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July 2005 Newsletter

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Thank you for your support!



Dear Members & Friends:

May all of you in the Northern Hemisphere have a great Summer and for you in the cooler climes of the Southern Hemisphere have a mild Winter! We join together at this time to share our common desire and goal for greater personal liberty for all human beings and in our cases greater freedom and understanding for all members of the various human sexual minorities.

Few in today's world would CHOOSE NOT to be born STR8. Why CHOOSE the complexities and difficulties - not to mention the misunderstanding, ill-will and hostility we all too often face in our lives as members of sexual minorities in today's world in almost every nation on this planet. While we are all too likely the "trailblazers" of a future world like Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land" - where bisexuals and other sexual minorities will be openly accepted and people will just happen to be bi or happen to be gay - or perhaps MOST ALL PEOPLE may well be bi in that world to come.

FOR NOW - we start here at our Bi MEN NETWORK and our new brother Bi & GAY MEN NETWORK.

Here you come to accept that:

1. "You are NOT alone!" - our motto since founding in Fall 1998.

2. Learn to accept and love yourself as you ARE or as you choose to become on your life path.

3. Accept and tolerate others as they are or as they choose to become on their chosen life paths.

4. Live your life as happily as you can where you "happen" to be bi or gay or whatever you choose - making the best of this as you can - without needlessly hurting or harming others due to your own sexual identity and your own sexual needs.

Hopefully one day, SOONER THAN LATER - we can all just "happen" to be bi or be gay or whatever. May we one day live in a world where our own sexuality is not such a major concern and preoccupation TO US and of little interest or concern to others. May we one day have a real LIVE AND LET LIVE world where we can can just "get along".

FOR NOW - our dual networks are hopefully important and valuable ongoing support for you and many others in reaching these goals. These are NETWORKS - online support, social organizations for our members to connect both online and off-line worldwide. We are NOT political - we are NOT activists - we are merely free social and support organizations (networks) now worldwide with over 250,000 active male members around the globe. We are glad you are here. We hope you are glad to be here! We NEED your support and we NEED you to tell other like-minded men about us too!

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! Good luck in life - enjoying greater freedom - find your own bliss!

Big Hugs & Best Wishes,

Stewart ("Mac") McCloud
Founder, Moderator and President
Bi Men Network/Bi & Gay Men

We are partners with HOTELS DOT COM

The fundraising drives this Spring were VERY, VERY disappointing. Sad to say but too many folks seem to believe that everything on the NET should be free - or just do not understand how much work and actual cost goes into keeping these Networks and websites and services going for 7 years around the globe. Those who contributed and donated - we thank you so very much. But MEN - we must do more to support these dual networks and keep them going - growing another 7 years.

AN ANSWER - may well be our new PARTNERSHIP WITH HOTELS DOT COM as affiliate 136549.

We can now via HOTELS DOT COM offer you travel bargains with hotel/motel rooms, airfares, vacation rentals, rental cars and complete packages - where/when you use our LINK - the Bi Men will get a few cents of every dollar you spend with them. ABSOLUTELY no reference on your bills or travel documents will mention the Bi Men Network or Bi & Gay Men Network - when you go through our LINK or through the TRAVEL DESK page at: - or bookmark our general use 136569 affiliate link which is:

With 1/4 million male members here we MAY be able to support our dual networks if you will just use these hotels dot com links for your business and personal travel needs - when and where you can.

When you buy a $600 package for example with a hotel room, airfares and a rental car - the Bi MEN will earn about $13 to $19 as commission/affiliation revenue. IF 1,000 of you did that in one year this could bring in enough revenue to keep us "going and growing" and be able to call off ALL appeals for donations and contributions! Frankly that would be the best scenario for all of us.

We have had to commit to an EXCLUSIVE with HOTELS DOT COM and I am sure most all of you have seen their ads on the net and on television. I have used them myself for years and have never had a problem with them and have saved money every trip. It is very easy to use on the net.

You can use hotels dot com for both business and pleasure travel and benefit our dual networks and there is no mention of bi or gay or Bi Men Network. IF you need a "cover story" just say a pal told you about this way to save money - and/or a few cents of each dollar goes to tsunami relief! I assure you for years I have been facing a wall of water of tsunami proportions with millions of men swimming this way - we are a safe harbor - a port in the storm. PLEASE HELP US THIS WAY!

Go to the all NEW TRAVEL DESK - use that LINK for all travel purchases - when YOU CAN! OK!

MEN - I need you to work with me on this and MAKE THIS WORK! I am out of ideas and the Spring fundraising drives were MISERABLE FAILURES! I am flat out broke! I need your help to just survive!

SUMMER (or WINTER down unda)

MEN: I need your help ALSO in telling all bi men, bi-curious guys, and gay male friends about US - worldwide! We also welcome bi-couples and all transsexuals Any such adult aged 18 to 118 is welcome here. IT IS FREE! Please we will go and grow if we can double our numbers! So much of this is a numbers game. WE ARE NUMBER ONE - the largest social and support organization for bisexuals (and bisexual men) on earth today. We are also one of the ten largest gay male groups on earth today.

You surely know some prospects to join us free as almost anywhere on earth we have geographic coverage. We also have coverage in new racial groups as: Bi Men Arab Americans, Bi Hombres hacer Contactos and Bi Men Down Low - growing like crazy - and our hobby and interest groups as: Bi Men Bikers, Bi Men Runners, Bi Men Bowling and Bi Men Golfing! We have groups on all six continents - in every major city on earth - and in almost every nation today!

PLEASE just FORWARD one of our Emails that you think a buddy would like on to a pal just ONCE A WEEK - EACH WEEK this summer and urge him to join us free at: and do him a big favor and help US too! More and more websites, PERSONALS, and such are charging and are no longer FREE. We are FREE! As you may know Yahoo just closed their CHAT ROOMS - ours is still UP.

IF each one of you brought in one new member we could easily be HALF A MILLION strong by 2006.

Thank you for your support with our NEW TRAVEL DESK and in the membership drive! Hugs! "MAC"

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