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December 2005 Newsletter

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December 2005

Year End Message

from Founder "Mac" McCloud

RE: Coming = Reckoning Day = Society Bites Our Ass!

Dear Bi Men Members & Our Friends:

It has been eight long - profound - deep - intense years. I started this work - as a "calling" in 1998. The Bi Men Network was formally founded on February 14, 1999 - and immediately took off like wildfire growing to 10,000 members in less than six months. Now, with over 1/4 million active male members on every continent and in every major country, we are by far the premier bisexual presence on earth today. Our largest countries by membership after the USA are: Canada, Mexico, The Philippines, Japan, Australia, India, Italy, The UK, Israel and Ireland. We are growing rapidly in Latin cultures and in Islamic cultures where same-sex relationships between older men and younger men are common and where many men have lifelong intimate relationships with men from their youth to old age. We are also doing very well in military venues as our Bi Men Guam and Bi Men Baghdad and Bi Men Bahrain where many military men have only US to help meet other men and get some sneak peaks of photos and our erotic stories - free - on the Internet - from us!

Interest in bisexuality is on the rise. Many young men now style themselves as "metrosexuals" having learned all too soon that openly declaring oneself to be a bisexual is all too often ill-advised. Our website in less than a year has risen as a most visited website on earth from being in the top twenty percent to NOW in the top eight per cent of websites visited on earth today. Our bill for paid clicks at Google has risen from about $100 a month to about $300 monthly. All other bi sites are getting an increase in traffic and are rising in rankings - but not at the outstanding level as our Bi Men Network.

See rankings info at:

Years ago I repeatedly proclaimed that bisexuality was and is a tidal wave that is coming and will swamp our society and shock it to its very core. How many of you have followed the TRUE TELL of the gay topman hustler joining Scott and the Press Corps representing his personal blog with numerous private visits to the Executive Mansion to WHOM no one really knows? God knows Slick Willy had his hands full with a non-sexual light blue hanky tryst in his executive toilet. Walter Jenkins for those old enough to remember got caught in the LBJ era getting his BJ over at the nearby sleazy YMCA tea room on his lunch break while toiling as a top aide for Lyndon. Lyndon NOT so loyal a Texan President fired him immediately and they did their best to cover this bi married man's "episode" under the proverbial rug. With Viet Nam raging it was an easy Kleenex throwaway episode. When and IF these private 1600 meetings with a well-known if not now notorious gay hustler ever come to light - there will be hell to pay - for US - as bisexual men. We will - as things stand now - get bit soundly, roundly in the ass.

Anyone who followed last August's NEW YORK TIMES brouhaha on bisexuality in men will recognize that this society is not prepared for pay for gay sex at the highest levels - IN the Executive Mansion! Whomever sponsored this gay leading man to join the Press Corps and allowed him to assume the ranks of the journalistic peerage and then routinely asked lame gimme chump change concerns to Scott M. was very ill-advised. The recklessness of this conduct WITH astute press corps witnesses as "colleagues" is about on the level of the latest sorry scandal of war hero top gun Congressman Cunningham asking for and getting and then driving luxury yachts and Rolls-Royces with million dollar bribe money in tow!

When and IF these gay escort for-hire episodes come forth - GOD HELP US if the "patron" is a bisexual married or a bisexual divorced man working in the top ranks of the Executive Mansion or next-door at the Executive Office Building! Our only hope at this point is to pray that the "patron" is a gay man who has remained closeted in that there briar patch - but that idea boggles one's mind to even ponder as a remote possibility.

WELL - back on the FARM here at the Bi MEN NETWORK - this Fall I have launched as best we can a PUBLIC EDUCATION effort - contacting by snail mail - thousands of GLBT community leaders, journalists in the mainstream media and in the alternative media, and educators at the university and graduate levels. You can see here our current cover letter; our WHO WE ARE - Mission Statement - and for whatever good it may do - our Rate Sheet is included. IF you wish to do so you can view these three documents here:

Cover LetterWho We AreRate Sheet

I am now on my last box of envelopes and have bought stamps on Ebay which run us about 27 cents vs. 37 cents for a each one ounce mailer. I assure you these are ATTENTION GETTERS. With a big bold stamp the envelopes are all marked "PERSONAL" and the bold return address is Bi MEN NETWORK - to my studio apartment - our "World Head Office" location!

