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It is a wonder that BI MEN and most transsexuals are not good friends if not the best of friends.

BI MEN are for the most part wildly fascinated as a group by trannies. Most trannies I have met however do not seem to realize fully just how much BI MEN might well be their biggest fans (and best prospects).

The most favorite TRUE TELLS and TALL TALES told here as stories for our BI MEN members are those that involve an encounter leading to SEX with a trannie.

UNLIKE the British soldier in the movie "Crying Game" who was disturbed to find a piping hot penis below the belt of his new hairdresser girlfriend - many BI MEN are delighted. Many find this the "best of both worlds". Being with a woman who has a rock hard penis to boot is for them a jackpot!

BUT for those new to the T in GLBT or even new to the B in GLBT - let us just give some brief descriptions - or at least my way of understanding:

TRANNIES: a group designation for all types of transsexuals (slang).

TRANSSEXUALS: members of one sex who highly identify with the other sex - as the saying: "A woman trapped in a man's body!" Many transsexuals feel just that way and are very unhappy in a man's body. I always wonder why we do not hear too much about: "A man trapped in a woman's body!" - I guess they just become butch dykes or hetero bikers with strap-ons!

TRANSVESTITES or TV's: "drag queens" or men who dress as women. These guys seem to enjoy being flamboyant - as any guy as Dustin Hoffman as "Tootsie" and Robin Williams as "Mrs. Doubtfire" can pass as a homely woman. Also some TV's dress as a wild mix of men and gals both as "Dr. Franknfurter" in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". TV's seem to really delight in fantastic gowns, jewels, boas, furs, tiaras, and such. Often they make no effort to disguise that they are men or that they are gay or both. Many BI MEN here do enjoy PRIVATELY dressing as women - as when the wife is away - and that is cool - DO YOUR THING! Enjoy!

TRANSGENDERED - as the T in GLBT seems to be a catch-all for all these T's.

IF you are confused - you are not alone.

When I first got divorced and was out exploring bisexuality - I had an ad in one of the BI-swinger"trade journals". All these masculine voices were calling up - quite friendly - and then disclosed they were a TV and did that bother me? At that time I thought - MOTOROLA, RCA, ZENITH - what's this - I'm a TV?

BUT - anyway - getting on to the point - BI MEN and TRANNIES often get along quite well. A BI man can really delight in a pre-op transsexual - who may have breasts of sorts - or had the breast implants and not yet had the penis cut and reshaped into a sort-of vagina.

The new HOT TV SHOW - "Nip-n-Tuck" has done a great deal to help middle America better understand transsexuals. "SOPHIA" a transsexual in the show does an outstanding job revealing the trials and tribulations of transsexuals. These include back-street butchers who prey on t's - to the prejudice they face from about EVERYONE on earth today. There is a delightful episode where she and the butch dyke nurse/anesthetist "fall in love" briefly and have the best sex of their lives and then have to decide if SOPHIA should go on with the penis chop off surgery. There is NO Bobbit back on once you do the penis chop.

One of the most refreshing things that TRANNIES should and do find in BI MEN is that unlike gay men - BI guys do not tend to have a "TYPE" when it comes to sex. As that old bisexual rag named "Anything That Moves" heralded - yes many BI guys are or can be UP for about anything that moves male or female or half and half. BI MEN do not tend to back off from hot sex because: "You are NOT my type!" especially when we are NOT talking love and sentimental romantic situations.

Many gay men sick of the values of MAINSTREAM GAY SOCIETY have joined forces with us here at BI MEN and-or just enjoy BI and straight men - as they - like us - are just regular guys who wanna have fun. A quick BJ or one night stand is NOT LUV - and we know it. A hot man or hot woman or trannie does not have to be "our type" for a wonderful roll in the hay.

Also BI MEN on the make do not seem to have the typical mainstream GAY and typical heterosexual woman FIX on "Some day my Prince will come!'

Our BI MEN and gay buddies are just as happy for some prince wannabe to cum and do so NOW and then let's move on!

SO alas this is merely a DENT in a very complex subject - TRANSSEXUALS - but the point here is many BI MEN MEMBERS may want to seek out transsexuals - and they in turn may find US a "breath of fresh air" when unlike the British soldier in the "Crying Game" we are delighted to find HIM-HER packing a rock hard penis below that skirt or ball gown.

BUT as we always say here - it is indeed "INFINITE SHADES of GRAY" ! Just as BI MEN are wondrously diverse so are all the T's in the world of transsexuals.

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We also welcome any and all TALL TALES (fiction) or TRUE TELLS (real life sexperiences) from our members to be posted at our BI Men Network.

Thank you for being here with US!

Hugs & Best Wishes,

Stewart ("Mac") McCloud
Founder and Moderator

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