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"The Panama City Kid"

Panama City, Florida, is a relatively quiet beach resort area on the Florida Gulf Coast. There are a lot of condominiums and summer rentals, and there's a small U.S. Air Force base nearby. Many people from North Florida, Georgia, and Alabama go there for the beaches in the summer, but in general it's a pretty quiet area. I spent some time there while I was in the Air Force, and once I was there for about ten days while staying at the local base.

It was a quiet, boring Saturday night, and I decided to go to the local gay bar for the evening. There was only one gay club, and it was located right on the main street of the downtown area. The street ran perpendicular to the beach area, and it ended at a large public parking area with a fishing pier. I arrived at the bar at about 8:45, and since it was so very early I wasn't too excited about going into what I knew would be an empty bar. Almost no one arrived there until 10:30 pm at least. It was still light outside. I parked a few doors down the street from the bar and got out to walk inside when I suddenly noticed a kid coming toward me from the direction of the bar. I hadn't noticed him before, but I assumed that he'd just walk on past. When I had gotten almost to the door of the bar and started to turn in, the kid rushed back up to me and asked if I had the time. I wasn't wearing a watch, and since I was in no hurry to get into the bar early, I walked back to my car to check the clock. I told him the time and started back into the bar.

As I got almost to the door, the kid called me again and asked if I had a match. He looked too young to smoke, but again I didn't have a match so I went back to the car to let him use the lighter. I thought is was odd that he had just used two of the oldest lines in the book ("Got the time?" and "Got a match?"), but it never crossed my mind that he might be trying to pick me up. He looked too young. Finally, I started back to the bar when he called me back and asked for directions to an address just outside of town. He was from Tallahassee and was visiting an aunt for a few days. He needed to get back to her house.

Since it appeared that he was determined to keep me from going into the bar, and since it was still early, I said what the hell, I'd just give him a ride. It was near the base and it would help me kill the time. He hopped in the car and we started off driving out of the downtown area. For some reason, I asked him how long he'd been downtown. He said that he'd just gotten there. That struck me as odd, and I asked him why he was already going back home if he'd just arrived downtown. He seemed a little uncomfortable and said that he didn't really want to go home yet, that he just wanted a ride. So, I turned around and drove back to the beach parking lot at the end of the main street. I parked facing the ocean and we just started talking.

He seemed a bit uncomfortable and fidgety, but I never once though of him in sexual terms. He was probably 14-15 and looked like he must have been in the 10th grade. We talked a while about the area, about Tallahassee where Florida State University is located, and lots of other innocent topics. I looked out the car down the beach, and suddenly I felt his hand on my crotch. He started rubbing my cock and balls in my jeans, and I saw that he was squeezing his own cock at the same time. I was really startled, but all of his other actions so far quickly made sense: he was horny and looking for a man. That's why he must have been hanging around waiting for someone to come along to the bar.

Before I could decide what I should do, he had opened my jeans, pulled out my cock, and was sucking it like a hungry calf. There I was sitting in a car in a public parking area at twilight with a horny teenager sucking my cock. I kept trying to get him to stop in case someone could see us, but it was virtually impossible to pry his mouth off of my cock. He really wanted some cock bad.

Finally I talked him into shutting off his human milking machine to go to a more private area. I had no place to go because i was staying on base, and we certainly couldn't have gone to his aunt's house. No matter how liberal she might be, I couldn't see myself saying "Hello! Mind if I use your guest room to fuck your teenage nephew?" Since I had a private room in the Visiting Officers' Quarters on the base, I decided to take him there. We drove back to the base with him holding onto my hard cock the entire time (about 15 minutes). I was surprised that the guard at the gate didn't notice anything.

I got back to the room and closed and locked the door to the bathroom, which I shared with one other room. A coworker was staying in that room, and I couldn't imagine what would have happened if he had opened the door at the wrong time. I turned to the kid and saw that he was almost literally panting by now. He tore my shirt off and yanked my jeans to the floor with one grab. My dick had just flopped out of my underware and he was on it again, sucking and licking like a madman. I finally got him to slow down and slowly undressed him.

He had told me that he played some sports in school, and his body showed that he was telling the truth. He was about 5'5" with blond hair and a well developed chest and arms for his age. He had very little body hair but a thick patch of soft pubic hair surrounding his cock. I took his cock in my hand and was surprised at how thick and hard it was. It must have been about five 1/2 inches, but very thick for such length. He was cut and his balls were hairless and rather small.

We rolled around on the single bed for a while sucking and kissing, then he wanted me to fuck him. He had never been fucked before, but he really wanted it. I tried all angles and techniques for almost 1/2 hour, but I couldn't get my cock head into his tight ass. I could tell that he was disappointed, but as soon as I stuck my cock in his face again he seemed happy. He sucked me as I continued to play with his butt hole. He sucked until I was ready to cum, but he wouldn't stop when I told him.

He sucked harder and grabbed my balls as I shot a big load down his throat. He took it all, swallowing like he was hungry. He kept on sucking my dick gently until it shrank and got soft I his mouth.

His cock by now was sticking straight out and was about as swollen and hard as it could possibly get. I sucked him for a couple of minutes very slowly to keep him from coming. I then started suckling a little harder as I finger-fucked his tight asshole. He loved that. I kept fucking him that way until he started to cum. He grabbed his cock from my mouth and started pumping it with his hand. I started to take my finger out, but he almost yelled out "NO! LEAVE IT THERE...FUCK ME.." I plunged my finger further into his butt and he shot over his head, then all over his chest and stomach. Each spurt caused his butt to throb and tighten around my finger. At last when he relaxed I gently pulled my finger out of him. I had never seen so much cum from such small nuts.

We cleaned up and got dressed, then I drove him to his aunt's house, which wasn't very far away. He seemed a little embarrassed afterward, but we had a good talk in the room and on the way to his aunt's place. He knew he was gay, but his options at that time were very limited. He's probably in his late twenties now, and I wonder if he remembers that night.

I never did make it to the bar that evening - just great memories. FINIS

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