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"The Rough Rider"

I am 19 and just a new kid trying to make a reputation for myself on the rodeo circuit in the mid-west. The experienced riders are all very positive and give great advice but it is a very competitive life and everyone is out to make a decent living. With all the friendship and good buddies there is always that reservation about the younger guys being competition so you always feel a little excluded. At the end of the day I would join the older guys in the local bar and share a few beers but they had all known each other for years and would share stories that I barely understood. I was always a bit of an overachiever perhaps to compensate for my insecurity that I knew I wasn't like the other guys. Since I was 13 or 14 I was always conscious that the sight of other guys bodies excited me but after making one disastrous mistake with my best buddy at the watering hole when I was 16 I was determined to be just like the other guys. If I was honest with myself though I would admit that it was the sight of the older riders in their leather chaps and checked shirts stuck to bulging pecs with sweat that I jacked off to. I knew that I was well built and solidly muscled but my slim young body didn't seem to measure up to their massively hairy chests and tight buns that looked as if they could crush a walnut.

I got along well with everyone except Randy who always seemed to delight in ragging me and calling me "kid". I tried to stay out of his way even though I found him the most attractive with a deeply tanned face where every line accentuated his manliness where a big white toothed grin was his normal expression. He had sun bleached hair that he wore long enough to curl on his collar with a matching full goatee beard that I fantasized being wrapped around the shaft of my cock. He was the jock of the circuit and always had the most beautiful girl in town keeping him company although he never stayed around any of them for very long. He was always telling the other guys about how many times that he had fucked the girls and what he had made them do. He made me feel even more of an outsider for that reason.

It was the last event of the season and I had done fairly well but hadn't had any major successes so I was feeling fairly dejected. I signed up for one event that was definitely overreaching my experience and I was really surprised when Randy walked up to me and said "What are you doin' kid, you will get yourself hurt". Well he was right and I fell hard and was hurting all over but especially my pride. As I walked away from the bleachers Randy walked up to me and said "You're limping bad. I gotta give it to you. You got balls. Come with me and I will give you something for the pain!" I put my arm over his shoulder and he supported me over to his truck where I sat on the front seat. He gave me a bottle of bourbon and I took a great swallow that immediately got me coughing. I felt like a complete fool but he just looked at me really reflectively with his tooth grin and said "Maybe it's gonna take more than that. Let's go".

He jumped in and we headed out of town to where I know he had a nice little ranch. It wasn't far and we got there just before sundown. He helped me out of the truck and once again supported me with my arms around his shoulder. His heavily muscled back and arms were like solid concrete under my hands and the male smell of him was like perfume in my nostrils. We went around the back where there was a hot tub on a deck. He said "Get in there while I get you a towel". I was struggling with my shirt when he came back. My muscles were so pained that I couldn't pull my shirt of let alone my jeans. Randy said "Let me help or you will take all day" He was standing close behind me and slowly (very slowly) peeled my shirt off. I was impressed that he was so soliticous about my pain to take it that slowly but the feel of his hot breath on the back of my neck was unnerving. Next he knelt in front of me and unbuckled my big silver buckle and opened the front of my jeans. I was mortified that he would notice that my cock was half hard, but what was worse was when he pulled my jeans down my shorts came with them. I had been going to keep them on in the Tub rather than embarrass myself. He squatted there on his heels with my cock swinging about 6" from his face and said "I guess I gotta stop calling you `kid' as that is one hell of a big cock".

Again I though he was ragging me and I blushed a million shades of scarlet but my cock jumped at the thought and got a bit harder. He slapped my butt and said "Go on get in that hot water". I plunged in and sat watching him through the steam coming off the surface. "I might join you if you got no problem with that!" I was mesmorised as he started to undress still looking into my eyes and moving a slow as could be. He opened the front of his shirt and I lapped up the sight of his two pink nipples sticking hard and erect out of the blond thick hair running across his chest.
An arrow straight line of hair ran down bushed at his navel and then plunged into the waistline of his jeans. His chest muscles flexed and he unbuckled his own jeans and dropped them to the ground. He just stood there was an instant while my eyes took in the thick brown trunk of his cock hanging vertically in front of a heavy dangling ball sac with two of the largest nuts I had ever seen. The sac hung nearly as long as his cock that must have been 6" even though it was soft. The head of his cock was a blue / purple color with the ridge sharply defined. He casually ran his hand slowly down his flat ribbed stomach and caressed his cock.

