of her ass and placed his cock at her pussy's entrance. He sloshed the head around her dripping cunt lips then rammed it in, in one thrust. He was fucking her like a madman now. He blasted his wad into her cunt as she bucked her orgasm against his thrusts. After watching their orgasms take control of their bodies, I let mine rip loose. My cock twitched out of control against her begging tongue as my balls gave up their tribute to her lips.

Gummy ropes of my fuck sauce clung to the roof of her mouth and across her face and tongue forming a glistening web-like structure. Sandy was trying furiously to break my newly created masterpiece with her, by now, tired tongue. She wasn't succeeding to well ... Ted held her arms to her back so her finger tips were touching the bottom of her firm and tight round ass. Ted had just finished depositting a quart up her pussy and was now helping me finish up at Sandy's front end.

While we were resting for a moment, I noticed some movement in the far corner of the room. Peeking around the corner was our dorm neighbour Clive. The big grin on his face was telling me he saw a lot of the action that just took place. Sandy and Ted were still huffing from the fucking and didn't notice me motioning to Clive to strip and join us for a gang bang with Sandy. I pulled my wet pecker from her face and was quickly replaced by Clive. He slid his stiff meat between her lips just as she started to open her eyes. Boy, was she shocked! She tried yanking Clive out of her mouth but Clive was a big mother and she would have found it easier to push a Buick up a steep grade. Yes, Clive had buried himself to the end until his hairs tickled Sandy's nose. Sandy's eyes started to water up with the pain of having her lips stretched so wide. They were at the point of cracking and bleeding. She started gagging but Clive wouldn't let up, he was there to stay. She started scratching his thighs, ass and belly so Ted grabbed her arms once again and locked them behind her back with a strong hold. She was furious but powerless against being taken by a complete stranger. She probably wouldn't have minded so much if she had a chance to flirt with him first. Clive wasn't in the mood to be flirting just now. The action he saw between the three of us on the bed must have stirred his gonads to a fever pitch. Clive pulled out just a little to let her pull in some fresh air without gagging.

One gulp of air later, Clive pushed his massive rod back into it's deepest point of travel. He continued doing this until Sandy had grown accustomed to having something that huge forced down into her, pushing her throat wider. She had learned to accommodate the massive intruder only through sheer determination. She was determined to have this big prick gush inside her when she wanted it to. She was not going to let this prick take control of her. But Clive and his big prick did just that. He placed his huge hands behind the back of her head, grabbed a pile of her hair in each hand then began to pump with hard and heavy strokes from one end of his rod to the other. He mashed his pubic hairs against her nose with each inward thrust.

"Suck it harder bitch", he growled. With that he started a more vigorous thrusting of her tonsils as her O-stretched mouth tightened in response to the command. "Now that's cock suck'n better" as he settled into his saliva soked saddle. "This is the first horny bitch that I've come across that hasn't complained about doing a little cock swallowing". A collection of his pre-cum mixed with Sandy's saliva started to pool up along the length of Clive's shaft and on her lips. She was straining her lips as it slid easliy in and out of her mouth and throat. Clive hadn't cum yet,it was his pre-cum that was coating the flesh of their union. He seemed to be pacing himself for the big finish. Sandy was looking into his eyes almost beggingly to finish with her. Ted still had a good grip on her arms behind her back while Clive was groaning with each ram into her throat. He was getting ready to shoot the big one.

"I hope you don't mind a healthy batch of cum, because my nuts are about to blast down your throat". Sandy couldn't resist even if she wanted to. As a matter of fact, I think she was looking forward to the finish of his penile onslaught. "One batch of hot bubbling penis juice coming up", he said throught gritted teeth. "Oooohh fuck, oooohh fuck, oooohh fuck", he said through cock twitching spurts. "Suck it up baby, suck it up good". Sandy was trying her best, but the beast was still cuming strong as he fed it to her and most of her mouth space was taken up by the monstrous log of meat. A lot of the cum slid down her throat and some of it came squirting out of her mouth around Clive's cock as he continued his deep spurting thrusts. He was still coming as he pulled on his cock. Just the head of his cock was past Sandy's lips, as she sucked in his salty froth. Clive dislodged his purple head from her lips and sprayed her face and hair with the last few spurts of his twitching rod. He had drained his hose and was now twirling his cock and balls on her face, smearing his cum into her cheeks, forehead, eyelids and hair. Clive then squeezed a drop or two more from his cock and placed the precious drops on Sandy's begging tongue. She savoured the taste of the monster cock fluid as he let her suckle on the head, drawing a little more fluid from the now smaller sized erection. She cleaned his cock of any more cum with her lips and tongue until he was clean and glistening with her saliva. She was totally satisfied at making Clive cum with her mouth, although she still had an itch that needed a little scratching between her legs. She wiggled her ass hoping one of us would get the hint.

I was rock hard after watching Clive fuck her mouth and splash his goop on her face. Ted seemed disinterested and Clive was still raring to go. After some more of Sandy's face fucking, Clive pulled up behind her for some doggy style thrusting. I lay on my back with Sandy's mouth tonguing my groin area and Ted was on his back licking her clit and pussy lips as Clive pounded it to her. Sandy was constantly moaning her pleasure around my cock as Clive and Ted were busy giving her pussy the workout it wanted. She was sucking furiously on my cock, tugging and pulling on my cock and balls trying to coax the cum from me. Her hungry mouth was really sucking me hard from the noises she was making with it. I could feel my balls were squirming their fresh load as she heated them up to the boiling point. My cock was giving that old twitching feeling in my balls as the impending eruption burst like thunder from my cockhead. She moaned her pleasure as she won the cock sucking battle with a load of my freshly squeezed cum straight from my now tired nut sack. Clive was busily stroking her clinging pussy with the same powerful thrusts he fucked her face with a few minutes earlier. Ted was sucking on her clit and around her dripping pussy hole. Clive had a hard grip of her hips as he picked up the pace. He was pulling it out until just the head remained and then smashing it back into her hole while her body was being pushed forward from the forceful fuck. She tried her best at bucking back on Clive's in-stroke, but he his fuck was too powerful. She was moaning and groaning her pleasure on every stroke now as she was sucked and fucked by my two friends. Ted was hungrily sucking and licking her clit.

Clive was at his peak and was about to unleash. Sandy had now dug into the mattress and was clutching on to bunched up sheets as the look on her face said she was near the end. She was moaning and thrashing now as her climax started. Screaming in ecstasy, she was bouncing and thrashing all over the bed while Clive roared his climax out as he gave her one last thrust and buried his tool deep within her spasming pussy. He tightly mashed his groin into Sandy's as Ted continued his assault on her throbbing clit. Clive was groaning as he unloaded his tightened balls deep into her belly. His groin spasmed and throbbed inside of Sandy. Clive pulled out his purple monster and crashed onto the bed beside Sandy as a pool of his cum came flowing from her battered pussy hole and down her leg. She lowered her mouth to his member and lovingly kissed and tongued their fuck juices from the head and it's hairy sac, appreciative of the orgasm that this mighty penis gave her. Ted had moved up to suckle her smooth flat belly and her large nippled tits.

After some soothing showers and playful pinches and grabs we all left to go to the pub to watch the band. We closed the place after some alcholic induced rowdiness and slunk back to the dorm with Sandy on my right arm and Ted on her right. The three of us passed out on the bed in a heap.

Clive had found another conquest at the club. A tall germanic looking woman with platinum blonde hair and blue eyes, looking a little like porn queen Angela Baron. Boy, was she in for a treat from Clive, but that's another story .......! FINIS

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