I assure you the mail room boys are having fun and secretaries are tittering and the letters DO get read. Each letter goes to a person of influence named PERSONALLY and our hope and design is that with TIME bisexuality will be better understood if not accepted. ALSO as last summer with the NY TIMES debacle - we want the Bi MEN NETWORK - to be seen and accepted as an "expert" and authority on our OWN TOPIC of male bisexuality. Each mailer costs us fifty cents to a dollar. We are also contacting such persons of influence in Canada (sixty cents postage) and overseas as well (eighty cents postage).

AGAIN MEN - I could really use some help here. How about JUST ONE BUCK each! Just - imagine what we could do for pubic education with 1/4 million bucks in one short year! So come on - how about a buck for this outreach - public education program - worldwide!

SO how about some help MEN? Join us as a LIFETIME MEMBER - only $69.00 with a free pass to our 5th Annual Bi MEN GETAWAY WEEKEND in Las Vegas - this coming Spring or any other future Bi Men Event - PLUS a free month of bi mmf pay-for-porn from Three Pillows. Or you can donate $5 or $10 or $25 on our contribution page (or mail it in) - go to: - and there you can see directions how to pay with any major credit card or with your checking account online - or you can send in cash, check or money order to "Mac" directly. NO matter how you DO IT - just DO IT - after all it is the season to give and to receive - RIGHT?

ALSO - see below. Bargain EARLY REGISTRATION for our 5th Bi Men Getaway Weekend in Las Vegas this coming Spring - is only $35 as opposed to $80 later at the door. SAVE NOW - you can use your PAID registration for this event or for any other future Bi Men Event.

Better yet - join us as a lifetime member at only $69.00 and get a free pass to this or any other Bi Men EVENT plus a month of bi mmf porn.

Buddy Can You Spare a Buck?

IF you can not afford $5 or $10 or $25 or $35 or $69 - how about just mailing in ONE DOLLAR or two or three dollars to help with this PUBLIC EDUCATION OUTREACH? No one else on earth is going to help the WORLD better understand male bisexuality than us. I am NOT asking any ONE of you to come out or DO anything other than give me your MORAL support and send in at least ONE DOLLAR. What is one dollar? Just imagine if all 1/4 million bi men members send in just one buck each! That would be 1/4 million dollars! WOW!

Place your Dollar(s) in a folded piece of paper and mail to:

Stewart ("Mac") McCloud
88 Caravan Street
Palm Springs, CA 92264

IF you can not for some reason send in a dollar bill or two or three - send ME new US postage stamps as the postage is the most costly part of each mailing. IF you wish, include your name and email address and I will thank you when I get your contribution IF you do not want ANY contact whatsoever just send the cash or stamps or money order to me directly. Send them to me: Stewart ("Mac") McCloud, 88 Caravan Street, Palm Springs, CA 92264 USA. IF you can help with printing or mailings or would like to volunteer - please DO let me know. Thanks men! Guys I have been toiling nonstop for going on eight years! I need more help here. Why not AT LEAST send in one buck today?

Male bisexuality is VERY much MISUNDERSTOOD. We must do what we can NOW to help "persons of influence" to better understand male bisexuality today - and not wait until some distant tomorrow. We can NOT count on gay men to do this - we can not count on Lesbians to do this - and we as a group have not asked and will not ask our mothers, our fathers, our families, our wives and lovers to do this. SO if you will NOT help me do it yourself - then send in at least one dollar! What is one dollar to you? IF down the road you were "outted" you might want and would welcome a few people in your world who understood and even accepted your own male bisexuality. I DO NOT want to be YOUR only friend when you are "outted" or when you "fess up" to your wife and family. Please help ME to help the world better understand and to better accept male bisexuality today! Money donated at this Holiday Season for this public education effort will be held and used for just this purpose over the coming year.

Thank you!

Best Wishes & Happy Holidays,

Stewart ("Mac") McCloud

Send Your Buck(s) to:

Stewart ("Mac") McCloud
88 Caravan Street
Palm Springs, CA 92264

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