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February 2006 Newsletter

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Thank you for your support!


Dear Bi Men Members and Friends:

I'm very happy to say Mac is back! After 7 weeks and 3 hospitals, I am happy to let you know that I am on the mend at my mother's home in Palm Springs. I can not thank you enough for all of your kind words, spiritual, emotional, and financial support. I will try to thank as many of you as I can personally, but I also must heal and get "back in the saddle again."

I regret that "Doctor's Orders" has made it necessary to postpone the 5th Bi Men Getaway Weekend and Conference in Las Vegas until October 5, 6, 7, 8 2006. If you have made hotel reservations at the Silverton, please call their 800 number, (866)946-4373, and move them forward to October.

Thank you again for everything you have done to support me emotionally, spiritually, and financially during this dreadful period. Seven weeks in the hospital is no picnic, but I am on the mend at Mom's in sunny Palm Springs.

Thank you again and God bless you all.

Mac McCloud
Founder Bi Men Network


5th Bi Men Getaway Weekend Postponed
Until Columbus Day Weekend
October 5, 6, 7, 8, 2006

Be sure to mark your calendars & do plan aHEAD to join the Bi MEN NETWORK at our 5th BI Men Getaway Weekend -Columbus Day Weekend in fabulous Las Vegas. Four wild nights and three fun-filled days at SILVERTON CASINO HOTEL LODGE near the Vegas Strip! We have real bargain rates on this sellout weekend. Rooms are $59 for Thursday and Sunday (shoulder nights) and $99 for Friday and Saturday (prime nights). Free shuttles back to the airport which is close by (a $20 taxi savings) and free shuttles over to the Strip - only minutes away - as well.

We only have 50 rooms set aside at these bargain rates! If you have any intention of attending call the 800 operator & book your rooms for three or four of these key nights with our BMW code. If you find you can not attend - cancel your reservation later & it will get snapped up by another Bi MEN member. No need to pay anything to SILVERTON CASINO HOTEL LODGE now, but these rooms will go fast. Scalpers were getting $300 a night for such last minute rooms this Spring for the Final Four big weekend in Las Vegas. Be sure to mention the BMW CODE (Beta Mu Weekend) at their 800 res desk at (866) 946-4373 - call soon. Reserve rooms early - when gone - they are gone!

Click here for full information on our PROGRAM!

Click the following text links for info on:

PLAN ahead to attend. Early registration is $50 and is between now and Labor Day, Sept. 4, 2006, for the fifth bi men Network Getaway Weekend and Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Don't miss out! Register Now and save $30 at the door.

Purchase our LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP at only $69 with free registration & a month of free top notch bi mmf pay for porn from 3 Pillows as a gift for all paid Lifetime Members!

IF you wish to REGISTER now & SAVE - and are not already a valued LIFETIME MEMBER here - go to that same page at: - join us as a LIFETIME MEMBER & get a free pass to LAS VEGAS 2006 -an $80 value plus get a free month - January or February of free Bi mmf porn at - WOW! This is a savings to you of $50 & you help the Bi Men Network go & grow & join our "elite meats" = Lifetime Members! Spiffs & prizes for our Life members! You are welcome to join again as a valued Life Time Member and get a pass to Vegas and month of bi porn!

Don't miss out! Plan ahead to join us for a fun, unique experience for bisexual, bi-curious& gay MEN in LAS VEGAS! ! This is a truly one of a kind event - join the fun and make new friends too! Want to VOLUNTEER ??? - check out our VOLUNTEER page!

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

For your BI and gay male friends:

For your straight, BI and lesbian female friends
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Sue Johanson
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For Everyone on Your Valentine's List:

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