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This is a true story. It was shortly after 9/11 when I noticed this new, classically handsome, security guard at my office building. He had been reassigned there after the collapse of the World Trade Center. When I say classically handsome, I mean he had chiseled features, awesome pecs, flowing black hair and warm brown eyes. He was 29 years old and wore tortoise-shell glasses, and when added to his boyish looks, they gave him a certain Clark Kent aura.

I was a bi-married 50 year old and knew that this guy was out of my league. But since my job was a bore, I figured that trying to chat with him during the day would at least be a pleasant way to pass the day. To my surprise he was very chatty and friendly, two qualities that very handsome guys don't always possess. Soon we started to have lunch together and even went for a drink after work a few times. On our first after work meeting, he told me that the guys at work accuse him of being "a homo" just because he has a male roommate. Although I was disappointed that he made this declaration of being straight, I figured he was truly the all-American red blooded boy.

We actually became very close friends. I was more than happy to be hanging around a young hottie and he was happy to have a father figure in his life. He never knew his real father and between just being friends, he appreciated some fatherly wisdom every so often. One of those fatherly acts was to convince him that he was smarter than he gave himself credit for and that he should start college. He took my advice and enrolled in a community college from where he eventually transferred to the local university and graduated. But during his initial studies he needed a lot of help with the basics of math and English. I tutored him almost daily.

He gave it his all, but using his brain so much would give him a headache. One day after doing some particularly complicated math problems he complained of his neck hurting and of a headache. His desk was in his bedroom, so I suggested that he simply lay face down on his bed and I would massage his neck and shoulders to loosen up his muscles to relieve the headache. He said "Good Idea" and proceeded to the bed. I massaged his shoulders and back and even worked my way down to his thighs and calves. He had a very tight body and I couldn't resist a few brushes over his ass just to feel it. It looked so inviting, two beautiful melons ready to eat. I got a little braver and rubbed the inside of his thighs and unexpectedly he arched upwards so that my hand would slide under him. I found this long hard cock waiting for me. I turned him over and started working his cock and boldly slipped him out of his jeans, finding a 8" hardon in a red thong waiting for me. Once I got him naked, I lost control and without warning gobbled his long cock into my mouth. After some deep throating he suddenly gave me five or six shots of thick sweet cum.

It was another six months before we even spoke of that day and I went down on him again. This time, we only waited a week before doing it again and I ended up blowing him at least once a week for another six months. Over this time he never "serviced" me. I did all the work, but it went from him laying there while I blew him, to me rimming his ass, fingering his ass, and sometimes he would arch up over me and violently fuck my face. I started giving him post-sex kisses after I took his loads, and soon I would start with little kisses before I settled in on his crotch. One day, I gave him a small kiss on his lips and he kissed me back and within seconds he had his tongue down my throat passionately making out with me. He said, "Get undressed" so I did and we were soon in the hottest 69 I ever experienced. This guys was no greenhorn when it came to sucking cock and he had my 7+ hardon down his throat in no time. Then he took over as the hottest top I had ever been with. Soon we were entangled, my legs over my head, his cock fucking my ass and playing tongue twister all at once. We both came and just collapsed on each other and hugged for almost an hour. We continue to see each other and now I even get to fuck those two beautiful melons! Every time I fuck his ass I remember the first time I penetrated him and he let out a moan with a long "OH YESSSS! FUCK ME!

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