Slowly he turned and pulled his boots and jeans off and I was able to admire the prefect white orbs of his buttocks. As he lifted his legs I could see his balls and cock hanging between his thighs. He threw his clothes on a bench and walked toward the tub with the smooth grace of a mountain lion and lowered himself in the water. He exhaled a long breath as he sank below the water and said "Man, is there anything better than that!" I answered totally truthfully "No there is nuthin' better than THAT".

We sat there with our thighs touching full length and the pain slowly soaked away only to be replaced by a burning horniness between my legs that I thought would make me cum in the water. Randy never said anything but when he reached down to scratch his leg I nearly jumped out of the tub as his hand passed down the length of my thigh. "Man, you are skittish maybe it is too hot for you" He stood up and held out his hands. I took them and he drew me to my feet so that we were facing each other standing in the water. We were exactly the same height and the tips of our cocks lightly brushed each other as we stared into each others eyes. "Where we goin' with this buddy?" "Anywhere you want Randy" and I knew that I meant it. He put both his hands up on either side of my face and drew toward me slowly. His lips pressed hard against mine and his tongue pushed into my mouth. I slowly raised my arms around his neck and pressed my body full length against his. I could feel his hard nipples and thick hair rubbing my own hairless chest but even better I could feel his hardening cock pushing against my own.

We broke apart and he lead me out of the tub and lay me down on a blanket on the grass beside the deck. He propped himself on one elbow beside me and ran his hand down my cheek, drew a finger across my lips and I kissed it; it traced my neck and my own small pink nipples; down past my navel until he enfolded my cock in his powerful grip. He kissed me again while giving my cock long powerful strokes that sent tremors running up and down my body. He turned and straddled my face with a muscled thigh each side of my cheeks. He buried his face on my cock and the same time as his own rock hard organ pushed between my lips and deeply into my throat. At first I gagged as it was thicker than I could ever have imagined. I twisted my head further back so that my throat was as straight as possible and the massive pulsing shaft slipped more easily down my throat. He pushed fully in until his bush was against my nose and his heavy balls would fall across my nose. At the same time my own cock was being expertly sucked and my balls drawn, one at a time, into his wet clever mouth. My thighs spread wider than the biggest mare that I had ever ridden as the sensation rose within me. He reached between my legs and toyed with my tight butt muscle small and wrinkled and never used. I let him explore with first one, then two fingers and once I had adjusted to the feel of his thick calloused fingers inside my tender ass the excitement had me bucking and pushing against his hand until part of his fist was part way in as well.

Suddenly he pulled himself free and grabbed for his jeans. While I lay there missing his mouth on my cock and his fingers up my ass he took out a tube and squeezed thick lube all over his cock and fingers. I knew what was coming but I wanted it. I needed it, and I was ready. "Get up on your hands and knees" he said roughly. When I was there with my legs parted wide he slid his lubed fingers deep inside me again and his other hand ran thick lube over my throbbing cock jutting out between my thighs. I felt like I was being milked and fucked at the same time but the feeling was overpowering. I relaxed and moved into the sensation of his probing hands. Suddenly they were withdrawn and he lifted me to my feet. He sat in one of his oversized armless deck chairs and drew me toward him by my hard dripping cock. I instinctively knew what he wanted and I straddled him and bent my legs until I could feel the hard rounded tip of his cock just parting my ass. I slid eagerly down until I was impaled on his cock and sitting flat of his lap. I felt as if his cock filled me as far as my chest but it was incredible. I lifted my feet off the floor and put them on the seat and gripped each of his shoulders. I started slipping up and down his slick shaft and my ass felt like it was gripping a steel rod. Randy had both his hands around my cock between us and pumped me while I gripped his cock tight with my muscle. We rode like two bucking broncos and yelled encouragement at each other "Squeeze that cock" "Man your ass if tight. Ride that cock" He took one hand off my cock and pinched my nipple hard and it sent me over the edge. I shot a thick rope of white cum up his chest and onto his chin. He ran his finger up his chest and lifted the jism to my mouth to taste. I sucked his finger and then we kissed deeply and tasted the juice on our tongues. Suddenly his cock head swelled even bigger than it had been before and he moaned into my mouth as his huge cock pumped what felt like a gallon of cum inside me. It flowed out around his shaft and coated both out thighs. As it subsided I lay against him with his half hard cock still clenched between my buns. I knew that this was the start of many lessons that I would receive from my cowboy.

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