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Press Release

September 2005
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80 Best Companies
For Bisexuals

Named & Honored
by the Bi Men Network!

For Immediate Release:

(LA, CA USA) September 1, 2005 - Labor Day the Bi Men Network honors the 80 Best Companies - the 80 major employers - Fortune 500 companies - as the best for bisexuals worldwide. The Bi Men Labor Day Honors List is an annual round of 80 awards made by the Bi Men Network to persons and organizations who have worked to make the world a better place for everyone. Last year the Bi Men Network honored 80 distinguished GLBT artists.

Nominations were accepted from the membership from past and present employees and suppliers of all nominated major companies. The Awards Committee vetted the nominees. All finalists have had outstanding workforce and supplier diversity programs in place. All the 80 Diversity Award winners announced today had high FORTUNE and
Human Rights Campaign diversity rankings; had received other Diversity awards, honors, and public recognition; had GLBT employee groups and/or GLBT focus/marketing liaisons; and many of the Award winners have had to endure some form of backlash for their leadership regarding GLBT matters and GLBT concerns.

FORTUNE Magazine has long concluded that a diverse workforce is not just "the right thing to do" - it's a competitive advantage in today's global marketplace. These 80 companies do their best to make all members of their diverse workforces to be full participants in the challenges their companies face in today's highly competitive world markets. These 80 companies were found to provide a level playing field for all their employees in a noteworthy way.

all equally worthy - in alphabetical order are:

Abott Laboratories
Aetna, Inc
Hartford Group
P G & E Corp.
Agilent Technologies
Pitney Bowes
American Airlines
Hilton Hotels Corp.
Proctor & Gamble
American Express Co.
Honeywell International
Prudential Financial
Apple Computer, Inc.
Hyatt Corporation
Avaya, Inc.
Q West Communications
Bank of America
Intel Corporation
Raytheon Company
Barnes & Noble
Intercontinental Hotels
SBC Communications
Bausch & Lomb
S. C. Johnson
Bell South Corp.
KPMG International
Sears, Roebuck & Co.
Best Buy Co., Inc.
Kaiser Permanenente
Shell Group
Capital One
JP Morgan/Chase
Starwood Hotels & Resorts
Cisco Systems
John Hancock Financial
Sun Microsystems
Citi Group, Inc.
Lehman Brothers
Target Corporation
Coca-Cola Enterprises
Levi Strauss & Co.
Texas Instruments, Inc.
Coors Brewing Co.
Lucent Technologies
Time Warner, Inc.
Dell Computer
Marriott International
Deloitte & Touche
Merck & Co., Inc.
US Bancorp
Delta Airlines
Merrill Lynch & Co.
Electronic Data Systems
Met Life, Inc.
Fannie Mae
Visteon Corporation
Federated Department Stores
Morgan Stanley
Wachovia Corporation
Ford Motor Company
Motorola, Inc.
Walt Disney Corp.
General Mills
NCR Corp.
Washington Mutual
Gillette Company
Wells Fargo
Goldman Sachs Groups

Stewart McCloud, Founder & President of the Bi Men Network said: "While no major companies tally GLBT employees these 80 major employers provide warm, comfortable and inclusive work environments where GLBT employees can make their unique contributions. Diverse teams engender creativity - and creativity coupled with enthusiasm is a major edge in any field today!" McCloud noted: "While bisexual employees often do not - if ever - come out publicly - we do thrive in any environment where we do not have to live out "lives of quiet desperation" - eliminating our needless fears, worries and anxieties that if our status as a sexual minority were known we would then be treated as outcasts and virtual pariahs". Concluding McCloud reiterated: "Diversity is individuality. Each of us is unique and diverse workforces engender truly outstanding job performance and success on the job. The resulting SYNERGY - the synergistic effect - is that the end results and benefits to these diverse companies are far greater than the sum of the individual parts."

This year's Labor Day Honors List featured the 80 Best Companies for bisexuals with the Diversity Award from the Bi MEN.

The Bi Men Network is the world's largest social and support organization for bisexual men, bi-curious males, gay men, and bi couples. With over 1/4 million adult members on all six continents the Bi Men Network is the major bisexual-focus association on earth today and one of the 10 largest GLBT organizations worldwide as well. The Bi Men Network website is in the top quintile of popular websites on earth and the #2 bisexual website on earth. See
TOP Bi WEBSITES. This is the first and only Diversity Award given by any bisexual organization to date. The Bi Men like to think of themselves as a major "B" in the GLBT equation globally. The Bi Men Network's motto is: "You are NOT alone!" - striving to ease the pain, loneliness and isolation of so many bisexual men worldwide.


Press/Public Contact: Stewart McCloud, President /Awards Chair

Organization Names: BI MEN NETWORK & Bi & GAY MEN NETWORK


Phone: 562-983-3102


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